dear kellan month ten

(I realized it’s almost his 11 month birthday. Know that this has been 95% finished for awhile…just…things…happened…)

So, here we are. Two months from your first birthday.

I remember when you were two months old and were still such a tiny little baby. Now, look at you! Mr. 99th percentile in everything! Well, I think, technically, you’re 97% in weight, 98th in height and over 100% in head circumference, but who’s counting?

It seems like you’ve come really far in a just a month, even though you still aren’t crawling. You roll around everywhere and have started this thing where you stick your butt up in the air and kind of inch worm your way forward. One arm always seems to get pinned under your body, so that kind of hinders any kind of potential pushing up with your arms to get into a crawling position. As of the last few weeks, you’ve discovered walking with assistance and it is your new favorite thing. No longer are you content to roll. Now? WALK ME, MOM (or dad). Let’s get there the upright way! You’re getting much better and sturdier every day, though you are not yet “cruising” around furniture by yourself. You like to hold a hand close to your body for reassurance. We aren’t quite brave enough or sure enough of our skills to venture out alone.

You definitely like to be absolutely certain you know what you’re doing before you actually do it. You will practice, practice, practice a certain skill over and over again until you are happy with it…and then you’ll practice some more. This is most obvious with your pincher grip. You’re really good at it…but you still practice on my chest whenever you’re nursing and falling asleep. I think part of that is comfort, though, and not so much practice…

Your favorite things to eat are blueberries, yogurt, wheat toast, peas, lima beans (I know. I’ll need to drag this letter out in a few years as proof), organic Ritz-style crackers, strawberries…you like almost everything, really, and your favorite changes. Daily. You have gotten really good at eating and at fishing food back out of your mouth. For awhile, you would spit out the skins of blueberries and peas, but I think we are mostly past that phase, now, though you still do it with peas at times. We are also past you gagging on everything. I guess you’ve figured that out, too. I remember not so long ago that you would gag on anything and everything and it would be a giant production when it happened. Not anymore, though. You do gag, but only when you’ve decided to stuff your mouth with too much food or you start playing while you’re eating. And by playing I mean making all kinds of noises and yelling and “squnching” (a cross between a squint and a scrunch).

I guess all of that food plus your favorite – the boob juice – just isn’t quite enough when it comes to iron. At your nine month well-baby check up, they checked your iron levels and they were low, so now we’re giving you an iron supplement that is just awful tasting. Your daddy and I tried it, first, just to see what it was like and WOW. I’m really sorry, buddy. Truly. We only had a small bit of it and you have to down an entire dropper full.

We finally decided to start giving you the supplement during your bath because not only does it taste like liquid metal, it also stains everything. You flinch and shake your head back and forth and shudder when you see daddy coming with the dropper. I really can’t say I blame you. At least there is yummy bath water nearby, right? You never seem to tire of sucking that out of a wash cloth…

So, anyway, we’ve had some big things happen this month! You got your first tooth (11/21)! It is very, very crooked but hopefully it will straighten out once the others come in. If not, that’s ok. It will fall out in a few years, anyway. Once the tooth finally broke through, we had to stop letting you chew on our fingers. That was kind of a sad moment because we all had gotten so used to that. I mean, ten months of allowing you to gum our knuckles ended just like that.

You took your first (assisted) steps (11/25)! I mean, with lots of help, but you figured out the mechanics of it. We actually got your first few attempts on video, since we realized something was up when you kept trying to walk up my chest while we were sitting on the couch one evening. We got you on the floor and look out! You were off to a wobbly start! As the month progressed, though, you started walking more and more and more. You still need help to do so, but you like to walk everywhere now and sometimes even try to push our hands (that are holding you up) away as if saying, “I got this!” even though…if we let you go…you’d pretty much get a guaranteed face plant into the floor…soon, though, you’ll be able to do it all by yourself!

I’m guessing all of these new things that are going on with you is what is making you super, super clingy. Like, cling-on sock, spider monkey. It really started going to the next level around 12/2. It is the worst at night and any little “thing” can set you off. For example, if we give you Tylenol for your teething, you take it like a champ but then, once it is empty, you get really, really mad. I have to race into the bathroom and get a cup and fill it with water so I can fill the medicine syringe with water so you can suck that down like you do the Tylenol. It’s actually kind of funny…you getting mad because your syringe is empty! SOMEBODY FIX THIS!

You are also sort of, kind of, but not really, trying to pull up. You did a semi, assisted pull up on the ottoman in the loft (12/7ish). I don’t think your legs are quite strong enough, yet, to do it by yourself. You are also weirdly half crawling? You kind of worm your way along and your arm will inevitably get stuck under your body while you push with your legs to move forward. Granted, you use your legs and feet for everything. You’ll even lay on your back and push things with them that are heavy, like the wicker trunks (two stacked on top of each other!) in the loft. You actually lift them off of the ground. It’s incredible, really.

I guess that is par for the course, since you tend to like playing with big things versus smaller ones, like tops of really big plastic totes. You man handle those things like it’s not big thing. You are also starting to inspect things very closely and will put one finger on a small object, like a screw in the door hinge, and touch it gently, studying it.

Have we talked about how much you talk, yet? I can’t remember…Well, for one, you will say “cat” whenever you see a cat, even when you’re not prompted by us. You also call the dogs cats. I’m sure they loooove that.
Also, whenever we pick you up – because, remember? We are still your main mode of transportation. – you will immediately put your hand out and point (with an open hand) and say “Touch! Touch! Touch!” to everything!

Granted, it kind of comes out like tothch!…but we get what you’re saying.

Early in December while we were outside helping (supervising) daddy put up our Christmas lights, you kept pointing and insisting, by saying “touch” and leaning your whole body in the direction you wanted to go ad if willing me to follow, go across the street and touch the neighbors Christmas decorations.

I understand your enthusiasm, I do. They had all kinds of sparkly, shiny things. *I* even wanted to go tothch them. But, sadly, we learned that Christmas lights have tons of lead in/on them, which isn’t safe for you, and we also have things called boundaries, which you will learn….eventually.

Another exciting thing? You are now kind of interacting with your friends instead of just staring at them. Well, if they take a toy you are playing with away from you, you stare at them, but it’s like a baby version of the Bold Look. I’m not even sure how you know how to give that kind of look, yet. Ask your father to show the full bore one to you. He’s an expert at it.

That pretty much brings us to the end of yet another month. Each one seems to go by faster and faster. We haven’t had much rain or snow this year but guess what?!

It snowed on your ten month birthday! You stood at the sliding glass door and just stared out into the backyard.

I did too. Snow is super cool.

Until next month…I love you so much, little man. More than you will ever know.



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