playroom for the win!

I promised myself that I would get back into blogging…more than once a…what? A forever? I’m pretty sure that’s a legitimate unit of measurement in the blog world.

So, hi, my long lost blog friends. I’ve missed you! And I am back for 2014. Aren’t you excited??

I thought you would be (haha).

Anyhow…since Tim was home for a good *almost* three weeks in December (thank you, wisdom teeth surgery followed by Christmas), my brain immediately went to LET’S DO PROJECTS!

Okay, so, it went to PROJECTS! after Tim was healed enough to function…but I’d be lying if the ideas weren’t floating through my brain while I was pureeing everything from beans to avocados to fruit to too-chunky tomato sauce.

The first one (that isn’t totally complete, yet, but it is pretty close and I can’t help myself but share because I LOVE IT!) to do was a loft renovation. It *was* your typical, run of the mill loft. Entertainment center. Couch. Big comfy chair with an ottoman. Coffee table. Realllllllly predictable.

Enter the creative juices of my brain and a giant Thomas the Train table that was absolutely not staying in the family room (hi, all you parents with Thomas obsessed kids. I totally understand THE STRUGGLE).

I’ve wanted to turn the loft into a playroom for Kellan for a really long time (like, months, and that’s an eternity in kid-speak). His toys were taking over the entire house and my Type A desire for order was going crazy. Toys in the kitchen. In the family room. The loft. Bedrooms. Bathrooms. EVERYWHERE. The loft was perfect – just enough out of major pathways and plenty of space for Kellan to play.

I totally get that toys happen with a 22-month old (HOW IS HE ALMOST TWO! *tear*) – but it was getting out of control.

Begin Operation Loft Playroom.

Ikea totally saved us, by the way, with their handy-dandy spice racks turned bookshelves and the Expedit shelving.

AND the ease of putting both together?? AH-MAZING.

Let’s just say that if *I* can follow the directions and have it turn out correctly the first time (except the time I put the shelving in backwards and Tim had to fix it…but that totally doesn’t count. IT LOOKED FINE…it just…didn’t exactly fit together…I digress.), then they’re doing something right.

So, without further ado, the current pride of the Bold household…keeping in mind there is still work to be done – like hang a positive word alphabet using canvases (26 of them, to be exact), a DIY chalkboard, a DIY magnetic letter/number board, labels for the bins in the shelving (I have a super fun idea for that!), hang artwork painted by my amazing artist brother, add something between the bookshelves and clock (the word READ? We’re not sure, yet), and a few other little detail things. But, I couldn’t wait to share any longer because, really, this room turned out fantastically. Better than I thought it would, in all honesty. Watch out Martha!

And tomorrow we will be tackling the chalkboard. Pictures when it’s done!

Oh…I said without further ado like, awhile ago. I guess I got a little carried away…I can’t help myself. I’m so excited (you will be, too, promise)!

This is what the loft looked like right before we put the shelving under the window together, so you can kind of see where we started (you need this baseline, trust me). Kellan was helping.

Annnnnnnnd the (mostly) finished product! Tim was skeptical of the butterflies over the window at first, but he’s on board, now.


The “reading nook” that’s missing a yet to be acquired beanbag chair. And something in the empty space between the clock and the shelves. That circle thing in the carpet is from the ShopVac…


Bookshelves up close. And it may look like they aren’t level due to the shadows, but I assure you 100% that they line up.


PS: It always turns out better when you measure. And use a level…and a pencil…and measure again…and then re-level…this is according to my engineer husband. He’s the “hired help” who does all the technical stuff. There are zero crooked pictures in this house, thanks to him.

20131231-194608.jpgYou thought I was kidding with the level and measuring? This picture doesn’t even have the measuring tape he was also using. If you don’t need a magic eraser to clean pencil marks off the wall after you’re done, you’re doing it wrong.

PPS: How cute is this?! We finally hung these pictures and letters and artwork in Kellan’s room. They’ve only been sitting around for a year….procrastinate, much?




5 Responses to “playroom for the win!”

  1. 1 Joann January 1, 2014 at 1:30 am

    Wonderful! You are not alone, my engineer husband hangs our pictures and rehangs them when I beat him to it!

  2. 2 Anonymous January 1, 2014 at 8:52 am

    Seriously looks awesome. Kellan is so lucky.

  3. 3 lucindalines January 1, 2014 at 12:37 pm

    So very nice. Any child would be happy in this space.

  4. 4 Sanibel January 1, 2014 at 7:31 pm

    You did such an awesome job! It looks like it fell straight from a magazine. And the measuring and remeasuring…happens in my house too:)

  5. 5 adewvall January 2, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Love it! It’s great to have a spouse who’s willing to help — and has useful skills, to boot!

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