i have no idea. it just happened.

So…bufftober ends tomorrow. I’m not even going to pretend that I’m going to be able to post anything tomorrow, so let’s just all buff-it-out on Halloween because you KNOW you’re going to eat a Snickers.

Well, I’m not because I didn’t buy any Snickers but, still.


You guys. Kellan will be nine months old in November. Soon we’re going to be singing him the Happy Birthday song.

I can’t really think about that right now, so…..I hope you’ve all been as buff as life will allow. Tim and I went on a run with Kellan over the weekend – the first family style run we’ve had in awhile. It was nice. Usually, Tim runs at 3:30 in the morning before work and I run with Kellan later in the day, once it is light outside and warms up a bit. There is no option to run when Tim gets home from work because, well, it won’t happen. We aren’t afternoon worker-outers. Never have been.

Well, I was, by force, when I played basketball, but that’s a totally different story and time.

I was buff yesterday and ran three miles…my plan is four later this morning with Kellan. It isn’t so bad once I get out there…it is just getting out…there.

Monday’s tend to be a giant PITA because that’s when grocery shopping happens and everything else that didn’t over the weekend. It makes for a long day…and it makes me want to make Tuesday a ‘do  nothing’ day but then by Friday I REALLY want a ‘do nothing’ day so I usually just suck it up on Tuesday…

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, I found a pair of pink fairy wings. And I bought them.

At the checkout, the dude was looking at me, then at Kellan, then at me again like, “You are crazy, woman.”

Finally, I was all, “They’re for my dog.”

Because they are.

No, really.

It’s going to be…well, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow for our Halloween picture. We went to two Halloween stores, Babies R Us and Michael’s over the weekend to find what we needed for the picture that is going to happen this afternoon. Tim and I have been cracking up at the thought of what this is going to look like for days now. DAYS.

I’ll give you this for now, though it has absolutely nothing to do with fairy wings.

And really, you would have already seen this if you were following me on instagram (jbold23). Or Twitter. I’m just saying.

I also realize that, eventually, Kellan will look at this and be like, “Really, parents? BAREFOOT IN THE SNOW? REALLY?!”


Anyhow, I’m not entirely sure the checkout dude believed me about the wings…but that’s ok. I didn’t even believe myself when I told Tim that I bought Halloween candy and didn’t remember how much I bought…was it enough?….and then he takes out the grocery bag and starts counting, plopping each bag onto the counter all, “One….plop. Two…plop. Three…plop.”


I bought FIVE bags.

I was like, “Nooooo….”

And Tim was like, “Yessssssss…..PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP, PLOP….though I think these Twizzlers are more for you….”

Me: “………….I have no idea what you’re talking about…………”


You have to understand.

Grocery shopping is not at all a leisure or a detailed kind of activity when you have a small child. It is a grab it and go, make sure you have toys and snacks and water and don’t let the cart stop moving for too long or else we get the sad face kind of event.

So, really, I had no idea I had put so many bags into my cart.

It just happened.

Kind of Exactly like the fairy wings.


1 Response to “i have no idea. it just happened.”

  1. 1 Shannon October 30, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    It was totally weird for us to come back and realize it is Halloween. As in, where did the time go and is that a pumpkin? So I bought my candy quick yesterday even though we only get about 10 trick or treaters. Whatever. More reeses for me:) Also, love the pumpkin picture with his feet. Those are the best baby pictures ever. Can’t wait to see the fairy wings:)

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