I am thankful – February edition

And the happiness continues…

Also – FYI – I post on Instagram (jessicabold) pretty much daily, if you’d rather not wait for this month wrap up…

My 365 days of thankfulness. I reflected on the one thing I was most thankful for at the end of every day as part of my journey to live a happy, positive life…

…and this is what happened….in February.

February 1: Our test batch of cinnamon roll cupcakes for Kellan’s birthday brunch party came out! SO yummy! And cute! Related: I do realize that we need a new pair of oven mitts…


February 2: a wonderful birthday! I felt so loved! My (amazing) life – fancy dinner and Thomas the train.


February 3: Having a friend who offered to, and did, make me lunch and dessert (cupcakes!!!!) for my birthday.

February 4: how Kellan loves to just lay in bed and talk or snuggle – or both – when he wakes up from nighttime sleep or his nap. Sometimes we lay in bed talking about whatever (today it was him wanting to lay on the fan on the ceiling….?) for close to an hour.

February 5: a husband who knows how to cook and bake. Yum.


February 6: watching Kellan’s imagination begin to blossom. He is telling me the his “Pooh Guys”
(“No mommy. Not pooh friends. They’re pooh guys.) want different things to eat (owl wanted pasta, Eeyore wanted apples and carrots, etc)…and today he said he had a “muddy diaper” as I was changing his poopy diaper – and it was muddy in texture, go figure (TMI, you’re welcome).

February 7: (This happened the other day, but it is worth my thankful for today because I meant to do it the other day and forgot)…Tim and his ability to say something that is completely not what I’m expecting and will 100% diffuse the tension. Me, irritated: Don’t say that (no idea what he said at this point). That’s like a fifth grade thing to say. Tim: Wow. I’m really stepping up in this world. I’m usually in third grade. Begin hysterical laughter by all.

February 8: My juicer. When husbands aren’t feeling well and when I need to super saturate my system with toms of good vitamins and minerals? This thing works wonders.

February 9: Tim offering to watch – and watching – Kellan while I ran a million errands for a few hours, even though he didn’t feel well.

February 10: Super sweet and adorable moments that, if not written down, would be lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Tonight, while we were all playing in the loft, I said, “Kellan, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Without hesitation he says, “Daddy.”

February 11: Even after a second straight day of running errands ALL MORNING, when I told Tim I would run to Walgreens for cold meds and cough drops, Kellan ran to the door and said he wanted to go, too. The kid who has always said he would prefer to stay home over ANY outing – willingly got dressed and happily went with me. He even picked out some cough drops with a pomegranate on the front of the package for Tim and gave them to him when we got home. It was really sweet and totally unexpected (him wanting to go).

February 12: Kellan cooperating for a Valentine’s Day picture. I asked if we could please take a cute picture and he said, “No cute picture” for awhile bit then finally said “Yes cute picture!” Yay!


February 13: Tim telling me to squirt saline up my nose because I was starting to feel like I was getting his weeklong cold. Word to the uninformed: saline is the answer!!!! I feel ridiculously better. Who knew? The sad part? We put saline in Kellan’s nose every night to help avoid colds. *face palm.*

February 14: The roses Tim has gotten me every single year on this day since we started dating. The start of a new tradition…(f I/we can remember next year – homemade pizza and wine). Love. Just love.


February 15: Sudafed. Eucalyptus oil. Steam. I’ve caught the cold that Tim had for a week….and I guess I’m thankful it is happening this weekend versus next, which is Kellan’s birthday party.

February 16: Tim going on the monster birthday/mom visit grocery shopping trip with me this morning and then cleaning out and organizing both the refrigerator and freezer. I’m still fighting this lovely cold thing and there was no way I would have been able to do that alone.

February 17: That I am feeling much better. My world has revolved around this cold sickness thing the last few days, obviously.

February 18: My mom made it here safely from GA to celebrate Kellan’s birthday!

February 19: Celebrating another amazing year with Kellan…and Tim finding out that he has finally gotten recognition/rewarded for all of his blood, sweat, and tears at work. We are so, so blessed.

February 20: my mom sat and made paper plate bowls all day for Kellan’s party. She looked up different patterns (mostly Greek) to paint the bottoms and sides – each of the 15 are different! – she worked so hard to make them look nice. She has always done that and it is so sweet and so generous of her to put in so much TLC on things like this, even if we are only putting cereal inside. They will be the cutest and best decorated cereal bowls ever.

February 21: Tim and my m putting up with me/being nice to me and helping me A TON, even when I am crazy stressed not very nice/fun to be around Jessica. Hello, Kellan’s birthday celebration with friends tomorrow + so much to do, so little time (WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?!).

February 22: Kellan’s birthday party went fabulously. And our new little niece was born!



February 23: Even though I actually almost started crying, the sweetest, albeit saddest, thing happened at dinner. I told Kellan that Mimi had to go home tomorrow and that we were going to take her to the airport and his IMMEDIATE response was, “No. Mimi doesn’t go on the airplane. Mimi not go home to Georgia.” And he repeated that multiple times while the three of us sat there, no clue how to even respond.

February 24: Kellan’s apparent first stages of beginning the potty training process, as recognized by my mom. Basically, he told me he had a wet diaper right after doing his business and then said he wanted to put on a dry diaper.

February 25: Wine and deep belly laughing – especially the kind that comes from the most amazing kid ever (Kellan, of course).

February 26: tiny thomas was on the train table at Toys R Us. We all went this morning and Tim and Kellan went to the Thomas section that has a wooden train table while I looked for different utensils, since the ones we have are hard for Kellan to use. Flash forward to post-nap/dinner time and Kellan starts asking for “tiny Thomas,” which is just the top piece of a Pez dispenser, broken off. Tim asks Kellan where he left it and after a series if questions, Kellan says he left it on the train table at the store. This kid knows every single toy he owns, and the desperation in his voice was heartbreaking. So, like a mom does, I drove back up to Toys R Us, and thank you, Lord, prayers were answered.


February 27: After a rough start to the day (hello, alarm going off at 4am thanks to a giant Thomas balloon floating its way in front of the motion sensors downstairs/visit from the police and then a ridiculous time trying to get Kellan to nap), it ended with the three of us watching old videos on my phone. And wow has Kellan changed. It was really nice just taking that time to stop and remember what is actually important and have reminder after reminder of how sweet, loving, amazing Kellan is and has been since day one.

February 28: The man I passed on my way to the post office driving a convertible with the top down and – AND – his only other passenger? A giant white poodle sitting in the passenger seat. Because obviously.


2 Responses to “I am thankful – February edition”

  1. 1 Sanibel March 5, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Love reading this! I can’t believe he is two now! He has such a personality:)

  1. 1 I am thankful – December edition. aka one whole year of being thankful! | booshy Trackback on January 1, 2015 at 8:29 am

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