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the whole *bump* progression

How fun is this?

My bump…from beginning to (almost the) end:

Almost 12 Weeks

17 Weeks

19 Weeks

20 Weeks

23 Weeks, 3 Days

25 Weeks, 3 Days

28 Weeks, 3 Days

31 Weeks, 2 Days

I have no idea what happened between week 31 and 33. Growth spurt? WOW.

33 Weeks, 4 Days

35 Weeks, 3 Days

37 Weeks, 4 Days

39 Weeks, 3 Days

Holy WOW can my skin…morph.

I’m thanking good genes for no stretch marks. PRAISE THE BABY JESUS HALLELUJAH!


bump progression

I’ve yet to take another bump picture…so that’s on the docket this week, since I’m like 16 weeks…today, actually. Wow! (Happy bump-a-versary to me!).  So, I’ve missed week 15…even though I’m pretty sure that isn’t important.  You’ll see why in just a minute.  Here is the progression so far, 12 weeks to 14 weeks.

I’m not entirely sure there is really much of a difference?  Do you see one?  No, seriously, do you?  I can’t even tell anymore.  I feel like the first picture is more bloat, less baby…and the last one…well, I’ll let you decide because I probably shouldn’t be analyzing my stomach any more.

And bonus points to me for having a different outfit on each time.  You have no idea how big of a deal that is when your waist “thickness” (in other words: circumference/roundness/wideness) has increased to the point where you can only wear a few pairs of shorts that still qualify as *comfortable*  My go-to outfit are dresses.  I have those on ALL THE TIME. Yet, sadly, Tim informed me that dresses aren’t exactly what one would consider appropriate baby bump picture material.

(what a buzzkill, right?!)

Ok, enough on all that.  Here’s “The Bump.”

Almost 12 Weeks

Almost 13 Weeks

14 Weeks

I guess it would help if I stood facing the same direction each time.  Didn’t really think about that…pregnancy picture fail.

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