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chicken bees

Chicken bees.

That is all.

As in click the link.


little things about moi

It’s been so long….I’ll bet you don’t even know who I am anymore! So, I’ll tell you…kind of. In a stream of consciousness kind of way….

I recently chopped off all my hair. Well, not’s basically right above my shoulders now. It’s always been super long…well, not always. I have cut it short a few times before…but it’s been a long while. When I first got it cut Tim was like ehhhhhhhhiiiiiiii???…. that’s….. different? But after a day or so he said he liked it…then kept saying he liked it over and over…so I guess he was trying to let me know he was over the shock.

I really like Green & Black milk chocolate and ghiradellli 60% cocoa chocolate chips. Those are the two I’ve found where I like the flavor the best. I’m sure there is better chocolate…but that’s what I’ve discovered thus far.

My love for sleep is…no. It’s more of a need. I need sleep. I am grumpy when I don’t get my sleep. And news flash to myself: mom’s don’t ever get enough sleep. It’s a constant battle.

The lock screen on my phone is this.  It helps me remember not to be grumpy. I found it on Pinterest.

I have found I really enjoy being a mom and I don’t really enjoy reading all the sarcastic and negative things moms and dads say about parenting. I get they are trying to be funny usually…and I’m even guilty of it…but since I now fully understand what a blessing it is to have healthy children, I do not take any moment, even the frustrating ones, for granted. I try really hard to step back and bite my tongue and change my mindset and tone if I hear myself getting upset about trivial things.

I wish I had more friends? I have some, but they live far away. And I have one here where we live now, but it would be nice to have a village. I hope that we can stop having to move all over the place and get some stability and build a village. I grew up in a village and I still have friends from that village and I think it’s nice.

Speaking of friends, I am friends with a lot of people from all phases of my life on Facebook…and when I see what some of their interests are, it makes me wish I had gotten to know them better. I think we probably would have had a lot in common and made some fun memories and keep in touch even now, versus only through Facebook.

Actually, I don’t even post on Facebook anymore because there is a HUGE…well, multiple HUGE parts of my life that I either do not or cannot share, due to family drama issues. I mean, part of me is kind of at the point where I’m just like…who even cares or needs to know about our daily life? We are pretty boring people, really. Once I stopped posting things, I also stopped having the mindset of, “we need to capture this so I can post it!” Now, we capture memories for us and not to put on display. I didn’t even realize I had become that way until I stopped, so I think that’s a healthier way to live, honestly.

I would really like to have a big garden and also honey bees…and chickens for eggs. I am not very good with plants, so a garden will be a big challenge for me, but I am determined to turn my thumb green!

If I could go back to school, I would study the weather. Get an atmospheric science degree. Weather absolutely fascinates me. I would love to be able to forecast and predict severe weather and all of that. Tim informed me it required a lot of math, and I don’t get along well with math, and so I looked it up and everything I read basically said, “TAKE AS MUCH MATH AND PHYSICS AS POSSIBLE!” And so that dream died a little…but I would still like to learn. It may stretch my brain in ways it didn’t know could be stretched, but that’s okay. It’s all part of growing…right?

I have gotten pretty okay at cooking. Baking is not really my forté because I don’t really measure ingredients, but I can make dinner…and I can come up with mixes of seasonings and spices that work well. I can open the fridge and see what we have and come up with a meal. It didn’t used to be that way. Before I had to have a recipe and all of the ingredients or it wasn’t happening. Now I can have a recipe or not or all of the ingredients or not and still make a meal.

I like being tall. I’m 5’10. I’ll take it.

I wish someone would teach me how to put on makeup. I mostly taught myself and I can manage not looking like a clown but I would love for someone to show me how to make your eye makeup look so pretty where your eyes pop. I’ve watched tutorials and all but I guess I need hands on learning.

I like having counters clear of clutter. This is also a thing that doesn’t exist when you are a mom to small children. It’s like they see a clear counter and think, “A perfect space for all my stuff!!!!” And so the counter is clutter free for maybe five minutes.

I would like to see the Great Wall of China. The Aurora Borealis. The cherry blossoms in Japan. Rome. Easter Island. Greece. The Alps. New Zealand……all of the US national parks……The list goes on but my timer is up.

So, that’s me. Part of me? Things about me?

Welcome to the randomness of my brain.

I am thankful – October edition

Wow. It’s been a super busy month, you guys….

