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Why are people so mean? What is the point, really? Are we all feeling so incredibly sad on the inside that we need to tear everyone else down?

Cut it out.

Go do the right thing…the hard thing…and fix it. Don’t blame someone else or make others feel bad because of the internal issues you need to work on. 

We are all guilty of this. No one gets a pass.

Kellan says a person who would cause him trouble would be a bully…and he doesn’t even know any bullies. 

But he knows they’re out there. 

I feel like the internet and social media are a huge reason mean people – or just people being mean – seem to be so much worse and so much more prevalent. 

We can alllllllll hide behind a screen whilst casting stones. 



I tell Tim all the time that I wouldn’t be sad at all if the Internet just disappeared one day. Poof. Gone.

Yes, there would still be bullies. But they’d be localized. Their reach wouldn’t extend across literal continents. 

We all need a break from the negativity. From the comparisons. From all the people you don’t even know doing all the things you wish you could do.

It’s not a competition, here.

It’s life. 

We all have one.

Go live it. Enjoy it. Experience it.

Away from the screen.

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