season of children

Do you know how hard it is to be wrapped up in all of this?…the unkempt house, daily wearing of yoga pants, endless loads of laundry and dishes (why can we not just shove it all into one big machine and call it a day?), Thomas the Train on TV, being nap trapped every afternoon instead of being “productive,” the singing of made up songs like “pop goes the toast in the toaster….pop goes the toast” because your child? He likes all of these things very much. He likes that you are there every morning to sing the toast song. To make his breakfast just right – no big strawberry pieces on my toast, thank you very much. To help him peel clementines and play with trains and read stories, to go for walks and count frozen peas and explore the dust particles in the air (because vacuuming? What?) and to comfort him down for his nap. He needs you there for all of those very important things.

And then somewhere in the middle of it all, you realize that will be doing these things for years, while society is basically telling you that you’re doing it wrong. All of those things? Not important. Silly. What are you even doing to provide to the greater whole?

Everything. And nothing.

That is motherhood. It is all of the craziness, laughter, sticky fingers, and curiosity, combined with those quiet, still moments of complete and total peace.

We are teaching. We are giving. We are selfless. I never get the last piece of anything anymore, and that makes me ridiculously happy because, instead, this small child with chubby fingers got it, and his satisfaction completes my whole world for this tiny moment in time.

We can’t keep up with anything – the house, our minds, society. But, really, who cares! I’ve decided it’s because we aren’t supposed to be keeping up right now. We are supposed to be right here, right now, for this little child who needs you right now all the time this very second.

We aren’t supposed to ignore that call for help. For “what’s that?” For all of the little things we don’t think are interesting or important. Because all of those little things are exactly what is important when you’re in the season of children.

**this is unedited, off the cuff. 100% honest words, straight from my brain**


1 Response to “season of children”

  1. 1 Mark Price February 14, 2014 at 11:48 am

    i love it un-edited un-polished or whatever. Ha you’re a Mom now! Screw the rest of the world.

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