dear kellan, month 7


Are we really there already??

How did time go by so quickly?

It is really hard for me to believe that you are seven months old. I remember when I though it was awesome when you were seven weeks old.

As seems to be typical, we’ve been super busy this past month, starting with your first long car trip out to Keystone, Colorado (8/23). We stayed in a friend’s condo and you…well, you did awesome on the trip out there until the very end, but stopping to get breakfast and then at the grocery store probably didn’t help matters. I can kind of understand why you were cranky because by the end of all of that, I was too. You didn’t sleep much the first night and instead decided to hang on to the boob all night long. ALL NIGHT LONG. This makes for one tired momma…just so you know. I also want you to know I’m not complaining…I’m just making sure you know you spent some nights literally…and physically…attached to me. No different from when you where in the womb, I suppose.

Anyhow, the next day we drove over to Breckenridge for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. We had to be there a few hours before the race actually started and you were a champ the entire time…until about 20 minutes before race started. There were people everywhere and noises and cow bells and cars and loudspeakers and you had just HAD ENOUGH. So, what is a baby to do when they are  million percent overstimulated?

A superb meltdown while I had you in the Ergo baby carrier. Full on, high-pitched screaming that basically said GET ME OUTTA HERE. So, I left daddy at the front of the barriers next to the road to take pictures while the cyclists rode past and I walked you away from the commotion, behind the street and the buildings on Main Street, next to this nice stream, babbling away. As I was walking you back and forth, we ran into our neighbors (Luke’s mom and dad). How crazy is that??

The rest of our long weekend in Keystone was so fun and you did such a great job being away from home! You really enjoyed this giant bean bag type chair at the condo. So much so that we have been contemplating getting something like it for you.

The only part to this trip that was a little upsetting was the drive home. We decided to take Loveland Pass instead of the highway and apparently all of the twisty-turny roads made you carsick because soon after we got off the pass and back on the highway, you projectile vomited all over everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I was sitting in the back with you, so thankfully I was able to help you right away and had your daddy pull over because I wasn’t sure if you were choking or not, since you couldn’t really lean forward in your car seat to get everything out.

We stopped at a gas station (after briefly pulling over on the side of the highway because I just yelled to daddy to “pull over now!”) to clean you up, clean out the car seat, change your clothes, and give you a few minutes to calm down because you were very upset (as were mommy and daddy). Needless to say, I don’t think we’ll be doing any more twisty turny roads any time soon.

And then, because it’s not like you weren’t already having a rough day, once we got home and settled in, we put you in your swing for a few minutes while we tried to get dinner prepared. You had started to get really interested in the small mobile hanging from the swing and kept trying to reach for the animals hanging above you. For whatever reason, mommy and daddy never thought to buckle you in because you had never really moved very much in it. Well, mommy turned her head for one second and then BOOM. You rolled right out of the swing and face planted onto the floor.

More crying ensued and mommy and daddy A: will never NOT buckle you into anything ever again and B: have never put you back into that swing. We’re pretty sure you’re over the weight limit, anyway. Fortunately, you were just shaken up and scared but not hurt.

I guess all that meat on your bones helped cushion the fall.  You are one big, big baby boy! I think your legs are the chunkiest, though, by far. You and I went to a huge consignment sale and I bought 12 month size pants for you and almost all of them are too tight in the thigh region. Mommy and daddy both have pretty big thighs, so sorry about those genetics, buddy. We have mostly settled on sweatpants for you because you don’t like the tightness of the pants on your legs.

Me either, kiddo. I totally understand.

Even with your 95+ percentile weight and height and off the chart head size (so off the chart you are going back to the doctor to have your head remeasured to make sure everything is ok – I’m sure it is, it’s just genetics…), you are still pretty mobile! If you are laying on back and drop the toy you are playing with, you will swiftly roll to the side it fell and pick it up in one fluid motion. It seems like this coordination came out of nowhere and is so different from reach, grab, miss, reach, grab, miss you were doing a mont ago. You are also sitting on your own, now. You started out this month being a little wobbly, still, but by the end of the month I can plop you down in a seated position and you will stay there until I come and pick you up or you decide to do a semi-controlled fall (heavy emphasis on semi) onto your belly. You usually hit your head, first, which can be a little jarring. You don’t do the controlled fall very often. Mostly you sit with your legs in a V-shape and put your hands in between, trying to figure out how to move from that position. Daddy says you are pretty sturdy because he tries to push you over and you catch yourself and stay upright. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Now, if you are on the bed, you will get on your belly and do this funny stick your rear in the air and put your face into the bed and suck on the sheets. I really have no idea where that came from…but it is funny to watch you do it. As the month wore on, you were doing this less and less…guess it’s time to move onto bigger and better things because you also are not studying your hands much – I guess they aren’t as fascinating as they once were…

Like sticking your tongue out. It so, so adorable to see your tiny little tongue come out of your mouth. And you are (sometimes) starting to repeat (first time 8/30, video). It is hit or miss, as you mostly enjoy it when mommy or daddy just repeats whatever it is you say. And you don’t repeat it back, you just say something else. Anyhow, the first thing you actually repeated was “that” and then “at.”

