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wager a guess?

Anyone want to guess? Well, anyone who hasn’t already…since some of you have already voice your opinions….which is fabulous.

What is baby bista?

I really have no clue….so…..

For any of you who believe in old wives tales….here’s what we have so far. I’m 16 weeks, for the record. I’m sure I missed about a hundred old wives tales, so if you have one you swear by that I didn’t list, let me know and we’ll see what we can do…

Morning Sickness: Yes. It’s better now, but it was 24/7 until maybe 14-15 weeks. I still get nauseous at random times during the day.
(Kellan: had all day nausea until about 14 weeks, then had energy and felt good) RESULT: GIRL

Aversions: Meat. It was all meat for awhile. I still cannot cook meat and most meat is not appealing at all. Milk. Cannot drink it. I don’t want any hot food. Only cold or room temperature (so weird). (Kellan – I don’t remember specific aversions, though I did have weeks where nothing sounded good) RESULT: GIRL

Cravings: Fruit, specifically clementines and raspberries. Also, cheese and triscuits. Like, I would be happy eating cheese and triscuits for every meal. ALSO coffee (finally gave in to decaf every now and then), wine (sad face), and a mojito (so strange, also sad face). And chocolate milkshakes from Chickfila (fun fact: my mom craved Wendy’s frosty’s when she was pregnant with me). (Kellan – at this point, I wanted MEAT and Chalula hot sauce was my BFF. As were pickles on bread with mustard and mayo – gag) RESULT: Mixed (cheese is supposed to mean boy, fruit girl)

How I’m carrying: Ummm. I’m not even really showing…so hard to tell. But I have started feeling kicks (!!!!!) and at times they have been very close to my belly button. (Kellan: I remember feeling his early kicks low and to the right) RESULT: too early to tell?

Baby’s heart rate: At my last appointment about a month ago, it was “in the 160s” per the OB. (Kellan: his started high, ended low, though I don’t remember exact numbers) RESULT: GIRL

Hair: The hair on my head is thick and feels pretty normal, texture wise. My leg hair? Growing like a weed. (Kellan: leg hair barely grew at all) RESULT: BOY

Extra weight: Hello giant butt and hips. You are not my favorite, at all. (Kellan = same) RESULT: GIRL

Acne: My face definitely breaks out. It was waaaaay worse in the first trimester…maybe it’s settling down now. (Kellan = amazing skin) RESULT: GIRL

Chinese gender chart: BOY. (Kellan’s said girl…haha)

Moodiness: I’m pretty volatile this go…and cry or get emotional a lot at everything – even ridiculous things. (Kellan: after the first trimester, my emotional state seemed to even out) RESULT: GIRL

Headaches: Almost daily. And really awful…usually in the afternoon. (Kellan: a few random headaches here and there) RESULT: BOY

This one that I just leaned about: If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it’s girl. One even and one odd means a boy. For me, it’s 2014 and 31, so, RESULT: BOY. (With Kellan, it was 2011 and 28, so also boy)

Ummmm as for Kellan, he typically says baby bista is a girl or sister, though he has said boy/brother, too, though it’s usually girl/sister.

well….the secret’s out

So, yes. Lots has been going on these past few months. Well, really only one MAJOR thing that has kind of been all consuming, thank you, morning sickness and 24/7 nausea and aversions to basically all food, especially meat (gag gag gag).

You heard me.

Morning sickness.

As in, the pregnancy kind.

Baby Bold 2, who Kellan has, all on his own, named “baby bista” is coming sometime in May or June 2015! The official date is June 3, and if he/she is like Kellan, then he/she will be late and will definitely be a June baby, but I’ll hold out hope for early…because pregnancy giantness at 40 plus weeks.

Go figure that the entire world is knocked up right now. I guess I didn’t want to feel left out. Never mind that this was a complete surprise and took exactly ONE try….I even know the date….I digress. That’s probably…no, definitely TMI.

Here’s our super early Christmas card, moonlighting as a pregnancy announcement, that we mailed out last week:

So, happy and exhausting days are ahead!

