Join me? It’s house renovation time!

“So, are you guys even living here or are you flipping the house?” Actual question by the Lowe’s guy who installed our new awesome refrigerator (because the previous owners took theirs and we left ours in our old house. I mean, kid in a candy store activity for Tim. I won’t even get started on the other electronics he’s getting to buy. Christmas in July!).

Exhibit A:

20140720-135151-49911767.jpgAnyhow, first, I’m not entirely sure how you’re supposed to take that. Is it a compliment?

Second, it’s Arkansas. The housing market isn’t exactly booming. Sorry, Arkansas, but it’s true. I highly doubt we will make any money off this house. I think we’d be happy to break even, honestly. *However* I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this for a living. Remodeling houses and/or staging them to sell? It’s like Tim and my true calling. We can make any house look amazing. It’s like we actually have a knack for it….it just comes naturally.

Anyhow, back to the house. No, Lowe’s guy. We will be living here. No flipping. Only remodeling and renovating the things we thought needed help. Well, really only the things we absolutely could not live with…since this is not our forever house, we aren’t fixing alllllllll the things.

First was new paint and carpet and that’s almost finished! Benjamin Moore revere pewter and a linen colored carpet for the win!

Sidebar: do you have any idea how long it takes to vacuum a totally empty house? FOREVER. That’s how long.

So, our progress so far…and by “our” I mostly mean the painters and the carpet people…

We went from this super dark cave in the dining room:


To this – let there be light! I don’t even think I have a picture of the chandelier before we took some weight off in the form of black shades over the lights (WHY) and these weird dangly decorative things that Kellan called silver chickens. And please excuse the giant pile in the center of things still to do:


And this lovely mustard yellow (this isn’t our furniture – this is from the former owners):


To this, Kellan for scale:


Ahhhhh. Doesn’t it look and feel so much more peaceful and calming with the new paint color? As Tim says, “it feels so sophisticated.” Except not in a stuffy, snooty way. More like a quiet, cool, gently flowing riverbed stream kind of way.

Tomorrow we will finally get to move in after about two weeks of living in a tiny one bedroom apartment with all of our things in storage. I cannot wait to show you how the rooms will look post-furniture and decorations and hanging pictures! And our mini-loft we made for Kellan! And the kitchen area! That deserves its own post. So many things! Who’s excited?!!!?!! Other than me, obviously.

Here’s to the boxless calm before insanity and chaos tomorrow. We are trying a new plan of attack with the madness that is movers hauling in boxes left and right and asking where they go. Last time it was actual mass confusion as we were trying to read every box to see what was written on the side to see where it was supposed to go. This time, we pre-labeled all the boxes from every room with different colors of tape and are also taping a sign on each door/entryway with the corresponding tape color for each room and will be putting up a sign with which tape colors go upstairs and which go downstairs so they don’t have to ask every time they bring in a box. Hoping our extreme type A plan works.


If it doesn’t, at least we tried.


9 Responses to “Join me? It’s house renovation time!”

  1. 1 lucindalines July 20, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    That plan is amazing, I have to tell my daughter about it since they are moving at the end of August. Also I love the colors you chose and the rooms you showed are beautiful. That chandelier and the decor above it is so classy. Nice house.

  2. 6 Angelia Sims July 21, 2014 at 3:03 pm

    I love it! Looks amazing. We are doing mini renovations. And will be painting soon. I love that color! We are looking to do a grey/beige – greige.

    • 7 Jessica July 22, 2014 at 11:33 pm

      Revere pewter is a really fun greige – obviously I’m partial. But there are lots of greige colors that all look really nice! Yay for mini-renovations! What are you guys doing?

  3. 8 PJ July 21, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    I actually really like bold color, but have to admit that the new wall color is much better and brighter and calming. It looks great!

    This is totally a logistical question that I’ve always wondered – with the double door fridge and doorway right there, can you actually open both doors all the way? (Disclaimer – it drives me crazy when I see refrigerators next to a wall on home improvement shows. I mean, I get why they put it there; but, it makes no logistical sense. What if I need to open the door all the way?)

    • 9 Jessica July 22, 2014 at 11:31 pm

      PJ – yes, both doors open all the way. The refrigerator is out from the wall a little, and that’s enough :). I think Tim also said something about the hinges pivoting?

      And thank you! Bold colors (haha) are fun…but we tend to do them using pictures/art on the walls versus a whole wall color. Just our preference I guess.

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