I am thankful – June edition

WHEW. Excuse me while I collapse from relocation drama and stress. Oh, wait. I can’t yet because we haven’t even left, yet. Moving is hard. Where’s my mom?

Even though our lives have literally been completely – and I mean COMPLETELY – taken over by everything involved in relocating, I still had lots to be thankful for.

And if you’re a little behind (I mean, I’m even behind and it’s my life), we are moving to NW Arkansas because the husband has a new job (same company) there.

So, let the thankfulness commence!

June 1: this blog post. It actually made me cry. It was so needed at this exact moment. http://www.scissortailsilk.com/2014/01/24/before-you-were-mommy/

June 2: we received an acceptable offer on our house (first was a low ball)! The end of keeping the house immaculately sterile is soon! So soon! And I am doing it all by myself because Tim started his job in Arkansas and isn’t coming back until June 26. Hold me. Also, where’s the wine?

June 3: someone from Tim’s (former) work drove out to the house to fix a light fixture that randomly stopped working. It ended up being a seventy-five cent fix. Also known as a broken switch. He saved us a few hundred dollars. I think I owe him a beer. Or baked goods. Something. But the light! It works!

June 4: the most incredible mammatus clouds/sunset walk that was totally unplanned. As in I went outside to take some pictures of the sky and Kellan went running down the sidewalk yelling, “turn right to go left!” Which is a line from the Cars movie and to him means go for a walk around the entire neighborhood. Which we did. Both of us in socks. He ran the whole way, too. Literally RAN. THE. WHOLE. WAY. So fun. And random.

June 5: the people who want to buy our house submitted the full contract. Yay! The showings can end soon!!!!!

June 6: ummm. Some days I really struggle with what to say…what to be thankful for…as in no particular event or thing comes to mind….the thing today that is sticking with me me 1. Me getting stressed about a showing and upset with Kellan making messed while I was desperately trying to get the house ready/everyone ready to get out the door…not a very great super mom moment there….and then later today in Barnes and Noble…a kid, maybe four or five, was there with his mom and he kept picking out books and she kept saying no, it was too expensive….I don’t know which book he wanted but I desperately wanted to tell her I would buy it – whatever book it was. While Kellan was playing with the train set, he was sitting in a chair, doing the stifled cry. I didn’t intervene…I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable…but I wanted to buy the book. Whatever it was. We are so blessed to be able to buy a book if Kellan wants it. It seems trivial, but to a kid, it’s everything.

June 7: Kellan asked for “some food…’Cheerio-e-ohs'” at bedtime. So, we went downstairs to eat a snack. He’s doing really well with utensils and trying really hard to learn to use them…and tonight I noticed that he would scoop the Cheerios onto his spoon and then tap the spoon three or so times on the edge of the bowl to get the milk off the bottom so it didn’t drop as he brought the spoon to his mouth. It seems like a little thing, but it’s really a huge thing. And I actually noticed. The craziness has slowed down to the point I am actually able to enjoy watching him learn and grow, again. So very thankful for that because it seems like he gets bigger by the minute.

June 8: not freaking out or overreacting to Kellan immediately throwing his entire cup of water on the floor within the first five seconds of facetiming with Tim. I just made him get down and wipe it up. With the number of toddler testing challenges and battles we are having as of late, I was proud of being able to keep it inside versus let his “on purpose for attention/get a reaction” activity get a rise out of me.

June 9: Kellan being goofy and putting one of my shoes on and walking around the kitchen….and then my MIL commenting on the video of the aforementioned shenanigans, asking if I just loved it when he did “adorably silly” stuff like that. As the answer is yes, I do. And I really want to be in the moment more to cherish those adorably silly times.

June 10: The sweetest going away gifts from the BFF. Super friends unite!

June 11: bringing dinner to friends with a brand new baby!! So tiny and so precious and adorable!!!! So thankful for a chance to visit with them before we move.

June 12: I survived the day. That is all.

June 13: despite of the craziness that was no one sleeping at all last night and having to be out of the house from 8:30-12:30 today for a home inspection, after we went to a random store at Pearl Street Mall and found these ridiculously small animal toys, like 12 of them, as we walked out and Kellan held them in his hand, he goes, completely genuinely, “thank you for my tiny tinies!!!” (That’s what we call them, as he got a few at the zoo awhile ago…). It was really sweet to hear that, totally unprompted.

June 14: meeting a friend I’ve only known via the blogging world in real life! So fun.

June 15: oh Kellan. You are getting waaaaay too smart! He wanted me to cut out the cows from a newly opened box of Horizon peanut butter crackers. I told him we had to wait I t we finished all the crackers and the box was empty. So, he takes the box, removes the bag holding the crackers and then goes, “It’s empty now. Cut out the cows, please?” I was like…is this really happening right now??? Then I just laughed and obliged. How could I not? So thankful for this intelligent, spirited kid with an amazing sense of humor. Also thankful for his daddy today, even though he had to celebrate solo in Arkansas.

June 16: I guess the reason Kellan wasn’t sleeping was because of some crazy development in the giant noggin of his. He has become so fun all of a sudden – it’s like he’s more a little boy. Less a toddler. And that seems weird to say when he’s only two. He’s getting what it means to make a joke. Like on the way to the dermatologist today, he was saying, “red means…..go!” And I would say noooooo! And he’d laugh and laugh. Same with “green means……stop!” Every day is such a wonderful adventure.

