I am thankful – July edition.

Wow! I’m almost halfway through the year of thankfulness.

I’m not entirely sure it has actually changed me in any way, to be honest, but I’m going to keep it up nonetheless. Maybe I’ll have an epiphany or something.

So, July. It started in Colorado and continues in Arkansas.

July 1: survived day one of getting packed to move to Arkansas.

July 2: seeing our friends one last time. So happy everyone was able to make it! We will miss them so much!

July 3: safe leg 1 of the move and the random texting comment at bedtime from Tim about his being medium rare by morning because his room in the cabin was a sweat box. It literally made me (and subsequently, Kellan) laugh for ten minutes….at bedtime. It was hysterical.

July 4: a safe and loooooong travel
day from Colorado to Wichita, KS. I mean, even though the hotel we stayed in was awesome (welcome bag for the dogs with a blanket, frisbee, treats, and poo bags, and a really nice paved path around two ponds to walk the dogs). We were all feeling the stress of the long day. Kellan managed to get to the cats temporary litter box and chuck a few handfuls of litter all over the place (side note: gross!!!!). When we realized what was happening, Tim jumped up and stared him down and Kellan immediately took his two big handfuls and just tossed them like, “Haha. See what I can do!” Oh, the trying threes have already begun. Bonus – we brought a bottle of wine for the trip. And we’re drinking it. After the litter incident, I walked out into the living area at the tail end of Tim filling his glass to the brim. Me too, honey. Fill ‘er up. One day this moment will be funny. I’m thankful to be able to see that.

July 5: safe FINAL travel day to our temporary apartment destination in Arkansas. Let the house walk through and closing and subsequent painting and new carpet begin…

July 6: My ability to apologize at the sort tail end of an argument with Tim. I’m not usually able to see through the raging red to do that, so I’d call that a step in the right direction.

July 7: We closed on the Arkansas house. And on a neat date to boot! 7/7/14!

July 8: I forgot how washed out and blurry the clouds are at lower elevations – and I already reaaallllllly miss the amazing, huge, crisp clouds – especially the well defined thunderstorms/supercell clouds – in Colorado. We did, however, find a tiny oasis that is the only organic food store for MILES. Can we say I’m going to grow my own produce? So, I’m thankful for that small piece of “normal” in a town that is way, WAY behind in fresh/organic food.

July 9: Took Kellan over to the house and he had fun/got a little more comfortable with it. Hoping the mini-trips will help once we officially move in in about a week.

July 10: Tim has this uncanny ability to make me crack up while I’m trying to get Kellan to sleep. And when I can’t help but laugh out loud hysterically, Kellan does too. It makes bedtime take longer but it’s worth it.

Tonight, it was this text from Tim that did me in: “It will be like sleeping in the engine room of a cruise ship out here….sloshing and whirring of the dishwasher.”

And why is that so funny? We are in a TINY one bedroom apartment right now and Tim is sleeping on the couch in the living area that is basically the same as the kitchen. And every appliance and fixture in here is at least 20+ years old. So, I didn’t really think anything about the dishwasher except that it needed to run, so why not overnight? Little did I know that when it was on, it is so loud it sounds like it’s going to take flight. I started it on the normal cycle while Tim gave Kellan a bath/storytime. Then, Kellan and I got all nice and settled in for bed and not two minutes later, Tim sends that text….and I lost it because the imagery….he’s out there on the couch with a sheet for a blanket, three cats, and an ornery dishwasher about to lift off while Kellan and I enjoy the calm darkness and ocean sounds via the iPod. Now go read the text again. It gets funnier the more times you read it. I’m thankful for these moments where Tim makes me laugh and laugh when I least expect it.

July 11: so, Kellan has been throwing all of his food on the floor all the time….and tonight when I came back to the couch to give him his requested cup of milk, he had put his entire bowl of macaroni on the coffee table without me even saying anything. When I walked over, I handed him his milk and was (in my head) like, where is your pasta?! And I look behind him to see it nearly places on the table. Made my heart so happy. I told him I was so proud and that was the perfect spot. And yes, he was watching Cars and eating dinner at the same time. We are in a one bedroom apartment and right now my motto is go with the flow.

July 12: wine and giant chocolate chip cookies.

July 13: Kellan’s vocabulary. Today I asked what Gracie and ditzy (Chloe) were doing laying together in their little cat carrier and he goes, “Nothing. Just hanging out.” And the other day he blew the painters mind by saying, “I want to help with the delicate things” (chandelier pieces I had taken down).

