I am thankful – May edition

Okay, so, I edited this post exactly zero times. There are zero pictures and no intro to any of this, unless you want to read the beginning part of my April thankfulness….why, you ask? My life has been turned upside down backwards with this whole relocation thing. It’s crazy, you guys, and I’m exhausted.

May 1: this article. I think it’ll be my new self-challenge to get out of my bubble (which is way easier with Kellan wanting to know what everyone’s name is everywhere we go) http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/04/26/opinion/sunday/hello-stranger.html?referrer=

May 2: how Kellan still asks for my help when trying to step down or up big (for him) steps. I know he won’t do it forever and some days I realize that in the moment and I’m like, why tell him to do it by himself when one day he will never ask for my help?? So, very thankful to have had that conscious thought today as he asked for my help at the park to “step down.”

May 3: Having a hard time with not letting stress get to me/cause me to have a short fuse/temper. Maybe I’m thankful today for realizing that so I can try to be better tomorrow.

May 4: our evening impromptu ice cream from a legit ice cream truck – Kellan’s first ever – followed by a walk to the neighborhood park and then to get the mail and walk home. The weather was really nice to boot.

May 5: sleeeeeeeep (and after I write this I couldn’t fall asleep for two hours! Why! I was so tired!)

May 6: during the after dinner snack that was really dinner for Kellan, when he was down to his last piece of (prized) watermelon, he handed it to me and said, “Mommy you eat it.” HEART. MELT. How sweet, thoughtful, and generous that was, offering me his last piece.

May 7: the completely impromptu trip to toys r us tonight that led to to impromptu trip to Chili’s, where they were having a special mother-son night. Tim was there, too, but how awesome we had that fun evening, with a picture (even though yikes I was NOT camera ready) and a red carnation that they gave to Kellan to give to me. It was SO SWEET. What a nice, unexpected surprise. Oh, AND Kellan got to pick out a matchbox car on the way out, so a win win all around.

May 8: The rare Colorado steady rain and thunder.

May 9: impromptu walk around the neighborhood because Kellan, while out in the front yard, took off down the sidewalk and said, as he was running away from us, “I’m going for a walk!” In his house slipper shoes, no less. So, we all went for a walk. He led the way the whole time, all the way back home.

May 10: friends coming over to help do some serious heavy furniture moving/lifting. And then letting us borrow their gas powered lawn mower….and mowing our lawn for us. Wow. And by the way, we have a human powered push mower, thank you very much.

May 11: Being a mom! It is every single emotion wrapped up into a ball, but the absolute best thing to have been blessed with…I don’t need anything today to validate my status except having my boys here with me, smiling and laughing. That’s what makes me feel special and loved. A happy house.

May 12:
Me: “Kellan, it’s time for a bath
Kellan, very loudly and defiantly: “NO!”
Me: “That is not the appropriate thing to say to me.”
Kellan: “NO MA’AM!”
It’s a start…I’ll take it.

May 13: The realtors saying I should get a job in interior design and/or write a book on how to stage a house. Super nice compliment, especially since I’ve ben busting my ass…ets to get things ready. And that book idea actually sounds really fun!

May 14: first time EVER leaving Kellan with someone non-family (by blood, anyway), and it went perfectly! I HAD to run some moving-relate errands and having Kellan stay with friends versus me dragging him everywhere seemed like a much nicer option for him. And it was! He had a great time/didn’t even miss a beat/didn’t want to leave after I got back….I mean I walked in and he just kept playing like I had been there the whole time. Really sad we are moving and will be leaving such amazing friends.

May 15: So, I was trying to get my college diploma framed at Michael’s (whatever, at least I’m finally doing it, right?)…and Kellan is legit hell bent on getting THREE pretty large bouncy balls from a bin that is so far away that I have to keep leaving the lady trying to help me get the framing stuff selected to chase him and help him. Finally, we have three giant balls at the counter (pink, blue, and green) and Kellan is now upset because they keep rolling away. I frazzled and just like AHHHHH! And then, all of a sudden, this lady who was there waiting to pick up her framing order walks over and is like, “Will this help? I’ve been in your shoes.” She has a shopping basket and sets it down on the ground. She helps Kellan put the three balls in and then shows him how to use the handles to pick it up. Kellan tries and says it’s too heavy. They take out one ball and try again….he says it’s still too heavy. And he is picking up the basket while saying it’s too heavy. I guess it was too much to hold it for long. Anyhow, now both this lady and the person helping me are totally engaged in interacting with Kellan. He’s asking them questions, like what was on the floor (dirt and speckled tile) and taking balls out of the basket and putting them in and telling her what the colors were…this wan waiting for her frame LOVED LOVED LOVED him. She was absolutely blown away when I said he was two (she thought he was four). She said he was a teachers dream, that it was amazing how I was able to interact with him because he was SO verbal, that she bet I had my hands full….that she had never seen another child like him before…all this happening while I’m trying to get my diploma framed. A thing I had put off for YEARS. And the day and time I decide to do it, this woman happens to be there, too. When it was time to go, she was like, “I know this is crazy and I’m just some person off the street, but here’s my card, I would love to watch him for you sometime.” And you’d think that would be creepy, but it wasn’t. That whole interaction was such a joy to witness. Kellan was loving it. She absolutely lit up with happiness. And all of that made me smile from the inside out. Look at how much life this child breathes into everyone! He is such a special, amazing, one in a million kid.