June 17: there was wine in the cabinet.

June 18: Super fun dinner and playtime with friends! So needed. I’m at the end of my do it all by myself sanity rope and I still have ten days to go. Also, after nap Kellan goes, “I want a soft moose. Soft like mommy.” It was really endearing and sincere and so, so sweet.

June 19: the nice, cool, lightly breezy morning….in June. I am REALLY going to miss that about Colorado. Also a hosting fun dinner with a friend who brought a yummy dessert – Nothing Bundt Cakes!!

June 20: a really random yet funny FaceTime session with Tim. “Put your butt on my shoulder…whisper in my ear….” Thanks, Kellan, for the inspiration for Tim’s song (i was on the floor, against the couch, and Kellan was on the couch and trying to almost sit on my shoulder). I didn’t even get the funny until a few minutes into it, and then I totally lost it. “Whisper in my ear….ssssspfffffffffffffffft”

June 21: I don’t know. I mean, we did a lot of things today. Farmers market. Sweet Cow. Jax. Chili’s by Kellan request (no idea why but he had been asking to go for weeks, so). Grocery store. I mowed the front and back yard. Oh. We went on a walk and rescued a caterpillar. He was afraid of the stick I was trying to get him on…then once he was on and I put him on a leaf in a tree, he just stared at me. Like intentionally stared right at me. Maybe he was saying thank you or maybe he was saying “what the f? I just finally got out of this tree?” But let’s pretend it was the former and today I’ll be the voice of the caterpillar. Some random giant saved my life even though I thought she was trying to impail me with a stick. That was unexpected.

June 22: while reading a bedtime story, I accidentally skipped a page, thinking it wouldn’t matter because Kellan skips every page except the ones he wants to read. So, in a ten page book, we may read four pages…it all just depends on the book, his mood, whatever. Anyhow, when I skipped it he immediately grabbed the book and started turning back one page saying we missed it. And when that happened, it made me smile inside because my mom always told me she would TRY to skip pages and I would stop her and tell her she missed a page. It’s a silly thing but it made me see a part of me in Kellan, and that was really fun and nice.

June 23: Tim found out from the owner of the house we are buying in Arkansas that they had two other offers for list price. The owner took our offer because they wanted to sell it to someone who would enjoy the house, versus a bank (one of the offers). Tim said he’s sure there were other reasons, but that’s not the point. Point is they loved this house and were trying to make sure someone else did, too. They fixed almost everything we asked for during the inspection, they called Tim and met with him to make sure he knew certain things about the coveted area of the deck, and said to call in the winter to help him get the outdoor area ready for cold. There aren’t many homeowners like that, I don’t think. So, a really good way to start our new Arkansas life – with a totally different perspective.

June 24: …..I just really love my little man. My life. My husband. That is all.

June 25: Fun waffle-breakfast-for-dinner with friends. And also Kellan calling the Incredible Hulk the incredible elk. And he’s 100000000% positive it is NOT hulk. It’s elk. AND on the way to Petsmart, Kellan started saying, “We are going to get dog food! And cat food! We are NOT getting flamingo food!” So funny, this kid.

June 26: today marks one week out from our actual, physical move to Arkansas. I remember Tim’s last week…and it flew by…Kellan and I didn’t really even do anything super special today….got the car serviced, he skipped his nap. Fell asleep in his PB Kids chair for 25 minutes. We veg-ed (vegged?) out the rest of the day because he also didn’t sleep last night. I got some moving things done. I guess I’m just thankful to realize our Colorado chapter is closing soon, and though I am really sad about it, I’m trying to get myself excited about Arkansas.

June 27: SO random but, looking back, I am a million percent glad I was never friends with who I thought were the “cool/popular” kids in high school. Turns out some of them made some pretty uncool life choices and I’m just happy I wasn’t under the influence, so to speak. I definitely don’t think I would be where I am now, and I really love where that is.

June 28: safe travel day for Tim. Reunited after basically a month! Kellan was so excited he didn’t want to nap!

June 29: Kind of a bittersweet night. Last meal with the BFF and family. We had lots of fun but it’s really hard to believe we won’t be going over for any more play dates and that we won’t be right around the corner. Love her.

June 30: Fun morning at the zoo. Last family “event” before life gets crazy with movers and packing and heading out to Arkansas. Tim and I spent the entire afternoon getting things around the house ready and Kellan didn’t complain/entertained himself/watched movies the entire time. Until
9:30 pm (lost track of time. Oops). And he’s only two. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Also: mommy guilt. But that’s a whole different post.

On to July. The month of the beginning of Arkansas.


4 Responses to “I am thankful – June edition”

  1. 1 lucindalines July 1, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    Hope your move is uneventful except the type of events you want. Leaving is bittersweet because the new is so exciting. Good luck to you, and God’s blessings on your family.

  2. 3 Sanibel July 8, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Love, Love, Love the bit about the homeowners in Arkansas. That just says so much. Your new house must hold some good juju:)
    It is amazing how many life changing events can happen in one month. I seriously do not know how you made it through June! I’m really glad you could squeeze us in though! Also, hope July calms down a bit for you:)

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