i have no idea. i think i need them.

Is lightheadedness and dizziness a sign of sleep deprivation? Probably. Mark me down for both of those today.

I honestly never thought I would say this but…I would literally be going crazy had I not decided to venture out and do something extremely hard (for me) and start attending play dates with a local mom’s group.

Before Kellan, I could spend strings of days upon days alone – no real human contact save for when Tim came home from work and the tiny bit of socialization I would get at the gym during workouts – and I’d be just fine.


Not so much.

Not at all.

Take last week, for example.

I had ZERO play dates scheduled and I missed a few of the mom’s group things because Kellan’s nap schedule wasn’t cooperating.

By Friday I wanted to repeatedly bang my head against the wall because I felt like a sad hermit.

Who knew that, even though I am tired most of the time (shocker, right?) and some days I REALLY don’t feel like going out, I am always so much happier when I do and so glad I did it in the end.

Maybe it breaks up the day or maybe I just need to talk with other moms or maybe I they help me in some way or maybe I don’t know.

What I do know is that I actually NEED it. Need them.

(Thanks, new mommy friends. You know who you are and YOU KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS. Smile!)

And that is new…to me.

I’ve gone so long without any real day-to-day “friends” that I’m like, “Wow…am I supposed to bake them muffins or something?” I have no idea what the rules are anymore.


In other news, I’m currently trying to put together a bunch of picture ideas for Kellan’s HALF YEAR BIRTHDAY.

The gathering of the picture ideas…not so hard. The execution of said ideas…yah. About that.

We’ll see what happens…but I have SUCH ADORABLE IDEAS (that I admittedly stole from Pintrest…well, I’m borrowing…because, you know, creative license and all…)

(If you want to check out what I like to pin, I am jbold23)

So, I guess we’re going to have to jump on the props/pictures/just get it over with boat because Kellan is only a happy baby model for so long…

We do all of our own pictures…so it takes extra effort…lots of extra effort…but at least it’s free!

And how is he almost six months old? My vaj is pretty sure he shouldn’t be at that age.

Except…he almost is (brain currently exploding).

I have no idea how time is going by so fast. I probably should start planning his actual birthday (!!!!!!) because if the past six months went by this quickly…wow. I should probably purchase one thing a month for his party…except I know that won’t happen because I’m also not the person to buy a Christmas present in June and save it until December.

Another thing? He’s starting to communicate in all sorts of non-verbal…and not non-verbal as in crying…ways.

This is his, “Mom. Please stop eating or talking or breathing or whatever it is that you’re doing. Pick me up. I’m TIRED” look.

So pitiful yet so cute, right?

(He’s in the running – again (I have no idea how)- to become the baby picture of the week at Parents.com. You can vote daily…which is only today, tomorrow and Saturday…but if you have a second, vote? Please?)

And yes, that *is* my jacket thing hanging over the chair. I was cold…and then I wasn’t…and that’s where it ended up because that’s what happens when you become a mom. Stuff just…doesn’t always get put away. It lingers.


3 Responses to “i have no idea. i think i need them.”

  1. 1 Monica Jones (@Dirty_Hooker) August 9, 2012 at 8:24 am

    Muffins are good. Whiskey is better.

  2. 2 itsmecherry August 9, 2012 at 10:25 am

    He’s sooooo adorable.. I wanna cuddle him like a teddy bear 🙂 you got a vote from me.

  3. 3 Jodi Q August 9, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Cute! Congrats on the mommy hood, the adorable looking Kyle. Exhaustion lifts, oh in a few years…remember your mom did it for you. 🙂

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