October 1: Kellan and his crazy vocabulary. I asked him if he was finished eating his snack and his response? “Not quite yet.” Not QUITE yet, well, okay, then.

October 2: The storms with the cold front weren’t as bad as anticipated. Whew.

October 3: Having Tim home for a long weekend. Also, naps.

October 4: the most perfect fall weather day, complete with a trip to the park and dinner outside on the deck!

October 5: A nice long family walk in the evening after dinner. The weather was pretty nice! And this kid – maybe 10? – thanked Kellan when he brought a soccer ball back to their yard (it ended up not being theirs). And then, the kid, who was in the middle of playing with a friend/brother, stops, bends down, looks right at Kellan and says hi and asks his name. Tim and I were in shocked silence. Whoever is raising him, is raising him right. What a kind and genuine gesture.

October 6: Kellan wandered off this morning while we were eating breakfast and went to go play by himself in the family room. It was kind of strange, him doing that, but also kind of nice to see he’s becoming his own person and wanting to do things by himself/as an individual. He’s growing up.

October 7: The ability to lay with Kellan in the morning until he’s ready to get up. Sometimes it’s five minutes, others it’s 45. Either way, I have the option to do that, and I see how much of a blessing that is, versus having a hectic morning where we are trying to get ready for work and him ready for daycare or preschool….I am really thankful we can have mellow mornings.

October 8: Kellan being a super big cooperator and getting up early so we could take my car to get service at the “deodership.”

October 9: Kellan really trying to be more and more independent. He’s asking/saying he wants to do so many things by himself.

October 10: Tim stepping on the vacuum cleaner cord while I was vacuuming. It was olive branch attempt 3, after I rebuffed his, then he mine, then he stepped on the cord like a seventh grader and made us both laugh.

October 11:The most relaxing evening outside…it has rained all day, it was cold, and we decided to go on the deck. The feeling and sounds of rain very lightly falling on the leaves, along with the smell of someone who had made a fire, it reminded me of camping…in a good way. If you have been camping and you know how relaxing that kind of moment can be….it was pure bliss. Also, Kellan has learned how to climb in and out of his bed. He needs to use the quilt on the bed to pull up, and tonight during story time, he said, “I don’t need any help. I can do it by myself.” There was not a blanket available to use, so he started to say he needed help, so I pushed the blanket over. He tried using it once and didn’t get a good grip, couldn’t get up on the bed, stopped his attempts, and looked me right in the eye and goes, “That didn’t help.” Commence hysterical laughter from Tim and me. Kellan never fails to crack us up, no matter the time of day or night. And I love that.

October 12: Tim watching Kellan, even though he didn’t feel well, so I could go run a few errands.

October 13: Kellan being a really big cooperator running a million errands after nap, which is usually a difficult time to do errands.

October 14: A super windy day. It reminded me of Colorado. While I didn’t really like the days on end of super winds there, the one today was nice because it reminded me of Colorado. And we are all really missing it.

October 15: The most amazing surprise in the mail from the BFF! We cannot find Horizon organic peanut butter crackers ANYWHERE IN ARKANSAS…and Kellan keeps asking for them….and Amazon only lets you order a case for like $70. And then….an unsuspecting package turns out to be two boxes of crackers! Kellan was ecstatic (me too!)!!!

October 16: sage travel day for us….and Kellan did SO WELL for the whole thing, from having to get up super early to flying on an airplane to dealing with airports to bring patient with a rental car mini fiasco to driving to my mom’s, and everything in between

October 17: A really nice dinner with family and my high school basket coaches, whom I have not seen in forever, at a restaurant I used to frequent in my college town. Super fun night.

October 18: Amazing day. Sports Hall of Fame induction. My first ever permanent mark. So grateful for all of the wonderful experiences today and all of the wonderful people who were there to celebrate with me.

October 19: Seeing all my old friends and their children! So sweet they all took time out of their schedules to stop by. Also, at the end of the night, post party, the uncles and Tim and my mom and a few adopted family members were outside on the deck and Kellan went inside to grab a snack from the party food table. As he was running in, he stopped, turned around, and said, “I’ll be right back so I can be with my family.” Hearts melted everywhere.

October 20: A nice, low-key day with family.

October 21: Papa had a successful surgery!

October 22: Safe travel day home AND Kellan did SO WELL the whole time. He was patient and nice and understanding. Definitely mature for his age, in a good, amazing way.

