dear kellan month 6

My Dear Kellan,

Happy Half Birthday!!

I’m sure I say this every month but this month especially…you are growing into such a nice, funny, sweet little boy. I’m not sure what happened over the last few weeks but you are so much more interactive and aware of everything that is going on. It’s like you actually have a preference and an opinion now versus just going with whatever mommy or daddy decides it is time to do. A few days before you turned six months old (8/16), you decided you were Little Mr. Independent. I had you – like always – in my lap while we were outside on the back step throwing the ball for Lexi. All of a sudden, you started doing the stiff board squirmy thing that you usually see toddlers doing when they want down. I was kind of taken by surprise because usually you just sit happily with me but not today, noooooo. You decided that you wanted to sit on the step BY YOURSELF.

Well then. My bad.

I set you down in front of me, on the step, and you sat there as happy as can be.

Wow…I guess I didn’t realize the independence was going to start so early. My passive little boy has become a demanding, demonstrative, sure-of-himself little boy. And I know those characteristics will only strengthen over time.

(please excuse mommy while she sheds a tear)

And I have to say this or else I’ll forget (unless people continue to say this) – apparently you are the Harry Potter child. Everyone says you look just like your father but you have my eyes. I know you probably have no idea what I’m talking about at this age but one day you will.


Also, I guess I’ll go ahead and apologize. Your father and I thought we were giving you a unique name…and then, well, we learn that your name happens to be one of the fastest rising ones in terms of popularity. Thank you, Twilight (that’s a movie that you probably still are not allowed to watch). One of the actors in that movie is named Kellan in real life and I guess that was enough for everyone to jump on board. In your daddy and my defense, though, we didn’t know this. We also didn’t know that our little mommy group would end up having another little boy named Kellan. He spells is Kellen, though, so you’re still one-of-a-kind…sort of.

I guess we’re trendsetters?

If it makes you feel any better, my name was ridiculously popular when I was growing up and I had at least two other Jessica’s in all my classes, so I was always “Jessica B” instead of just plain “Jessica.”

So, let’s talk about this month. Wow. We’ve been busy!

We visited the farmers market at Cherry Creek (7/21) one Saturday before your daddy went to have his haircut. For whatever reason, we always end up finding a person to cut his hair that is REALLY far away from where we live. Your father is uber selective and picky when it comes to his hair…so once he finds someone he likes…well…we’re still driving 45 minutes to Cherry Creek, if that tells you anything.

The day after the farmers market we went to our very first birthday party (7/22) for your friend Annie. You had lots of fun and learned that you love gumming cold carrot sticks. We bought her a few of those indestructible books that you love to crinkle and chew on. The one you have is Old MacDonald Had A Farm…in Bolivia. I know. I don’t know why it is Bolivia either, nor do I know what sound a chinchilla or a condor make.

Anyhow, after her party, your daddy and I  had planned on picking up some thai food dinner.

Big mistake .


We called one place and they were closed for a wedding (what?). The second? Closed. The third? Didn’t answer the phone. By that point, your mother had forgotten that a really, really well behaved baby had done amazingly well for an hour long birthday party and was patiently in the car, having not eaten in a few hours and had hit his wall. You began this crazy loud, high pitched scream that basically said, “I AM TIRED. I AM DONE. FOOD TRAIN. NOW.”

We went home.

Without dinner.

You screamed the whole time. It was awful because it was 100% my fault. We should have gone home first and sent daddy out for food.

When we got home, I took you to bed and tried to nurse you but you were so overtired and worked up that you latched on and then swallowed wrong and pulled off to let out this ridiculously loud scream (swallowing wrong hurts. I know). Chloe the cat happened to be laying on the bed next to you and the second you belted out that new scream, she jumped straight up in the air like she had been shot out of a canon. I think she ended up on the floor or maybe she landed in the hallway, I’m not sure, but her reaction was so funny I started laughing while you were still crying. I couldn’t help it. The poor cat was laying there so peacefully and then all of a sudden was rocketed to another planet by a blood curdling scream.

You really should have seen it. Hysterical.

The good news (for your daddy and me) is that that high pitched scream doesn’t make its appearance very often. You have definitely found your “yelling” voice but it is pretty low pitched, albeit loud. It is funny when you do it, because it comes out of nowhere, like you work your way up to it, starting out pretty quiet and then just all out yelling DA! DA! DA! or whatever it is you’ve decided to focus on for the day. Da da da’s are your current favorite, though, along with ahhh ahhh ahhh when you are trying to bite something exciting – which is pretty much anything and everything. I know you were big on the raspberries near the end of five months but you stopped them all of a sudden…and then you learned how to roll over and ta-da! Raspberries are back! We’ve decided that you stop doing them when you’re trying to learn something new. At the end of your six months you’ve been doing them here and there, so I guess we are kind of in a lull period before you really try to tackle crawling or some other cognitive/motor skill.

