embrace the quirk

I never really know what to write. It is a delicate balance, it seems, of giving you THE FUNNY versus me just all out complaining because, really, that’s what I’d probably do…all the time…I mean, this is my space to moan and whine about how UNFAIR LIFE IS.

Then, I realize how awesome my life really is…so then I feel bad complaining. Ever.

I started off November super buff. Kellan and I ran even though it was 30-something degrees outside. Thank you, Under Armour.

I just thought you should know. I’m still buffing it out even though it is no longer Bufftober.

You should *also* know that our antisocial neighbor put a pumpkin on his porch for Halloween.

This is groundbreaking, people.

A+ for effort, Lenny. A freaking plus.

I want to invite him over for dinner but I’m not exactly sure who would feel more awkward. I’m sure Tim would have a coronary if I told him casually all, “Lenny is coming over for dinner.”

[pin drop]


[more uncomfortable silence]


I’m guessing the dinner would go something like that, too, so I probably need to re-think that whole invitation…

So, turns out Kellan is a super vocal, communicative little man.

The child never. stops. talking.

It’s really awesome, actually.

Except, he’s so into talking that he forgets to do anything else and then two hours later we’re still standing at the front door, trying to leave but wait! One more thing!

This is Tim. To a T (OMG. Accidental punny).

It’s like he (Tim) gets so into talking that we’re





Instead of leaving or doing whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing, which isn’t talking.

Drives me batty, mostly when we have somewhere to go or when I’m trying to accomplish something. It’s like JUST STOP. That’s awesome. Really. Ok. Seriously. Stop.  I lost interest in the conversation forty five minutes ago.

Though, from the looks of it, I’m going to have to wholly embrace this particular quirk because HELLO, APPLE-TREE.

Patience. Kindness. Quell the antsy-ness. Breathe. Take time to smell the roses.

That’s what I’m learning.

He will crawl….when he crawls. He will walk….when he walks. He will TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT…all the time.

This kid…when he hits his head on things, like the coffee table? He will go into this litany of DUH-DUH-DUH-DUHDUHDUHDUH!!!!! Like he’s yelling at the table because IT JUMPED UP AND HIT HIM and he needs to be sure I know EXACTLY. WHAT. HAPPENED.

We can crawl later.

After I tell you about ALL THE THINGS.


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