either way? i have to wait.

My buffness is going to struggle a bit with the colder weather. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue but now I’ve got a wee-one to worry about and guess who is NOT going to go running when it is super freezing outside?

This cutie patootie.

Kellan may be hot natured (he still sweats through the sheets every night. Yikes) but I’m not going to subject him to freezing his kahones off. Some crazy cold front pushed through overnight and while yesterday it was 80 degreaser by 11am, today we have a freeze warning until 9am and I don’t think it’s even going to get to 60 degrees. Basically, taking Kellan out for a run while it is literally freezing outside, doesn’t seem like a good mom thing to do.

And I’ve yet to (wo)man up and leave him at the gym nursery. I think I would feel a bit more comfortable if he was more mobile, so he could get himself out of a “situation” versus being stuck and waiting on someone to help him. I’m sure he’ll be part of the mobile world soon, as he is starting to “backwards crawl.” It is so frustrating to watch (because he gets upset and I just sit there, encouraging him, when all I want to do it help) and he gets super frustrated because he’s like, “I was trying to go THAT WAY and somehow I’m farther away…this isn’t exactly working out like I had planned…”

Anyway, I’m a morning person and I like to get my workout in first thing so I don’t have to think about it and waffle back and forth. I like to get up, get it done and go on with my day.

Now, with the colder weather? I’m going to have to wait until it gets warmer outside before I take Kellan out for a run or I am going to have to wait until the gym nursery opens and *also* be brave enough to leave him there while I try to get a workout in (it’s going to happen…just a matter of when…).

Either way?


We’ve talked about how I’m zero percent patient, right?


Lord, help me. I’m going to have to muster up the energy and desire and just do it. Carrying Kellan around all day really should count as a workout. Sigh.

There is so much more to this exercise plan with a child than there was without one. Why did I ever complain about exercising before Kellan?

That was pretty short sighted of me.

Oh, the things you learn when you become a mom…

How’s YOUR buffness going?


4 Responses to “either way? i have to wait.”

  1. 1 Jeanette Lawrence Ghioto October 4, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    I left Brandon in a nursery only 1 time as an infant… Omi was with me and she checked on him looking through the window and it LOOKED like the caregiver was wiping his tears with a wet diaper – hell hath no fury like an Omi scorned… thereafter Opi (who was 71 years young and had NEVER changed a diaper) became his caregiver so we could go bowling once a week…. Opi became quite competent … amazing that he had the skills with grandchildren but nada with children – or Omi may have wanted diaper changing done her way :)… my motto thereafter was NO nursery til they can tell you what’s going on…

  2. 2 jobo October 5, 2012 at 11:46 am

    I am so with you on the get er done in the AM thing. You are going to master the art of patience, my friend! You are my idol 😉 And seriously, he is. so. damn. cute.

  3. 3 PJ October 5, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    My buffness is also kind of in a holding pattern. I’ve initiated the new diet/food eating portion of it; but, I am (still-it’s been like a month) healing a bruised tailbone,so actual exercise is minimal. Though I should be able to start adding in more strenuous stuff next week.

    • 4 Jessica October 5, 2012 at 2:26 pm

      PJ – Ouch!! I had one of those once….zero percent fun. It’s like the worst place ever for a bruise!! Don’t take it too fast – make sure you’re healed first!! ❤

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