when what i want doesn’t happen

*Long, audible siiiiiiiigh.*

It has been ridiculously hot the last few days. As in 80 degrees before 9am hot and then the temperature just keeps climbing until we hit close to 100.

This makes me very sad. I am not a fan. These crazy hot days need to GO. And yet, it is only June.

This kind of super hot before it should be weather makes running very challenging. If I can’t get out of the door early enough, I’m out of luck. It will be entirely too warm to run and to put Kellan in the jogging stroller thst has zero air circulation. This child came with an internal heat making device, I think. He sweats unless it is below freezing.

I am so not even joking.

If we rent cars, we have to have a ceiling vent for the air conditioner or he overheats.

Anyway, Kellan actually woke up super early today. Early enough that we could have easily and comfortably gone for a run.

Except…he didn’t want to go for a run in the stroller.

He wanted to read. And read. And read.

There was a point in which I asked him if he wanted to go for a run and he adamantly said, “NAY!” (His word for no) and then went and picked out another book.

So, in a battle of differing agendas, we went with Kellan’s choice. Even though the pavement was calling my name, calling to me…”Come! Run on me! Feel the cool air! Run! Run!,” I have zero mommy guilt. And I really hate mommy guilt. I try to do whatever I can to avoid it at all costs. I managed to do that this morning.

Everybody wins.

Mandatory cute Kellan picture.






1 Response to “when what i want doesn’t happen”

  1. 1 Jeanette Lawrence Ghioto June 12, 2013 at 10:54 am

    adorable pictures – you need a treadmill 🙂

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