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back to the blw

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So…the end of the wedding memories…and back to this baby led weaning thing…because, really, my life is no longer cutty-pastey-arts-and-crafts. My life….

But wait.

You guys…I had my first glass of wine in over a year yesterday. A wine we had been saving for our five year anniversary. We picked it up during a trip to the Biltmore winery a looong time ago…but let’s not get wrapped up in the details.




Soooo….where were we?

Oh. Right.


We tried Cheerios.

And by “tried” I mean I put some on his high chair tray for him to play with and I would break off a piece and put it in his mouth, since he has yet to grasp (ha…punny) the pincher grip. He seemed to like the new challenge and texture – though only for about two pieces of a Cheerio…then he was done.

We tried a carrot, cooked so it was soft enough for him to hold on to but not so soft it fell apart (whatever that happy medium is called) and then cut into pieces like french fries, but thicker.

He didn’t hate the carrot but he mostly just chewed off little pieces, swirled them around in his mouth, and then spit them out all over himself.

I tried sweet potato “fries” – cooked and cut like the carrot.


Basically, I *try* something each day – either the same “something” as a few days ago or something totally new. If he’s not into it, then we’re done for the day. I am assuming one day he’ll decide FOOD IS AWESOME.

Until then?

Boob juice cafe.

I’m in no rush and I’m certainly not complaining about the 500 calories burned a day making breast milk.

PS: Cheerios are the clear winner. Practicing picking them up while simultaneously gumming a piece of one?

Best. Thing. Ever.

For about five minutes, anyway.


he feeds himself…?

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Kellan hates pureed anything.

Loathes (channeling my inner Jim Carrey from The Grinch).

Everything I have tried to give him is met with a sour puss face and ends up all over everything – except his mouth.

Bananas. Avocados. Squash – yellow and acorn. Baby cereal. Sweet potatoes.

No, no, no, no, NO.

The more I read about and hear about it and see other babies DOING baby led weaning, I think maybe we need to give it a whirl.

Kellan wants everything on our plates…reaches and grabs for it…but never wants anything I feed him that is all mashed up.

I can’t really say I blame him.

But I’m also FREAKING OUT about giving him chunks of things he could potentially choke on.

PSA: the whole purpose behind baby led weaning (BLW) is so the baby learns to chew before they learn to swallow instead of vice versa, as what is what happens with pureed food – swallow before chew (makes sense, right?), and they have to be advanced enough in their development to be able to pick up the food in the first place…but, still.

Scary new thing.

I’ve already stashed random pureed foods in the freezer for Kellan because every time we try something and he turns his nose up at it, into the freezer it goes (probably never to be eaten). I even have a Baby Bullet baby food puree-er that will end up never used again if we go the “BLW” route.

Decisions, decisions.

Help me, BLW mamas. I’m at an impasse.

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