October 23: Realizing Kellan is having a developmental leap in the form of trying to engage us in power struggles….and arming myself with some knowledge and tools to appropriately handle/not engage in them.

October 24: Homemade mashed potatoes.

October 25: A safe day of running all over the place doing errands.

October 26: The cutest FaceTime session with Nonni and Papa. Kellan knows exactly who they are, even though we do not see them very often. It’s very sweet and endearing.

October 27: walking out of a small store and Kellan turning around and waving to the owner while saying, “Have a nice morning!”

October 28: Safe travel day for Tim and a successful day of getting stuff done here.

October 29: completely random fun evening finding acorns in the backyard with Kellan. It was so neat to watch him enjoying nature.

October 30: Safe travel day for Tim and a really fun, impromptu fall leaf activity with Kellan. It was his first time, since we didn’t have trees like this at our Colorado house.


October 31: Meeting a Vietnam veteran. I interviewed him for a few hours for a newspaper story, but he really has had an incredible life…and it was truly a pleasure to speak with him and hear his story. I was also reminded today that life is so precious…and should never, ever be taken for granted.

I am thankful – July edition.

Wow! I’m almost halfway through the year of thankfulness.

I’m not entirely sure it has actually changed me in any way, to be honest, but I’m going to keep it up nonetheless. Maybe I’ll have an epiphany or something.

So, July. It started in Colorado and continues in Arkansas.

July 1: survived day one of getting packed to move to Arkansas.

July 2: seeing our friends one last time. So happy everyone was able to make it! We will miss them so much!

July 3: safe leg 1 of the move and the random texting comment at bedtime from Tim about his being medium rare by morning because his room in the cabin was a sweat box. It literally made me (and subsequently, Kellan) laugh for ten minutes….at bedtime. It was hysterical.

July 4: a safe and loooooong travel
day from Colorado to Wichita, KS. I mean, even though the hotel we stayed in was awesome (welcome bag for the dogs with a blanket, frisbee, treats, and poo bags, and a really nice paved path around two ponds to walk the dogs). We were all feeling the stress of the long day. Kellan managed to get to the cats temporary litter box and chuck a few handfuls of litter all over the place (side note: gross!!!!). When we realized what was happening, Tim jumped up and stared him down and Kellan immediately took his two big handfuls and just tossed them like, “Haha. See what I can do!” Oh, the trying threes have already begun. Bonus – we brought a bottle of wine for the trip. And we’re drinking it. After the litter incident, I walked out into the living area at the tail end of Tim filling his glass to the brim. Me too, honey. Fill ‘er up. One day this moment will be funny. I’m thankful to be able to see that.

July 5: safe FINAL travel day to our temporary apartment destination in Arkansas. Let the house walk through and closing and subsequent painting and new carpet begin…

July 6: My ability to apologize at the sort tail end of an argument with Tim. I’m not usually able to see through the raging red to do that, so I’d call that a step in the right direction.

July 7: We closed on the Arkansas house. And on a neat date to boot! 7/7/14!

July 8: I forgot how washed out and blurry the clouds are at lower elevations – and I already reaaallllllly miss the amazing, huge, crisp clouds – especially the well defined thunderstorms/supercell clouds – in Colorado. We did, however, find a tiny oasis that is the only organic food store for MILES. Can we say I’m going to grow my own produce? So, I’m thankful for that small piece of “normal” in a town that is way, WAY behind in fresh/organic food.

July 9: Took Kellan over to the house and he had fun/got a little more comfortable with it. Hoping the mini-trips will help once we officially move in in about a week.

July 10: Tim has this uncanny ability to make me crack up while I’m trying to get Kellan to sleep. And when I can’t help but laugh out loud hysterically, Kellan does too. It makes bedtime take longer but it’s worth it.

Tonight, it was this text from Tim that did me in: “It will be like sleeping in the engine room of a cruise ship out here….sloshing and whirring of the dishwasher.”

And why is that so funny? We are in a TINY one bedroom apartment right now and Tim is sleeping on the couch in the living area that is basically the same as the kitchen. And every appliance and fixture in here is at least 20+ years old. So, I didn’t really think anything about the dishwasher except that it needed to run, so why not overnight? Little did I know that when it was on, it is so loud it sounds like it’s going to take flight. I started it on the normal cycle while Tim gave Kellan a bath/storytime. Then, Kellan and I got all nice and settled in for bed and not two minutes later, Tim sends that text….and I lost it because the imagery….he’s out there on the couch with a sheet for a blanket, three cats, and an ornery dishwasher about to lift off while Kellan and I enjoy the calm darkness and ocean sounds via the iPod. Now go read the text again. It gets funnier the more times you read it. I’m thankful for these moments where Tim makes me laugh and laugh when I least expect it.

