let’s talk weight

I meant to talk about this awhile ago — like months — but I couldn’t find a way to fit it in or I forgot or there was no time because, hello! Baby. Needs. Me.

So, new year, new you, right? Isn’t that everyone’s plan, mostly? Time to change something or get better at this or that or lose weight and exercise more or all of the above?

Yah. No wonder we all get discouraged and quit. That’s alotta stuff to do and all at once like that?


That’s my new word by the way. Yikes.

You guys already know my plan. Be happy. It’s simple at its most basic sense, though difficult to put into practice at the times where I’d normally get a bee in my bonnet and be crabby.

Do I have other things I would like to do? Of course.

Exercise more frequently? Develop a larger repertoire of dinners? Write more? Side projects?

Yes. To all of those.

Except, in working on my happy, I’m realizing that trying to tackle all of that at once is too much. I’d get overwhelmed in 2.6 seconds.

So, instead, I’m just going to get through year one with Kellan. And then I’m going to get to a point where we have a nice routine. And then I’ll focus a bit more on something else.

Right now, I’m kind of focusing on all of those things I mentioned, here and there, when I have a free minute, but I’m not beating myself up if they don’t happen.

I also asked to join – as moral support – a weight loss challenge group on Facebook. I didn’t really want to be in the challenge for the money, since the main goal is to lose weight. I, fortunately, don’t have much weight to lose anymore, thank you, breastfeeding and zero time to eat.

Currently? I’m 5 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and would like to lose 8-10 more pounds and firm up…but that’s it. So, go me! And by ‘me’ I mean breastfeeding and no eating due to baby duties.

So, anyway, back to this group, I’ve been trying to post motivational quotes and be as helpful as I can, because I want everyone to succeed and reach their own personal goals. It’s a really nice feeling, reaching a goal.

The one website I directed them to was this thing called Slimkicker. It’s like Fitbit but different? The part I thought would be nice and fun, aside from tracking your exercise and food, are all competitive, are the mini-challenges, like no snacking before bed for thirty days. You can make your own challenges, too, but the community challenges at least lend a bit of moral support and healthy competition.

And before you even start a challenge, you decide what your reward will be (pedicure, cheat meal, movie, whatever you want) after reaching a certain number of points.

How do you get points?

Succeed in the challenges – your personal ones on your own page or the community ones you decide to participate in.

I think that’s pretty neato burrito.

Once I’m in a better place with routine and baby sleep and just being “mom,” you better believe I’m signing up for those challenges…I’m super competitive, so that’ll be a sure fire way to get me to finally DO some of the things I want in regards to exercise and healthy eating!

Until then?

I’m still trying to finish Kellan’s ten month letter, making notes for his eleventh month, planning his party, trying to finish undecorating, etc, etc, etc. The list never seems to get any shorter…but at least I’m never bored! — that’s the happy, positive spin, right there. See? I’m always trying…


1 Response to “let’s talk weight”

  1. 1 Jolene January 8, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    I think this is awesome, friend. you are so competitive, this will be just a fun, motivating thing to do. and 5 lbs down from pre-pregnancy?! that is amazing! I doubt you really need to lose much, if any more! HOT!! XO!

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