Sometimes I am zero percent motivated to write anything because, really, what is there to say?

Let’s just be honest. I’m a pretty boring person and I live a pretty average life and I love to do cutty-pastey activities.

Like this.

Why all the hullabaloo?

(And by hullabaloo I mean three (or four?) days of working on the above project because I had to do it in small pieces parts because SOMEONE WANTED TO PLAY. Or nap. Or go outside. Or eat. Or show me things – which means me picking him up and taking him over to whatever he tries to point to/grunt towards)

I’m going to a dessert exchange with some other mama’s this afternoon and I’m calling it now. I’m probably going to be razzed because there were no directions to make ingredient/recipe tags and bows and jars of (I’m not really) Martha Stewartness. The directions were: Bring a dessert to share.

So, of course, I do this.

Maybe it’s because I don’t really like sharing dessert and feel like it is way better for everyone to have their own so no one gets all up in my biznass wanting *my* dessert.

Or maybe it’s because I’m an overachiever. I always loved getting gold stars and stickers and smiley faces and praise from my teachers…so you can bet your preppy little ass I did what I knew would get the result I wanted.

Or maybe…it’s because I just can’t help myself.

Probably that last one.

I love doing stuff like this, the same way I love taking super cute pictures of Kellan.

Like this.

(And by the way, this idea didn’t come from Pintrest. It came from my cerebellum. Go me)

Or this:

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m an anal overachiever who loves to make cute things.

I think that’s the first step to identifying a problem.

Admitting you actually have one.

Though I don’t really see this as a problem, per se.



3 Responses to “overachiever”

  1. 2 Shannon September 27, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    I love doing crafty things too but they hardly ever end up like I would like them to. I tried doing a card box for my wedding reception and it looked like poo so I just went and bought one. A for Effort, I think. Good luck sharing that dessert:)

  2. 3 Maureen September 28, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    will you post the recipe for the oreo truffles?

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