send wine

I think we have hit the 18 month sleep regression that I keep hearing about. I can pretty much sum up how fun it is in two words:

Send wine.

Not only is sleep in the crapper, we have also started the meltdowns over the most ridiculous things. Things that actually make me and Tim laugh because OMG. This? You’re serious? You are crying because we aren’t singing the right song?!

Happened last night. True story.

I really thought the whole “why my kid is crying” thing was kind of far-fetched – but turns out it’s not. At all.

Yesterday we also had a meltdown because we saw a strip mall and were not going to visit it to go “shoppin!” this kid is serious about his shoppin. He knows exactly what it means to go to Target is and Tim has pretty much banned me from going, now, all, “If he knows what Target is, you’re obviously going way too often.”

*innocent doe eyes*

Hey, Target is really helpful. It has lots of neat stuff. We probably needed these ten things weren’t even on my list.

Anyway, I’m tired. It’s like a flashback to the newborn days when your kid wakes up at 10:00pm, before you’ve even gone to sleep, and refuses to go back to bed until after midnight. It really doesn’t matter how often or sternly I say, “Kellan. Please GO TO SLEEP.”

He doesn’t. He won’t. It’s like he needs to just lay there and think about things while stating at the ceiling…for hours. But, it’s absolutely NOT OKAY for me to fall asleep while he’s pondering. The second I’m actually asleep? He wakes me up. Every. Time. I actually had to ask myself if I had even slept last night when he woke up, because it felt like I had not slept at all. Like I said, reminds me all too well of the newborn stage.

I repeat: Send wine.


3 Responses to “send wine”

  1. 1 lucindalines August 15, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    It is like they are the perfect torture machine. Hope Kellan gets over it sooner than my grandson has. He is three and makes himself totally rigid and starts screaming when things don’t go his way. It gets really bad when Grandpa and I bust out in full belly giggles because he looks so ridiculous. Have fun with it because laugh is about the only thing you can do to keep yourself going. That and the wine sounds like you are on the right track. Ha!!

  2. 2 Stacey August 15, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    This summer my grandson would scream and fight every time we put his arm floaties on, as though we were killing him. The minute they were on and he realized he didn’t have to cling to anyone in the water anymore, he’d shut right up and smile. I was like, really?? He’s two. More meltdowns over silly stuff, but he sleeps pretty well. 🙂

  3. 3 Wendi August 16, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Hang in there…because I need to see proof that this phase is survivable.

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