typical man behavior

You guys.


Me, yesterday: Thanks for leaving juuuuuuust enough toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom to not have to change the roll. I feel like I’m always changing that blasted thing and I RARELY USE IT.

Tim: I checked to make sure there was some in the spare tin first.

You checked to make sure…wait.

Juuuust wait onnnne second, here.

You checked the spare tin to make sure there was another roll of toilet paper?

Let me make sure I fully hear what you’re saying: You checked the tin. As in you physically bent down, lifted the lid, focused your eyes while you peered inside, and then – and then – seeing another completely functional and unused roll, put the lid back on again to make sure….what?


I understand, now.

You checked to make sure your plush, cotton soft savior was inside so, fingers crossed, *I* would be the one to use the last two squares on the toilet paper holder and then be faced with the scraping sound of the cardboard roll of despair.

Gee, thanks, dear. Kind of reminds me about the time you left one q-tip in the jar.

PS: I’m writing this in jest. No arguments were had over the TP.


1 Response to “typical man behavior”

  1. 1 PJ August 8, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    The same thing happens here! Only mine doesn’t check to make sure that there is another roll! Also, if by some miracle he does finish the roll, he just leaves the brown cardboard center thing and doesn’t put a new roll on!

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