dream interpretations

So, last night I had two of my least favorite, though recurring, dreams.

The first was me hearing a tornado while I was in the kitchen and trying to get Kellan put of his high chair as fast as possible to get into the basement. Of course, undoing the buckles on the straps took forever and I was panicking because I couldn’t seem to undo them fast enough. Somehow, though, we made it safely downstairs, though I don’t exactly remember the end of that dream.

The second one? My mom was driving me somewhere that I needed to be at a certain time, in a city we were not familiar with. We kept going down the wrong streets. Then? She started going up an on-ramp and then kept going and I was like, “What are you doing??” And then she drove right off the road, which happened to be a bridge, I guess, because down we went. The weird part is that she and the car went faster than me? I was above them, though still falling, and trying desperately to undo my seatbelt, which looked a lot like Kellan’s high chair straps. That dream woke me up like a shot and my legs were tingling and everything. Legitimate physical response to that dream.

Oh. That reminds me. I had a third dream. Crazy night for dreams I guess. The third dream was actually the first one I had. I was at a house with both my mom and Tim’s dad and Kellan. Tim was at work or somewhere, I guess. Anyway, I was trying to get ready to go out with someone, who was a dude and I’m pretty sure it was like a prom? I don’t even know why I would be going to prom….anyway, I had not even started getting ready AT the time I was supposed to leave and all of a sudden I asked my mom/Tim’s dad if either would watch Kellan. They both basically said no after hemming and hawing. I stood there like, “How am I supposed to enjoy my outing if I also have to take care of Kellan at the same time??”

Finally, they decided they could watch him for a few hours and I got ready as fast as I could, throwing on a random dress that was lying around and then apologizing profusely to whoever the person was I was going to dinner/prom ???) with because I was so late.

Once we got to dinner, I remember looking across the table at him and thinking he didn’t look anything like I thought he did initially. And he ordered some kind of appetizer that he had had before to try and hurry things along, since I had limited time. And then he starts telling me how he met his wife? girlfriend? at this place. They met because they caught each other’s eyes in these large wine bottles on a shelf that lined the ceiling. They were both looking at one at the same time or something? It was odd. That’s pretty much where that dream ended.

I know that both tornadoes and falling off things can mean a loss of control in your life. And in a sense, I’ve totally lost being able to control much of my day, being at the whim of a toddler. I also read that the driving off a bridge or whatever can mean that you’re not on the path you want to be in life or that you’re struggling to get onto the path you want to be on.

So, to recap:

Tornadoes = no control
Bridge = wrong path

The third dream, to me, says that I lack the resources to help me with Kellan so I have time to myself/time to work on and do the things I want to do that will put me on the path that I already know I want to be on. That’s my struggle. I know the path. I know what I want to (try) to do. I just don’t have the help to free up time for me to get there.

I know, what about Tim?

He works pretty much 12 hour days and the weekends are full of all the things he didn’t have time to do during the week or errands or appointments. So, no real reprieve anywhere. It is pretty much a continuous cycle of getting nothing accomplished (for me, anyway).

And what about me?

I have no idea.

Obviously, I need…well, lots of things. Time, for starters.


5 Responses to “dream interpretations”

  1. 1 evelyn May 31, 2013 at 11:06 am

    This stage of your life where you are at the beck and call of your kids won’t last long, but will some days feel like forever. Think how lucky you are that you get to be a stay at home. Imagine doing all you do and having a full time job!

  2. 2 jenna May 31, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I told you I’d watch him anytime! SERIOUSLY! I know how you feel and you need time off our you’ll go insane at some point.

  3. 3 lucindalines May 31, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Oh this so sounds like the beginning of a family. Here I am on the other end. My last child graduated from high school and I have all the time in the world to do what I want, but don’t know where to start. Why is it we are never in the exact place we would like to be. All I can say is enjoy this time while you have it, like the song goes, “it will be over way too fast.”

  4. 5 pattibuffkin June 1, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    I am a Christian and do dream interpretations, pattibuffkin.com I would like to shed a little more light on these dreams. God allows us to dream so we can deal with emotional issues that we other wise would probably suppress. Your 1st dream was about hearing a tornado and then trying to save your child. This is an indicator that prior to having a child you felt you were in control (or had some since of control over your life). Now when storms come they affect more than just you. You now have a child to protect and it can seem much more scary and harder to accomplish. The Lord is showing you there is going to be a change in your life he doesn’t tell you what but this change will show you the way to survive the storm and protect your child.
    The 2nd is telling you that you are going in the wrong direction. You have been searching for the direction you should go in life or the path you should take, but often find yourself at a dead end and don’t know which way to go next. It seems that you take many directions at the leading of your Mother. Yet is you Mother does not have a strong relationship with your Father the creator of your life, God she is going to have very limited earthly direction. The fact that she is falling faster than you indicates she is the one that did not direct you in spiritual lasting decisions that would have kept you two from falling. The fact that the seatbelt was the same seatbelt on your child indicates that if you do not develop a loving relationship with Jesus you will be just like you mom. You may love your child but you don’t have the wisdom to know what storms are ahead or how to weather the storms triumphantly.
    The 3rd dreams continues what Jesus is trying to tell you….This is the great part He loves you dearly. You find yourself going to the prom? But then in a random dress and apologizing for being late you are out to eat. This signifies that you are going to enter a relationship with Him and when you experience the wonderful loving touch of him in your life and his direction for you you will be so much more excited you will find yourself repenting for taking so long to take the time to get to know him. The thing that will surprise you is that Christ is looking for a bride, not one but a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. (Many brides, but he has the time to spend with you personally and he is such a gentleman he will like he did in the dream try to hurry along the time you spend with him if that is what you desire. He does not push himself on us. He tells us to draw close to him and he will draw close to us. We tell him how much we are willing to invest or the amount of time we are willing to spend with him. We are the ones that loose out on his love if we do not make time for Him!) There is a parable that Jesus tells of the Father sending into the streets offering for anyone no matter what they are wearing to come to a wedding feast! The invitation was for then and for anyone to come no matter if they just got out of the garden. He just wanted to pour out His free food, love and fellowship. You know what happened some came…..many just stayed busy in their every day life and did not go. He is sending you an invitation to be his bride to fall in love with the most wonderful man you are ever going to meet and he doesn’t care what dress you wear. He loves you and wants you to come.

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