it happened. again.

The key to nowhere happened…again.

Tim is convinced our post office dude dudette (as I learned from the post office) is smoking the Mary Jane. I’m inclined to agree.

We cannot even figure out how this happens. A mail person has a package for us. It’s too big to fit in the small, personal mailbox. So, instead, they place it in a larger mailbox. The larger mailbox has a key. The large box and the key have a matching number, say 2.

That key – the one that opens the larger box where our package is, is placed into our small, personal mailbox, so when we get our mail, we see the key, look at the number on the attached keychain, and then open the larger box matching that number.

Inside the larger box?

Our package?


The key to nowhere.

Shouldn’t that be Mail Delivery 101?


The next morning, I took the key up to the post office. I pressed for answers but the post office people couldn’t even explain it, other than to stare at me blankly, write my address on a post it, tell me they’d look for my package, and that they had “a lot of mail yesterday.

Ok…ummm….that’s your…job?….

So, later that afternoon, I go and retrieve the mail, with a very low expectation as to what I would find.

And then this happened.

I had to take a picture because I couldn’t even believe it myself.

wrong box 1 (1)(And yes, my address is blurred out but that’s THE POST IT from earlier in this story.)

Does that look like #3 to you???

Me either.

Want to see what was in Box #3 – which was broken, by the way?

empty box

And to make it even more amusing?

That certainly does not look like the third box from the left.

wrong box 2


Dear USPS: Your mail delivery people apparently never learned their numbers OR how to count. In other words, they need HALP.


Also? Before this key debacle, Kellan received this in the mail. I meant to share it earlier this week but I currently have a child who wants me to help him walk EVERYWHERE and that leaves little time for anything else, including eating. We got to the bathroom in pairs, now, in case you’re wondering how that all works out.



To make a fairly long story short, I’ve been on the hunt for dragon baby stuff, since Kellan was born in the year of the dragon in Chinese culture. I know I talked about this a loooooong time ago – probably a year ago – on here.

Except, I’m just now realizing that I should have probably collected neat dragon things for Kellan’s box like, a year ago, but, that never happened and now, hello, baby requiring 110% of my time.

Anyway, so I come across this book all about the year of the dragon and decide that, like those Wolf Creek blocks (that I found and purchased, by the way), I must have it. The book is perfect. Kellan will love it (when he’s old enough to appreciate it)!

And, yooooou guessed it: CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE. The 2013 book? No problem. Same with every other year except 2012.

So, what’s a girl who can’t take a baby on a wild goose chase to do?

Email the author on a whim, hoping he can help.

And help he did – what a sweet and thoughtful gesture!! Not only does Kellan get to have this book as a keepsake, it is signed by the author and also contains a nice note to Kellan on a card.

I was truly blown away.

There are still amazing, kindhearted people in the world who will do something special for a complete stranger.

And I am so thankful that I have come across one those people.


5 Responses to “it happened. again.”

  1. 1 lucindalines January 31, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Very interesting. Love the thing on the book. As for USPS, no wonder they are near shutting down. I am thinking it might be worth letting a private business take over, maybe there would be cost reduction with supply and demand.

    • 2 PJ January 31, 2013 at 5:15 pm

      I realize that this isn’t the best place to do this – but, since I know people who work with the USPS, I feel I should clarify and defend them. The reason the USPS is so bankrupt is because Congress requires them to fully (as in completely) fund all of the pensions/medical/extra costs for ALL of their employees at the beginning of each fiscal year, as opposed to being able to fund them as needed. They must have costs for FUTURE retiree’s set aside too. Where any other company or even any other government organization can pull from that month/quarters revenue, the USPS can’t.

      It’s really not the USPS’s fault – it’s Congress’s.

      Check this:

      Sorry, rant over.

      • 3 Jessica January 31, 2013 at 8:07 pm

        That’s pretty crappy, PJ. Sad face USPS

      • 4 lucindalines February 1, 2013 at 9:43 am

        I sort of knew there was something about Congress on the issue, but right now we in the Dakotas are a bit upset about some of the new policies. Our local mail has to travel 50-100 miles to a sorting center before it can be put in the mailbox that is 10 feet from the slot when we mail it. Common sense would be helpful.

        • 5 PJ February 1, 2013 at 11:56 am

          Also Congressional regulations – not a USPS decision. But I understand the frustration with common sense – I live in DC.

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