happy thoughts, please

I regained my buffness. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We ran.

Kellan and I.

We ran.

It’s been a tough few days, with Kellan being sick and also emerging on yet another Wonder Week (week 37).

I don’t know if this is part of Wonder Week 37 but he’s mostly figured out object permanence, all without me even really realizing it or practicing much with him. He just kind of….got it. I guess that happens? They just work things out by themselves? Babies are so smart.

Also? Hello clingy. I think he should be renamed spider monkey right now because he literally grabs me and my clothes and holds on like, DO NOT MOVE. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE. STAY PUT, WOMAN.

I understand his clinginess and I’m not pushing him away or telling him to suck it up or anything.

I’m just tired.

It is really hard to wear the mommy hat 24/7 with zero break because he won’t even let you sit down and eat dinner before major meltdowns begin. I’m talking high pitched screaming, full blown tears, the whole kit and kaboodle (whatever happened to those? Memories…..)

I’ve been asking…begging…for patience and a good attitude and the ability to not totally zone out because I’m just so overwhelmed by the constant neediness. I’m not sure how well I am doing with any of that but I’m trying. That’s the important part, I think. And I’m, at least, willing to admit to myself that I can’t be super mom all day, every day, without the desire for a few minutes to myself.

Wow. I guess that was a mini-vent.

Completely unintentional.

Kellan and I are planning on heading out for yet another run (five days in a row…) later today, since it is about to get sub-zero up in here.

For serious.

Snow and everything.

I’m excited for Kellan to see snow…I have no idea what he’ll think! New adventures are always really awesome because seeing something so ordinary (to most of us) through the eyes of a child?

Life changing.

You’ve never really pulled a colorful, fall leaf off of a tree until you’ve done it with a baby.

Anyhow, more fun for today – later this afternoon we are heading up to the Children’s Hospital for a CT scan. Apparently Kellan’s head is growing really, really quickly, still, and the doctor said he recommends we just check to be safe and to be able to say that – as we all suspect – he is just BIG versus something more serious going on – and we can also stop talking about it at all of his doctor’s appointments.

As a reference, the last appointment we had was last week and Kellan grew half an inch, his head size increased by 1/4 inch and he gained 11 ounces – all in THREE weeks.

That brings his 8 month stats to 30.5 inches long, a 19.75 inch circumference head, and a weight of 24lbs, 11oz.

He’s pretty much off the charts in all areas and the pediatrician is like, “He is a big baby. I mean, he is giant. He is going to dwarf you [Tim].”

Obviously, Tim and I would also rather be reassured that all is well with Kellan, too. Not that we’re worried but when the pediatrician says that 1. he would do it if it were his own kid (and he actually has kids) and 2. he has only had to do this with one other kid in something like five years…I think we’ll just bite the bullet and do it because it’s obviously not something he commonly suggests or thinks is important to do.

I guess we are now *that* family he talks about when he tells the next one, “I’ve only had to recommend a CT scan…”

So, my giant baby, of course, wants me to carry him around EVERYWHERE because he’s still not crawling and there is So. Much. Amazing. Stuff. To. SEE!!!!!!!!

Hello, buffness.

And a backache.

I know I am supposed to enjoy these days and moments when he is still not fully mobile but I’m really looking forward to him being able to see something and move himself over to it versus him see something, roll over to me, yell to be picked up and then point and lean and make all kinds of excited noises as I pick him up and we move closer to the object he has his eye on (which is usually a lamp shade) (I don’t know what it is about lamp shades…).

So, please think happy thoughts for Kellan this afternoon. And for me. And Tim. We aren’t worried about the results so much as we are hoping all goes well with the whole scanning process.

My five minutes of alone time have…..expired. Off to baby duty.

PS: In case you haven’t noticed, I post A LOT MORE when Kellan naps and A LOT LESS NEVER when he doesn’t.


6 Responses to “happy thoughts, please”

  1. 1 Jess Sutera October 23, 2012 at 8:20 am

    Sending happy thoughts your way on today’s appointment. AND a big ‘ol #asslap for all this running!! #buftober is YOURS!!

  2. 3 insahmity October 23, 2012 at 8:42 am

    I know you’re “supposed to enjoy” those early days, but’s it’s too exhausting! Best wishes that Kellan is “just big.”

  3. 5 PJ October 23, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Yay on the buffness! I was going to bike to/from work today but the stomach flu going around the office had other plans for me. Though I will say my abs are getting quite the work-out.

  4. 6 jobo October 31, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Hope the appointment went ok? (if it happened? did I miss it? trying to catch up!) And I love reading your posts even with vents in them because that is truly what it is all about, motherhood. the good and the not so good and coping with it. This will help me one day when faced with the same 🙂 XO

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