July 11: so, Kellan has been throwing all of his food on the floor all the time….and tonight when I came back to the couch to give him his requested cup of milk, he had put his entire bowl of macaroni on the coffee table without me even saying anything. When I walked over, I handed him his milk and was (in my head) like, where is your pasta?! And I look behind him to see it nearly places on the table. Made my heart so happy. I told him I was so proud and that was the perfect spot. And yes, he was watching Cars and eating dinner at the same time. We are in a one bedroom apartment and right now my motto is go with the flow.

July 12: wine and giant chocolate chip cookies.

July 13: Kellan’s vocabulary. Today I asked what Gracie and ditzy (Chloe) were doing laying together in their little cat carrier and he goes, “Nothing. Just hanging out.” And the other day he blew the painters mind by saying, “I want to help with the delicate things” (chandelier pieces I had taken down).

July 14: A gorgeous sky at night after surviving our (Kellan’s) first dinner with Tim for a work thing. Beautiful mammatus clouds! I have really been missing the clouds and how crisp they are in colorado, so it was nice to see these tonight. Also thankful for Kellan always cracking me up. Tonight it was a quick, impromptu trip to Braum’s
(Like a Dairy Queen except they also sell groceries…all kinds). After getting our ice cream and sitting down at a table, Kellan sees the pepper shaker and very seriously goes, “Mommy! I don’t want pepper to sneeze me!” I was cracking up.

July 15: the AMAZING LOW HUMIDITY today (32%!) In Arkansas in July. Thank you, Mother Nature. It made me really, really miss Colorado, but so thankful for this rare day….and I actually think the cooler weather continues through this weekend! Hurrah!

July 16: Another amazing weather day. And Kellan reading books out loud. So adorable. His picks today were Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? And Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

July 17: a fall weather day in July in Arkansas (high was high 60s and rainy). Loving the brutal heat reprieve.

July 18: I don’t know if it was just today or what, but almost every single person who saw Kellan today said he was SO CUTE. And he brought a smile to their face. It was really sweet. I mean, of course I think he’s cute, but really, everyone seemed to have a lingering smile after our encounter. It was really nice.

July 19: Life is so precious. Sometimes you forget that when you’re caught up in the little annoyances that really aren’t a big deal at all in the grand scheme of things. So grateful just to be able to live and enjoy life. Kellan really helps with that….with appreciating the little things. He had a blast digging rocks out of the dirt at the Arkansas house today. Rock after rock after rock. Big and small, tiny and humongous! It was so refreshing to watch him. Just living.

July 20: A sweet and totally unexpected card from the BFF. It made my whole day! Living super far away and not basically right next door is a hard adjustment.

July 21: even though the moving in of all of our stuff was extremely stressful this morning with all kinds of hiccups, our new neighbors, Bob and Amy, came right over and offered to bring us lunch. It was so nice of them. I know we would have eaten crackers and water or whatever snack type food we could give had it not been for them. I’m already loving this house and neighborhood.

July 22: Finally picked up the dogs from daycare. I think they thought we left them forever. They had the biggest smiles on their faces the whole way home…and it was fun to watch them explore the house and yard for the first time. Thankful for their loyalty and ability to live in/enjoy the moment.

July 23: Tim and my ability to somehow empty the garage/put everything to one side or in the attic to get our cars inside and move all the tools into the “man cave exactly one day after a million moving boxes were put into our house AND exactly hour before a severe storm hit. The storm started literally less than five minutes after we walked in the door, both dropping with sweat. I was like PERFECT TIMING.

July 24: Kellan running around in the driveway waaaaaaaaaay past bedtime, listening to the frogs and the crickets saying, “they sound really cool!” We didn’t have this loud of an insect/amphibian orchestra in Colorado and that is ALL you hear outside at night. It’s really, really nice and really awesome for Kellan to experience. I also received some super amazing news today, too, but that secret will have to stay locked up for a little while. And no, it isn’t a baby.

July 25: A mini-toddler break to go find carpet cleaner solo while Tim watched Kellan. I’ll take what I can get. Target all by myself? Watch out!