Bold Christmas 2014

season of children

Do you know how hard it is to be wrapped up in all of this?…the unkempt house, daily wearing of yoga pants, endless loads of laundry and dishes (why can we not just shove it all into one big machine and call it a day?), Thomas the Train on TV, being nap trapped every afternoon instead of being “productive,” the singing of made up songs like “pop goes the toast in the toaster….pop goes the toast” because your child? He likes all of these things very much. He likes that you are there every morning to sing the toast song. To make his breakfast just right – no big strawberry pieces on my toast, thank you very much. To help him peel clementines and play with trains and read stories, to go for walks and count frozen peas and explore the dust particles in the air (because vacuuming? What?) and to comfort him down for his nap. He needs you there for all of those very important things.

And then somewhere in the middle of it all, you realize that will be doing these things for years, while society is basically telling you that you’re doing it wrong. All of those things? Not important. Silly. What are you even doing to provide to the greater whole?

Everything. And nothing.

That is motherhood. It is all of the craziness, laughter, sticky fingers, and curiosity, combined with those quiet, still moments of complete and total peace.

We are teaching. We are giving. We are selfless. I never get the last piece of anything anymore, and that makes me ridiculously happy because, instead, this small child with chubby fingers got it, and his satisfaction completes my whole world for this tiny moment in time.

We can’t keep up with anything – the house, our minds, society. But, really, who cares! I’ve decided it’s because we aren’t supposed to be keeping up right now. We are supposed to be right here, right now, for this little child who needs you right now all the time this very second.

We aren’t supposed to ignore that call for help. For “what’s that?” For all of the little things we don’t think are interesting or important. Because all of those little things are exactly what is important when you’re in the season of children.

**this is unedited, off the cuff. 100% honest words, straight from my brain**

not yet

Some days….I feel like I’m doing it all right.

Other days……eh. What am I even doing?!

Lately, it’s been like a bombardment of notifications about people having their second child. I saw one just via Facebook yesterday from someone who has a child a week younger than Kellan. Baby two. On the way.

We aren’t even there yet, people.

I want to want another kid. I do. I really, really do. I think about it almost every day. It frustrates me. It bothers me. Is something wrong with me?? Why do I not have some overwhelming desire for baby two? Aren’t my ovaries supposed to be yelling at me to procreate or something? Where is their megaphone?

I try to look into the future and “picture” our family. When I do, I feel like I see two kids. I feel like I see Kellan with a younger sibling.

Then, snap back to reality (oops, there goes gravity) and I’m like AM I SMOKING CRACK?! I don’t want to do this again. This is hard. I already struggle. I barely and rarely have a minute to myself.

I’ve tried to convince myself to stop thinking about it. To wait another year and see how I (we) feel. There is part of me that just knows – for whatever reason – that right now is not the right time. Call it my maternal instinct or sixth sense or whatever. But I am certain that now is not good. It’s not right. Whoever the next little person is that may come into our life is not ready to be here, yet. And I’m not ready for them, either, so really, it all works out.

And then the little voice says, “But what if you’re never ready?”

The circle continues.

18 months. already?!

You know, I was just about to write something about how Kellan had been sleeping better and only woke up one or two times the past few nights and everything is getting better….and then?

Last night?


This kid may not be crying when he’s bright eyed and bushy tailed during the wee hours of You’re Supposed To Be Asleep, he is instead kicking and rolling and slapping the covers and wanting to nurse, not wanting to nurse, “switch sides” (as in, the boob? Empty. Switch, please).

Begin broken record: “Kellan, please go. to. sleep.”

He will be 18 months in a few days and I am feeling every second if the sleep regression.


So, yah. Kellan is 18 months old, um, today. Obviously I failed to finish my thoughts from the previous bit of writing effort.

Let’s just say that last night?

Good sleep.

Will tonight be the same?

(Dramatic pause)

(Still pausing)

*shoulder shrug*

On a completely different note, he’s 100% mobile – finally! – and can now climb up the stairs by himself, even though he will whimper and say, “Tough. Help please. Mommy hand.” at the last step because he doesn’t have anything to hold onto to push down on to assist in leverage. He can do it, but it’s quite the struggle.

He’s also starting to talk in 2- and3-word sentences. Just the other night he handed a washcloth to Tim during his bath and said, “Have it.”

It took Tim a minute to digest what was happening before he reacted and took the washcloth that Kellan was giving to him. The same thing happened to me this morning when Kellan looked at me and said, “Ready?”

I was like, “Huh?”

Then, I realized he had a ball and was asking me if I was ready to catch it. Once I said, “Yes, I’m ready,” he threw it to me.

Our minds are blown pretty much daily ’round here.

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