May 16: Tim came home from work early! I mean, we brought him breakfast and then afterwards I was like, “You should just come home.” And he was all, “I think I will.” Granted, all we did was work a ton on getting the house ready, but we got SO MUCH DONE!!!

May 17: Kellan REALLY wanting to help Tim plant a tree in the front yard. He helped put dirt in the wheelbarrow with his own tiny shovel and everything. He copies and imitates Tim in every way. He wants to be just like him. It’s really cute to witness.

May 18: seeing friends for brunch *and* later in the day, the random, unplanned restaurant where we decided to get food ended up having an old car/tractor show in their parking lot. I mean, what are the odds?! And Kellan LOVED it!

May 19: a fun family trip to the Denver zoo. Kellan really enjoyed it and Tim and I had fun watching him have fun.

May 20: Kellan and I were in the front yard and we went to go sit on the porch step as the garbage truck came by to pick up trash. I sat Kellan in my lap and he goes, “No. I want to sit by myself.” So, I set him down on the step by himself. It was kind of bittersweet, but it did show me that he is becoming independent in his own way, on his timeframe, versus me forcing it. It was nice to witness that firsthand. All of my super attachment parenting is not all for naught. It’s working. And it makes me feel like I made the right choice for him.

May 21: we didn’t get hit with any bad weather, even though it was pretty severe all around us, though mostly to the east. As in tornadoes and lots and lots of hail.

May 22: Random and funny text convo with the BFF at like, 8pm. And that is basically midnight when you’re a mom. It was definitely needed because I am stressed to the MAX with all the moving/house selling/EVERYTHING MUST STAY IMPECCABLE stuff going on.

May 23: our house went on the market around 3p and we had our first phone call at 7:30p requesting a showing the next day. Hooray!

May 24: awesome morning with friends at our “going away” party. Sad but also so sweet of them to do for us! We will miss them….very much. Oh! Kellan also did his first build a bear. Only it was a horse. He named him Jasper. It was really cute to watch him. He looked at ALL of the animal choices – the tags, not the stuff less animals – and there were A LOT of them – and then went back to the horse. Love how he looked at everything first before deciding. Sounds like me. Haha.

May 25: one leg of this super long and drawn out moving process is over. Done. Finished. The house is staged and cleaned and ready for ALL THE SHOWINGS while Tim, Kellan, and I go to Arkansas for a week of house hunting. Fingers crossed we get an offer for list price while we are gone!

May 26: A safe, albeit LONG, travel day. Kellan was a champ for the whole thing. His first flight in his own seat, too. Off house hunting we go…..

May 27: while having lunch at a restaurant, Kellan stops playing with his cars and walks over to me (we were sitting in a long booth) and goes, “I love you so much!” It was so sweet. This is the second time he has done this….I’m not even sure how he learned it….I mean Tim and I tell him that we love him…but for him to stop in the middle of playing and come over and say that….it was really incredible and adorable and heartmelting.

May 28: the guy at dunkin donuts who gave Kellan a chocolate doughnut hole for free, and wrk powdered ones to be for free. Very sweet.

May 29: we may have found the house in Arkansas! One we found randomly on our own during a random drive to a neighborhood the morning before looking at two other houses. We decided to go see this find on the last day here AND it the very last house we looked at, to boot!

May 30: Safe travel day for Kellan and me and safe driving day for Tim.

May 31: Survived a day of three showings by myself. And with a toddler and five pets, that is a feat unto itself.


3 Responses to “I am thankful – May edition”

  1. 1 lucindalines June 1, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    Good luck in your move, so sad and so exciting at the same time. On a positive note, think of the winters, on a negative note, my husband would say think of the winter without the ski opportunities. Ha! Again, good luck, I look forward to hearing about how the house goes.

  2. 2 Sanibel June 2, 2014 at 10:46 am

    The lady in Michaels, that is awesome. Faith restored in humanity. What a crazy stressful month for you! Love the great moments you find in all of it!

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