dear kellan month 9

Mister Kellan…nine months old!

It probably wasn’t very nice of us to schedule your well baby check up today, on your nine month birthday, but there it is…and the crazy part?  Your next pediatrician appointment we made for you was for your one year check up.  Wow!

You are growing up so quickly.  You cannot get enough of being outside. It has been your favorite place to be pretty much since birth. You are also beginning to really enjoy slides (on mommy’s lap) and swings. It is probably good I’m always rightthere, since you have gotten a bit clingy. You will grab onto my legs when you are sitting on the ground or will bury your head into my shoulder if you don’t want to go to another person you do not know well. Separation anxiety at its best. It’s ok, though. Totally normal and expected. It is also kind of nice and sweet sometimes. It feels like you’re saying, “No! I only want my mommy!”

I know it won’t always be like that, so I’m trying to cherish this time while it lasts.

You’ve decided to work on everything except crawling or pulling up or going from a sitting position to your belly. Granted, you did do the sitting-to-belly a few times early on this month, but then, after a couple of awkward falls forward with your leg getting pinned underneath you, you seemed to say, “I’m done with that for now” and you haven’t attempted it again. I think you want to figure it out, though, because you’ll sit with your legs in a “V” shape and lean all the way forward until your belly is on the ground. Your daddy is amazed at your flexibility. So, for now, you aren’t crawling, though you do this plank-type maneuver where you’ll get up on your toes and your belly will be off the ground. You are also juuuust starting to try and get on your knees while on your belly. You aren’t quite there, yet. At your doctor’s appointment today, Dr. P said you probably wouldn’t be walking until 13 or 14 months. Ah! You’re already 25 pounds!! Hopefully you start crawling soon so you can get to all the things you currently want your daddy or I to take you to – like lamp shades (your favorite) or mirrors or the security system panel on the wall…

So, the things you are working on?


I’m not even sure how you have such an extensive vocabulary already. When you want to see something while we’re holding you, you’ll say “DAT!” and hold your arm out towards it while opening and closing your hand (Case in point – note from 11/13: No question on Kellan’s use of “DAT.” This morning he almost leapt out of my arms while yelling daaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!! and wildly bouncing/motioning/staring at the security system). I think that is your version of pointing. You also say “touch” when you want to touch something and “cat” to Chloe and “dada” to daddy. You also sometimes, in frustration, usually, will yell what sounds like, “I DO IT!” When daddy was playing with you on the floor one afternoon (10/22), you were reaching for something and he was trying to help you while I was making dinner. All of a sudden, you yelled out, clear as a bell, “I. DO. IT!!” It stopped us both in our tracks like, “Wow, kiddo. Yes, you do it!” You also had one day, in your high chair, when you tooted and daddy and I were like, “Phew! Kellan! Did you toot?”

You looked at us so matter of factly and said, “I toot.”

Well, ok then. Yes, you sure did.

You also had a moment in the grocery store (11/2) where I was pushing you in the cart and you decided NOW was the time to start a very loud conversation. We do this back and forth thing where I will mimic what you say, which you love, but the more I do it the louder you get. That particular day in the grocery store, you were at level ten – almost screaming status. People were staring at us and I was cracking up because you were having a blast and had the biggest smile on your face. What else could I do but laugh? It was quite funny.

Other mommies who we have play dates with have also commented on how communicative you are, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t just mommy and daddy who think you’re a talker.

Ok, I’ll move on, enough with how much you talk, even though I could go on and on….like how you bless yourself? After you sneeze you will say “bless you” – the words you say don’t sound exactly the same, but they have the same intonation…ok…moving on….

We had to take you for a CT scan (10/23) at the behest of Dr. P.  Your head keeps growing and growing (it is currently 20 inches in circumference…mommy’s is 21.5 inches…), so he wanted to make sure nothing more serious was going on. Fortunately, you are perfect and your head is fine. Just giant. And you did a great job at the Children’s Hospital during the scan. I laid on you on the scanning table and we sung “Old MacDonald” so you would stay still for the scan. It worked, though you were a little scared. The scan only took a few minutes, though, because you stayed so perfectly still.

Once we had that monkey off of our back, we all felt much better. We figured you just had a big head, but it was nice to have that verified as fact.

Other really awesome things you’ve done this month? Let’s break them down, list style:

You push your arms through your sleeves. You were so proud of yourself when you first started doing and thought it was a game. You would smile and laugh when I would say, “Where are your arms?? There they are!!” Now…it’s just kind of ho-hum. The newness has worn off.

We have come to a happy place with the bath! Yay!! You finally started playing (10/23) in the water instead of just sitting there, getting bathed. You now love to splash and play with toys and try to reach the faucet. I cannot believe we are finally here! To this happy place!

You are getting better at putting yourself to sleep (11/5: almost fell asleep initially without nursing – you were laying with feet to my belly and I patted you for awhile and thought you were asleep but weren’t…but you were close!)

Along with that, your sleep has been up and down. Some nights you sleep six hours straight (YAY!!) and others you are up every few hours. Some nights you are very fussy…I think it is because of your teeth that are still not in but are soooo close! I’m sure that is painful. And I hate that it is painful for you.

You’ve started “sharing” your toys (11/14). And by sharing I mean you kind of hand them/drop them to mommy and daddy. You will also do the same thing if we ask if we can have/see whatever you happen to be playing with.

Good thing we are baby proofing cabinets because you have figured out how to open any and all drawers with knobs after us showing you one time. It started with the kitchen cabinets (we say “open” when you open them and “close” when you let go and they shut by themselves. You love it )

You started a game of peek-a-boo with mommy after a nursing session one afternoon (11/16). You pulled the covers over your head and I’d say, “Where’s Kellan?” and then you would pull the covers down and I’d say, “There he is!” And then we’d do it again. And again. And again….you loved it.

Your pincher grip is getting really, really good. I mean, you practice on me all the time when you’re nursing. My chest has tiny little bruises to prove it! It’s ok, though. You don’t pinch as hard anymore, more like a light pinch to practice versus a “WOW! I can do this cool thing!” pinch. I think it is paying off, though, because you pick pieces of food off of your high chair and feed yourself like you’ve been doing it all your life. Once morning I just stared at you like, “Wow. When did you grow up?” And let me mention food here, for a second. You only want to eat what mommy and daddy are eating. I don’t even make you your own food anymore. I just give you whatever we are eating because, really, that’s all you want. You’ve tried all kinds of food, though you aren’t into eating huge amounts at one sitting, yet.

Lastly? My little monkey. Your feet are like a second set of hands. One night (11/4) while we had friends over for dinner, you were handed a toy and instead of dropping the one you had in your hands, you lifted your feet up, put the toy (a pedometer) you had in your hands in between the soles of your feet and held it there and then grabbed the toy being offered (bath starfish) and just kept on playing like it was no big thing. We all just stopped at laughed because really kiddo? Really? So funny.

I’m still blown away that this is the last single digit “month” before we’re in double digits. I still remember when I had my 10th birthday and I was out of the single digit years – I know. That was so long ago and now, here we are, one month away from celebrating your ten month birthday! Dr. P says you should be pulling up by then…I guess we’ll see what happens.

I love you so, so much! You teach me more and more every day and you are such a joy to be around. Your daddy and I feel so blessed. You are happy and inquisitive and always patient when we have to run lots of errands. We are constantly amazed by you. Because of you, our life has been forever changed in the absolute best way possible. You are our little man and we love you more than you will ever know.



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