where’s your buffness?

I lost my buffness over the weekend.

As in I was NOT buff.

As in no exercise.

Friday afternoon, we ventured out for a run but cut it short because it was FREEZING. Like, 30-something. Poor Kellan was decked out in a snowsuit that he couldn’t move in – at all – and he was not at all pleased with the outcome of that outfit situation – and the wind.


It may have been 30-something but it probably felt like 20-something.


So, long story short, exercise pretty much ended for me Friday.

Not intentionally…

Tim hammered away putting shingles on a roof all day Saturday for Habitat for Humanity and it was cold and wet all day Saturday so…..yah. Nothing for me and Kellan, other than some consignment shopping where we scored a few Pottery Barn Kids quilts on the cheap! Good thing, because my plan for the quilts was to keep them in the car to put on the ground for Kellan to roll around on.

Sunday…..Tim was super sore from Saturday and I was worn out so what did we do?

Go to the pumpkin patch, of course!

We kept trying to get Kellan to look at the camera all, “Kellan! Kellan! Look! Kellan! How fun! Kellan! What did you find! Kellan!!!!!!!!”

Yah. That worked all of…not at all.

He was WAAAAAY too interested in the dirt and the pumpkin stuff to be bothered with looking at his crazy parents.

I’m trying to do better this with my buffness week. I’d love to tell you that I ran on Monday but as I write this…ON MONDAY at 11:52 AM,  I’ve yet to go running…maybe I’ll go when Kellan wakes up…we’ll see how I do.

(UPDATE: I ran. Three miles. It was HOT and OMG. THE WIND. AGAIN. Except this time it was like gale force…and it felt like I was pushing the stroller through pea soup)

I’m still standing by carrying Kellan around as exercise. Child is a LUG and wants me to take him everywhere he cannot go – yet. I’m actually really hoping he starts crawling soon because holy wow. This child wants to see and touch and play with everything he cannot reach.

Good thing he has another form of transportation, apparently.


2 Responses to “where’s your buffness?”

  1. 1 jobo October 9, 2012 at 9:23 am

    hey, you got back into it – the run – and that’s all that matters! Who cares that you took the weekend, off from running, you work out all day carrying that ‘lug’ around and running around with him! So there. Just saying. Bufftober up in here 😉

  2. 2 Shannon October 10, 2012 at 6:02 am

    I totally thinking lugging him around all day counts as a workout! Have you thought about doing P90X or something that you can do at home when it is cold out?

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