July 14: A gorgeous sky at night after surviving our (Kellan’s) first dinner with Tim for a work thing. Beautiful mammatus clouds! I have really been missing the clouds and how crisp they are in colorado, so it was nice to see these tonight. Also thankful for Kellan always cracking me up. Tonight it was a quick, impromptu trip to Braum’s
(Like a Dairy Queen except they also sell groceries…all kinds). After getting our ice cream and sitting down at a table, Kellan sees the pepper shaker and very seriously goes, “Mommy! I don’t want pepper to sneeze me!” I was cracking up.

July 15: the AMAZING LOW HUMIDITY today (32%!) In Arkansas in July. Thank you, Mother Nature. It made me really, really miss Colorado, but so thankful for this rare day….and I actually think the cooler weather continues through this weekend! Hurrah!

July 16: Another amazing weather day. And Kellan reading books out loud. So adorable. His picks today were Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? And Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?

July 17: a fall weather day in July in Arkansas (high was high 60s and rainy). Loving the brutal heat reprieve.

July 18: I don’t know if it was just today or what, but almost every single person who saw Kellan today said he was SO CUTE. And he brought a smile to their face. It was really sweet. I mean, of course I think he’s cute, but really, everyone seemed to have a lingering smile after our encounter. It was really nice.

July 19: Life is so precious. Sometimes you forget that when you’re caught up in the little annoyances that really aren’t a big deal at all in the grand scheme of things. So grateful just to be able to live and enjoy life. Kellan really helps with that….with appreciating the little things. He had a blast digging rocks out of the dirt at the Arkansas house today. Rock after rock after rock. Big and small, tiny and humongous! It was so refreshing to watch him. Just living.

July 20: A sweet and totally unexpected card from the BFF. It made my whole day! Living super far away and not basically right next door is a hard adjustment.

July 21: even though the moving in of all of our stuff was extremely stressful this morning with all kinds of hiccups, our new neighbors, Bob and Amy, came right over and offered to bring us lunch. It was so nice of them. I know we would have eaten crackers and water or whatever snack type food we could give had it not been for them. I’m already loving this house and neighborhood.

July 22: Finally picked up the dogs from daycare. I think they thought we left them forever. They had the biggest smiles on their faces the whole way home…and it was fun to watch them explore the house and yard for the first time. Thankful for their loyalty and ability to live in/enjoy the moment.

July 23: Tim and my ability to somehow empty the garage/put everything to one side or in the attic to get our cars inside and move all the tools into the “man cave exactly one day after a million moving boxes were put into our house AND exactly hour before a severe storm hit. The storm started literally less than five minutes after we walked in the door, both dropping with sweat. I was like PERFECT TIMING.

July 24: Kellan running around in the driveway waaaaaaaaaay past bedtime, listening to the frogs and the crickets saying, “they sound really cool!” We didn’t have this loud of an insect/amphibian orchestra in Colorado and that is ALL you hear outside at night. It’s really, really nice and really awesome for Kellan to experience. I also received some super amazing news today, too, but that secret will have to stay locked up for a little while. And no, it isn’t a baby.

July 25: A mini-toddler break to go find carpet cleaner solo while Tim watched Kellan. I’ll take what I can get. Target all by myself? Watch out!

July 26: ummmm today is one of those days where a lot happened but nothing really stood out as THE THING to be thankful for….Kellan saw lightning bugs for the first time. We saw our outside box turtle friend again. I guess today I’m thankful we are living in a place where Kellan gets to experience so much “nature.”

July 27: the monkey bathroom is no more!!!! It looks AMAZING now.

July 28: Crickets by Colt Ford. It’s just a fun song…the chorus puts me in a happy mood.

July 29: A two hour nap – by me. Thanks for taking a super nap (3.5 hours) today, Kellan. Not being able to fall asleep last night to the point I was still awake when Kellan woke up at midnight until….2am?….made for a long night.

July 30: After 18 days – EIGHTEEN DAYS! – the painters are finally done!….I won’t mention that we noticed tonight that our carpet that was installed is messed up. It’s basically like you’re walking on a thin waterbed….and last time I checked that’s not how carpet is supposed to work…..

July 31: the final pieces to finish the former monkey bathroom have been acquired!!! First room is 99% complete and I am so excited! I also have a pretty awesome hubby and kid. Life is good.


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