July 26: ummmm today is one of those days where a lot happened but nothing really stood out as THE THING to be thankful for….Kellan saw lightning bugs for the first time. We saw our outside box turtle friend again. I guess today I’m thankful we are living in a place where Kellan gets to experience so much “nature.”

July 27: the monkey bathroom is no more!!!! It looks AMAZING now.

July 28: Crickets by Colt Ford. It’s just a fun song…the chorus puts me in a happy mood.

July 29: A two hour nap – by me. Thanks for taking a super nap (3.5 hours) today, Kellan. Not being able to fall asleep last night to the point I was still awake when Kellan woke up at midnight until….2am?….made for a long night.

July 30: After 18 days – EIGHTEEN DAYS! – the painters are finally done!….I won’t mention that we noticed tonight that our carpet that was installed is messed up. It’s basically like you’re walking on a thin waterbed….and last time I checked that’s not how carpet is supposed to work…..

July 31: the final pieces to finish the former monkey bathroom have been acquired!!! First room is 99% complete and I am so excited! I also have a pretty awesome hubby and kid. Life is good.

the big 3-0

So… birthday is Saturday. Groundhog’s Day.

I’m going to be thirty.



It still hasn’t really sunk in, yet.

Once, a long time ago, I said I wanted to be finished having kids by now.

Obviously, that didn’t happen.

I did say that I would do a lot of things before 30.

And I have.

Marathons, traveling, getting married, moving across the country, having a kid, oh my!

But, being the list-type person that I am, I think I need to make another list…a before 40 list…


Also? Please send everyone you know right to this spot to tell me thirty is the new awesome.

And I really would write more, but I’m currently off celebrating in style.

More on that later…

two steps may as well be a mile

Tim, Kellan and I took a long weekend.

In the mountains.

And it was glorious.

If anyone has any ideas as to how we can make a living in a small mountain town, I’m all ears.

On Friday, we drove over to Breckenridge from our condo in Keystone (about 25 minutes) to watch the beginning of Stage 5 of the US Pro Cycling Challenge. I LOVE cycling. Admittedly, I don’t really know *that* much about it but I love watching (and I’d love to learn more). My bucket list includes going to France one day and following the Tour (de France) through each stage – mostly to see the small French towns they ride to/from. GORGEOUS. Also, the drama that ensues during the race.

This is Kellan, waiting for the cyclists he never even saw (see below):

Granted, I never actually *saw* the riders because about fifteen minutes before they came through (Tim and I had a primo spot, too), Kellan melted down. I mean MELTED. DOWN. High pitched screaming all, “GET ME OUTTA HERE. NOOOOOOW.” He had already napped once in the Ergo and we had been there for almost two hours and, understandably, he was done with all of the commotion and noise and stuff. There was A LOT of stuff going on. People. Cowbells. Dogs. Cowbells. People dressed up like grapes. Cowbells. Cars. Screaming kids. Cowbells. Loudspeakers. Cowbells. Music. Announcers. MOAR. COWBELLS.

Suffice it to say I ended up behind the scenes, behind the buildings, behind everything except a small stream that cut through the backside of the town, hanging out with Kellan, walking him back and forth, back and forth, while the cyclists rode down Main Street. I’m pretty sure one of the dudes in a black security jacket was slightly confused as to what I was doing and why because he kept staring at me funny.

The sacrifices a mother makes.


Tim got a few really great pictures, though.

I digress.

As much as Tim and I needed time to just get away from every day life, it wasn’t as relaxing as I thought it would be. I mean, it was relaxing and awesome to be surrounded by the mountains and the brilliant silence that comes with them, but I didn’t really get any downtime or chill out time or just lounge time. Before, when Tim and I would take mini-vacays like this, there would be LOTS of lounging. To the point I would get restless and bored and cabin feverish.

This particular trip?

Every second was consumed with something. We were driving somewhere. We were looking at something. I was literally shoveling food down my throat because I only had somuchtime before Kellan needed a change of environment. I think I told Tim that I had not actually sat down and enjoyed a meal since Kellan had been born. Whenever that day comes, someone will have to physically force me to eat at a reasonable pace because I’m in such a habit of doing it as quickly as possible because if I try to eat slowly, I probably won’t get to eat at all.

Again, I digress.

After doing “stuff” for probably a little bit too long, Kellan decided he was done and we were driving back to the condo, full on melt down mode. The crying made me flustered and frustrated. My attitude made Tim flustered and frustrated.

Kellan was crying. Screaming.


