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baby sprout is…………………………here!

Introducing (drum roll)…..

Kellan Reece Bold


(I have no idea where the picture posted within the post…hopefully somewhere, beginning, middle or end…I’m writing this one handed from the bed, breast pumping at the same time)

He actually came on February 19 at 6:37pm…this is just the first time I’ve had a free five minutes to even contemplate something other than Kellan – which is a good thing for sure. I’m so doing a “you know you’re a mother when” post.

Long story short, for now, anyway: Kellan was born 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 22 inches long with a head circumference of 14.25 inches.

He also came out “sunny side up” with means he came out the hard way.
My vajayjay only knows one word at this point: OUCH and why just OUCH?

Third degree tears is all I’m sayin.

Also, I made it to 7 centimeters before getting the epidural. My labor stalled, thanks to Kellan first deciding to lay transverse in my pelvis for a few hours.

I probably definitely would have died without the epi, by the way. OMG. Contractions are no joke and there is absolutely no mistaking them for anything else.

Tim was an awesome, awesome coach and we’re all doing great, minus serious sleep deprivation. Thank God for my mom, who has been here, feeding us, stocking our freezer and giving me more helpful, useful advice on being a mom than any book ever did or will.

More to come….like the full birth story that started at 1am Sunday morning and 15 hours later, ended with one and a half hours of pushing. My OB thought it would take me three hours to push him out.

Obviously, I’m an overachiever.


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