That’s probably a good thing because we’ve yet to fully baby proof the house. Mommy and daddy have a lot of work ahead of us…

Another thing? You are really studying your hands now. I mean REALLY. STUDYING. Like the exact bending-angle-ability of every single finger. It is really neat to watch, though, because you have such a focused look on your face like you’re trying to analyze every single movement. I love it. So does your daddy.

You learned how to roll from your back to your belly – finally! Yay! (7/23) You had been rolling from side to side for what seemed like forever – probably at least a month…juuuust shy of actually making the full “roll.” I was so excited the first time you did it that I missed getting it on camera. But I did get the second one! I was making dinner and you were laying the the family room playing and I had this feeling that you were going to finally do it…I really should have trusted my instincts and stopped what I was doing because sure enough, I turn around and YOUR ARE ON YOUR BELLY when I put you on your back.

I was so excited…and a little teary. My little boy is growing up!!

Then you realized you had no idea how to get back to your original starting position (your back), which caused A LOT of crying and frustration. You would roll onto your belly, play for a little while and then be like, “Ummm…ok. I’m done, now. WHY CAN’T I MOVE?!”

You definitely tried to figure it out…and your daddy and I would get on the floor and try to “show you” what to do…but I think that just made you madder.

I guess you bottled up all of that frustration and used it for good because three days later (7/26) – wa-la! You rolled back over! And from that day on, when I set you on the floor, you would roll onto your belly, onto your back, over and over and over again. The day you could go both directions, you did it all day long. The constant back and forth has subsided some but you still roll so much that you end up halfway across the floor and usually facing a different direction than I had put you.

I think the rolling milestone made you super excited that YOU DID IT and you COULD DO IT whenever YOU wanted.

A small sense of freedom in a really big place. It’s pretty awesome, right?

Your daddy and I were super proud of you for figuring it out so quickly. Some babies take MONTHS to learn how to roll in both directions. Gold star for you figuring it out in three days.

(even Dr. P was shocked you were able to do so much, since you are still a GIANT BABY)

Something that didn’t take you but a single day to figure out?


It honestly sounds like an adult. So much so that when it happens, your daddy and I will look at each other like, “Was that YOU?”

We cannot figure out how your tiny little cheeks make such an atrocious noise.

And sometimes, just for good measure, you will lift your feet up the air air, grab them at the ankle and then just let ‘er rip, smiling the whole time.

(I know this is only a small part of your personality that will continue to grow the older you get…oh boy…)

Your pooing schedule has also slowed down tremendously. Instead of pooing soon after you eat, every single time, up to eight or so times a day, you will now go a few days without a poo and then, when IT happens? PHEW! I have a ginormous peanut butter consistency mess in the diaper to contend with that has a rancid, overly sour milk smell to it.

I’m about to embark on solid food diapers, so I’ll probably be wishing for these peanut butter ones in a few months…

With solid food comes a slight change in your food train, too. It’s not that you’ll be getting it any less…but you’ll soon start to realize that “food” comes from more places than just da boobie. This is probably fortuitous timing because we just had the first biting-the-boob incident (7/25). It startled and hurt me so much that I screamed pretty loud and you whipped right off and looked up at me with this horrid, “why are you yelling??” look and then got the pouty lip and started bawling.

It made me want to cry myself.

I picked you up and told you I loved you but you couldn’t bite me…couldn’t bite the food train. I felt awful and started reading about what I should be doing if you start biting me. I learned that yelling is absolutely the wrong thing to do because it could scare you away from wanting to nurse.


After that first night, you didn’t really chomp down anymore. At least not like that first time. You definitely weren’t *afraid* of nursing, though. Or of “testing” the biting.

Quite the opposite.

Now, you still bite, especially before bedtime when you’re feeling particularly feisty.

Oh, bedtime? Quiet down time? What is that?

That doesn’t exist in this household. We tried it. It doesn’t work.

Sure, you get a bath and lotion and all that normal “calming down” stuff…and then?

Then you roll around the bed for twenty minutes or so, talking and pushing your little hiney up in the air (you’ll be crawling soon, I just know it). Your daddy and I stopped trying to “calm you down” and instead let you get all of the reserve energy out instead. It works really well because eventually you stop and pop on the food train and zonk right out.

