sleep begets……

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If you are a parent, then I’m sure you’ve heard the “sleep begets sleep” mumbo jumbo relating to babies who take good naps all day will sleep better and night and the subsequently sleep better the next day for naps and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

If you’re not a parent, don’t listen to above mumbo jumbo.

Not all babies are like that.

In fact, my baby is the exact opposite.


Sleep begets…….short ass naps and periods of wakefulness at night for hours where he’ll just roll around and babble and yell and do all kinds of things. None of which happen to be sleeping.

If I try to get him to nap when he “shows signs of being tired?”

That’s funny.

Just that sentence…mostly that last part including “signs” and “tired.”

I’ll hustle him upstairs to nurse at the first yawn or eye rub – because be damned sleep if you wait! – and instead of him, you know, FALLING ASLEEP, he rolls around and plays and talks and does everything…except sleep.

If, instead, I wear him ragged and take him places and over stimulate the hell out of him and keep him awake for two or more hours – three usually really does the trick – and then we try to sleep?



A Facebook friend of mine (Hi, Anne!) thinks the word “epic” should be reserved for truly epic things – like the Great Wall of China. Or maybe the Pyramids…not naps.

Juuuuuust wait, Anne. You’ll see. Naps are most definitely EPIC when it means you get more than thirty minutes of free time to yourself.

Especially when you go daaaaaays without any of those glorious breaks…

Anyhow, Tim said the other day how anything you *read* about how babies are “supposed” to be, just imagine the thing that the book is basically saying shouldn’t happen/you should avoid having happen/etc and that’s Kellan.

Well put, husband o’ mine.

I’ve stopped reading. Everything.

Seriously. I don’t even have time for leisure reading.

But I also am not making the effort to read about ALL THE BABIES who sleep through the night. Take long naps, etc.

I don’t have one of those.

And I’m A-Ok with that.


1 Response to “sleep begets……”

  1. 1 Adrianne September 13, 2012 at 8:53 am

    Haha, I hear ya on the baby books and what’s “supposed” to happen. I don’t read a lot of it either anymore. But what I do read are blogs and sometimes that’s just as bad because you read about babies doing this, that and the other and then you start to think, hmmmm….my baby doesn’t do that! So I have to be careful with that too.

    As far as the sleep begetting sleep goes, I’ve found it to be true for us most of the time but not all the time. It’s really pretty hit or miss in the sleep department at our house. If there’s one consistent thing about my baby, it’s that she’s never consistent! Been that way since the day she was born:)

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