the random funny i keep forgetting

Funny things happen around here.

I just keep forgetting to mention them or weave them into anything else I write…so here’s a random rundown…hopefully it’ll make you smile. Or laugh. Or both.

Before we take the dogs to the vet, we always make sure we clean their ears. It’s not that we *never* clean their ears but dogs are dogs and their ears get dirty and we don’t like to take them anywhere with dirty ears. So, the other day when we had to take Kellan to the doctor to make sure his cold wasn’t also an ear infection, when we came home Tim was all, “I started freaking out when Dr. P looked into his ears because I don’t remember when they were cleaned the last time and I didn’t want him to have dirty ears and then Dr. P think we are incompetent parents and whew when he said they looked good.”

I guess we need to check Kellan’s ears, too, before he goes to the vet doctor.

(To alleviate Tim’s fears, I assured him that I cleaned Kellan’s ears more than he saw because it happens during the day when he isn’t home)


Also cold related, we steamed up the guest bathroom. And I’m talking rainforest status, here. When we walked into the bathroom, Tim was all, “Wow. We are gonna make it rain in here.”

I looked at him like, “What are you talking about? It’s just steam.”

Tim proceeds to tell me – with a huge smile on his face – about a time that he steamed up a bathroom and then took a squirt bottle of water into the bathroom and sprayed it into the air.

“The water droplets condensed and it rained.”

This is what happens when you marry a scientist, people. They make it rain INSIDE.


After a weekend, plus a day and a half of me deciding I was mad at Tim because we started a tiff and never finished it, Tim starts telling me some interesting news about his job and…I couldn’t help it. I smiled. Like huge cheesing grin. Tim was like, “That’s the biggest I’ve seen you smile in DAYS.”

Me: “I am mad at you.

Tim: “Well, you’re just going to have to get over that.”

End Three Day Scene Argument


These texts – both totally 100% organic and actually happened.

Thanks to autocorrect, Panera Bread is now called Panders in our house.

Just FYI.

Happy Thursday! It’s almost Friday AND it snowed last night so, yay! Winter is coming!

(Which means Kellan’s birthday is coming)

(Which ALSO means *my* birthday is coming)

(I’d like to skip over my birthday this year…the big 3-0)


5 Responses to “the random funny i keep forgetting”

  1. 2 adewvall October 26, 2012 at 10:02 am

    We clean our dogs’ ears every night (due to ear infections from the floppy ears + incessant dog battles [ vigorous, rolling-around, down and dirty dog-on-dog action]) and now they are rather vain about it. They think it’s a beauty treatment or something… Max will pout if Tyler forgets to offer to clean his ears!

  2. 4 bevchen October 26, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    I’m with you on wanting to skip my next birthday – I too shall be the big 3-0. At least mine isn’t til the summer.

  3. 5 Shannon October 30, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    I’m glad you explained it was Panera Bread because I totally wasn’t catching on. And THEN I laughed:)

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