Oh…right. Let me finish about your biting. You’ve started trying to nurse AND suck on your finger at the same time. This is usually when the biting happens, now, and if I yell “OW!” you just look up at me like, “What?” and I know it is because you think you’re biting your finger, which is fine, and then when I’m saying, “OW!” it is confusing for you as to why you can’t “bite” your finger. So, you pull off and then just look at me with this devious little smile like, “I know you don’t like that but guess whaaat??….”

I have the hardest time not laughing…and I usually do…which is completely counter intuitive to you not biting me…but I can’t help it. The look is priceless. You are so, SO expressive. And I know it isn’t just me thinking that – everyone else says the same thing. Your eyes say just as much as your mouth!

We did finally start using the changing table in your room instead of the one attached to the Pack n Play that is still in mommy and daddy’s bedroom. The only reason we even made the switch was because you were longer than the changing table thing on the pack n play…and you were probably over the weight limit anyway. I mean, you are technically too heavy to be laying the the bassinet part of the pack n play, but that’s where you go now in the morning so you can still see the TV and watch the Baby Channel so mommy can take a shower. The days of you laying on the bed are no longer, since you are Mr. Rolly Polly. The days of the Baby Channel though?


Mommy likes her showers.

You know, I told you in the beginning that we had been busy this month but I never really finished that thought, did I? Well, here we go, then.

We took the first walk in the stroller – sans car seat (8/1), you were baptized (8/12) – and you did an amazing job, by the way! After he was finished baptizing you, the pastor held you for the congregation to see and then was all, “I’d like to keep this one…” because you were behaving so well. Once we sat down, however… decided you were DONE. I ended up taking you to the nursery and sitting with you while your daddy sat in the service with our neighbors. Your older friend Luke was in the nursery, too, so that was nice.

We also bought you a new carseat (8/12) because you have most certainly outgrown the infant one. We took you to Babies R Us to sit you in a few different options to see how you fit and if you’d tolerate them before we ordered anything. Fortunately, the one with all the safety bells and whistles was satisfactory to you, so when it came a few days later (8/15), you weren’t super upset about a *new ride.*

We finished off the month with a trip to a museum (Wow Museum) that is set up for kids and babies with all kinds of neat learning activities – like a station where your movement over different colored lights in the shape of circles would make different musical notes and also one where you could play dress up…

And finally, we trekked out to Denver to the Botanic Gardens (8/18). You love, love, LOVE plants and trees and flowers. You will seek them out wherever we are – other people’s homes, stores, outside – EVERYWHERE. Suffice it to say you were in your glory at the gardens. You loved looking at all of the different things they had, especially the plants and flowers you had never seen before. These outings are becoming a little bit easier because you’ll stay awake for around two hours (instead of one!) at a time. It is nice because when we actually *get* somewhere, you’ve either slept and are ready to go for a bit OR you’re still in the “happy zone.” I know the happy zone will continue to lengthen…and then I will have to get a little more creative at entertaining you…right now you still get a kick out of me softly poking you in the ribs or in the chest right above your chin and saying “ticka-ticka-ticka!”

You laugh almost every time. You have to be “in the mood” to be tickled.

Me too.

I really cannot believe you are already six months old! Time is really going by waaaay too quickly! You most certainly are not my tiny little baby anymore…and that is kind of sad…but also kind of exciting because you are starting to outwardly express your wants and needs and desires instead of just crying for everything. If you want a toy – you reach for it…and your coordination to do so and actually make a connection and grab said toy is incredible. And on the flip side, if you’re done with something, you throw it…err…yes. Throw. We have yet to get to understand “gentle.” We will…with time…

I really cannot fathom what another month will bring…you learn so much so fast…it truly boggles my brain. My love and admiration continue to grow for you each day…each minute, it seems. Both, however, are limitless.

Until next month, my (still mostly) tiny little love.



2 Responses to “dear kellan month 6”

  1. 1 Mrs Loquacious August 23, 2012 at 1:35 am

    Which car seat did you end up getting? We may have to buy Baby L a new one soon. She’s not at the weight limit yet but her body now fills the entire seat up width-wise, and her little feet are hanging out. We did not anticipate birthing such a giantess. The car seat we wanted to buy for “toddlerhood” has not yet been approved in Canada, so we’re trudging back to Square 1 and going on the hunt for a good seat. I’ve heard the Maxi Cosi is good?

    And totally hear ya on the yelling (though Baby L’s is high-pitched and girly), and the emerging little personality, complete with opinions and preferences, and the need to baby-proof the home, a task we have yet to really do anything about but should. Soon.

    Thanks for the updates. It’s nice to know how my kid stacks up relative to other kidlets her age, and sharing experiences helps reassure the worry-wart in me. 🙂

  2. 2 Amy August 31, 2012 at 2:47 am

    Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m done with peanut butter.

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