I really don’t know how to explain it to anyone unless you’re a mom. And then you already understand that when your baby is crying, you do not hear anything, see anything, DO. ANYTHING. unless it is what will cease the crying. Everything is dropped, unheard, forgotten, until the crying STOPS and the needs of your child are met. There are no “extra” things you want to do, like bring something in from the car. There are no questions you want to answer. You really don’t want to do anything, nor can you focus on anything, until that screaming ends – both inside and outside of your head. Internally, your brain literally gets fuzzy because your entire being is ignoring everything and everyone, unless either are involved in what is needed to end the tears.

It makes no sense…unless, of course, you already have a child, and then you probably know exactly the buzzing, static-y feeling I’m talking about.

This whole scenario puts undue stress on one certain married couple who are trying to achieve exactly the opposite. So, it is hard to be back home, feeling refreshed, when each day there felt like any other day. I mean, minus visiting Breckenridge and some of the other neat things we did in our small blocks of time where Kellan was rested and happy. That part was fun. But there was never a total “break” from normalcy. Which, I guess, is to be expected with a baby. It’s just another adjustment we have to make…*I* have to make…because that flustered/frustrated feeling happened a lot over the weekend because Kellan was out of his comfort zone and we probably kept him out juuust long enough for him to decide that he wanted to be somewhere quiet and familiar. Both, obviously, hard to come by when you’re not home.

I’m sure this gets easier when he gets older and I am able to actually reason with him. However, there is no reasoning with a six month old. There is only a need that must be met. He doesn’t understand ‘five minutes’ or ‘almost there’ or ‘right after we [fill in the blank].’

He understands I NEED IT AND I NEED IT NOW.

It probably doesn’t help that he’s been extra (and by extra I still mean spider monkey status) clingy – to the point he doesn’t want to play on the floor by himself, like he did just a week ago, with no complaint. He wants to be held. He wants to play…but only on a bed that I AM SITTING/LAYING on. He doesn’t want you to go very far away – as in six inches may as well be the distance of an entire ocean.

I’m ok with this because I know he isn’t doing it to be spiteful. He’s doing it because there is something he needs in the comfort arena of his emotional development and I’m not going to deny him that.

Is it hard?

YES. A resounding YES.

Will it end?


Do I miss my mostly easygoing baby from a week ago?

Not really.

This hard part means that he’s growing and developing…and you’ve got to take the easy with the hard, right?

Until the storm quiets again, there will be plenty of pictures like this where I’m trying to convince Kellan that I’m righthere and he can smile…

And instead, when I try to walk two steps away, get this:

doggie daycare f.a.i.l

I’m an anal packer.

(I’ll have you know I wrote that sentence with zero pretense and then Tim saw it and was all, “You can’t say THAT. You’re an anal packer…versus an anal (pause pause) packer.” Obviously, my annunciation on the sentence was VERY different than his. And because I’m me and who needs to edit…the sentence didn’t get the axe).

This packing, um, anally, applies to everything. Including packing up food and toys for the dogs when they are going to stay at doggie daycare for awhile.

When I say anal I mean as in every. single. food. bag is labeled with their name, the date and AM or PM.

Why? It is not that I think everyone is incompetent and forgetful.

I just know better.

everyone is incompetent and forgetful.

That or I know that caring for multiple dogs + multiple employees = people forget things.

So, to remedy this and make it as idiot proof as possible, I label and I bring folders and have instructions written on their forms and I have a special bag JUST FOR THEIR STUFF.

Apparently, none of this matters one hill of beans difference because this last time we picked them up after a weeklong stay?

They lost one of our toys (and it was one of those stuffing-less fox toys that aren’t exactly in the dollar bin at the pet store, claimed the dogs ran out of food – including BOTH extra “emergency” bags of food that I put in for EACH dog and they smelled like a giant Bernese Mountain Dog had been chewing on their heads after eating piles of poo.

I’ve yet to figure out how their toys became “community” property, I know they were either over-fed or their food was given to some hopeless Poodle because I KNOW they had enough food and we paid for them to be bathed because I didn’t want to load two dogs smelling like the sewer into my car after a week scrounging around with other mutts.


Suffice it to say that will be our last time there because $300+ dollars later and we didn’t even receive a phone call about our lost toy (as promised) or a reasonable explanation as to how they “ran out” of food.

Doggie daycare is ridiculously expensive and $300+ for FIVE (and a half) DAYS? This anal packer expects perfection.



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