I guess it served its purpose because now, when you want something, you do this head bob thing and say “DAT!” It’s clear as a bell and quite obvious that you’re a man..err…baby on a mission.

You also seem to say something that sounds like “I do it!” when you get frustrated with something (like not being able to reach a toy). If we try to help you, you say, “I DO IT!” like, “LET ME FIGURE IT OUT!”

So we stop helping and you finally figure it out and that stops the fussing.

You will also pick out a book to read, if given choice of two, in kind of the same fashion as “DAT!”  Except, instead of saying, “DAT!” you just bow your head towards the book you want to read and then once your face is about a centimeter from the book, you will hit it with hand (video). It is very cute to watch you decide which book you’d like to read. Your current favorites are ‘Happy Hippo, Angry Duck,’ ‘Moo, Baa, La La La,’ ‘As Quick As A Cricket,’ and ‘The Barnyard Dance.’

Of those, Mommy’s favorite is Happy Hippo, Angry Duck. Just so you know.

Sometimes you’re the hippo….sometimes you’re the duck.

Anyway, how about a quick run down on what you’ve been up to in the great, big world, other than Keystone…

We went to the zoo (8/31) with our friends Tara and Max. You were mostly fascinated by things with water and the trees. The animals…not so much. We also went on a picnic on Labor Day. You broke a record of awake time that day, keeping your eyes open for a whopping four and a half hours! I guess all the excitement with all of the moms and dads and babies (mom’s group) was just too much. Eventually, you had an impressive meltdown that basically said, “I’m DONE.” So, we left and you fell asleep in the car on the way home. We also went on lots of different play dates and walks and visits to the frozen yogurt store (LoCoYo) with your friends. We also went on a play date where you got to play in the sand (9/18)! After you realized it was super cool and felt totally different from anything you had ever felt before, you gave me this look like, “Why are you just now showing this to me, mom???”

We’re definitely doing a good job making friends for you to play with…and soon you will actually be able to play with them instead of just staring at them. That will be much more fun for everyone involved. We survived another few nights with it being just you and me while daddy was on a work trip (9/10 – 9/12). Though we both prefer him not to travel for work, it is getting easier to take care of you when it is just me because you are a little more predictable and (dare I say it??) self-sufficient.

I am also starting to get a little more brave with the things I try alone with you. For example, you and I have also started running about three miles together in the morning sometimes. I was a little intimidated to push the stroller by myself the whole time but we did it and now it is part of our routine during the week (when mommy can force herself out the door to do it).  You enjoy the stroller because it allows you to go see stuff – and you loooove that. Your favorite, though, is sitting out in the front yard, in the grass, and pulling on/shaking the bush with the yellow flowers.

Have we already talked about food? I can’t remember, since I write this over the course of a month…well, if not, you tried Cheerios for this first time this month (9/6, video). I put a bunch of them on your high chair tray and then a piece of one in your mouth (we have since moved up to a whole Cherrio). You don’t quite have the pincher grasp down, so you mostly bang the Cheerios and scoop up a bunch in one hand and then open your hand and let them fall where they may. You get frustrated when they got to close to the end of the tray and you can’t reach them – and you tried everything, including putting your head down as far as it would go towards the tray. In the end, you started banging your hand on tray with even more fervor and the Cheerios…well…they weren’t there anymore, that’s for sure. The dogs were happy with the result, though (floor).

And lastly, let us talk about sleep – which is still eh. I have been getting up every time you nap, now, instead of laying with you for 99% of the nap, which has helped (I think?). I don’t know. I guess time will tell. Sometimes you nap for two hours and sometimes five minutes. And sometimes you are super feisty before falling asleep and either pinch my boob or semi-bite it. Both of those result in an “OW!” and “Be gentle!” You stop…but I’m not sure how effective that really is…I can say that putting the food train away until you calm down has seemed to help.

We still co-sleep and you LOOOOOVE it. I don’t know if you’ll ever want to leave…but I imagine one day you will. You still wake every few hours but I barely even notice anymore, unless we have to “switch sides” because one boob is waaay too full and needs some help. I just kind of half wake up – or sometimes I probably don’t wake up at all – because when you wake up and resettle yourself, it isn’t always on the boob anymore. Sometimes you just reach out and grab my boob, just to make sure it’s still there, and fall back asleep.

That’s a step in the right direction, I think.

Until next month, my sweet little boy.

I love you,



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  1. 1 Angelia Sims September 25, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Seven months! Hard to believe. Love how he is talking already. That seems early for a boy. Go Kellan!

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