do your thang

I used to care about instances where Tim would (hesitantly) admit that he could get more of what he wanted at work if he turned on the charm a bit.

Hugs…bothered me. Well, hugs when I wasn’t present by someone who I deemed a potential home wrecker.

I would get hot under the collar. Panties all in a wad. The green monster percolating.

Tim would always be like, “Seriously?? Seriously??? I would never DO anything…have never DONE anything…why would you be worried?”

I’ve been burned before, buddy. Hugs led to more hugs led to…well, *special* hugs…led to…things that involve a hit farther than a single, if you get what I’m sayin’.

So, just because TIM said he wouldn’t do anything didn’t mean that someone *else* wouldn’t try to do something…

Case in point: someone Tim used to work with had a MAAAAAJOR crush. To the point she pulled a Clueless and SENT HERSELF FLOWERS to work to try and make Tim take notice all, “Wow…hubba hubba! She really must be the cat’s meow!”

(True story)

Another chick Tim used to work with *also* had a crush…except she was a little weird with hers because she told him to take me out on a date when we first started emailing…in the end, my guess (at the time) was she thought he’d be like, “WHOA. A 21 year old is deeefffiiiinnnitely not my thing, hello, more mature person who is now here for me to hold me after my horrendous date.”

And then they’d laugh about it ten years later after tying the knot and having 2.5 children all, “Remember the time you went on that date?….har-dee-har-har-har.”

I think this is the part where I say: Remember in the beginning where I said *used to?*

All of that mumbo jumbo happened while we were still in Atlanta…before we got married.

Flash forward almost five years and one child later?

Need to “work flirt” to get what you need?

Hugs are part of the job?

Hanging out with all women at a far away work conference until 2am?


I could care thismuch (which is equal to less than zero).

Kellan was the final straw, I think, in the not caring about things that go on that mean nothing and were only “things” I would read into waaaaaaay too much to the point it all sounded asinine (and I’m sure those were your thoughts exactly while reading my “fears” about the aforementioned women above).

I know Tim isn’t going to *do* anything and I know that even if someone – literally – threw themselves on top of him, buck ass naked, he would politely peel them off all, “No, thank you.”

And not like, “Noooo. thank you, let me help with the rest.”

No thank you as in, “No thanks. Here are your clothes. Have a nice day.”

True story.

(and that happened before yours truly, just to clarify)

He’s loyal through and through.

He loves me…and he loves and adores Kellan more than life itself.


He’s a terrible, terrible liar. So bad that he can’t even keep a straight face to tell me he didn’t buy me a Frosty from Wendy’s when he really did and was just hiding it.

I’m not worried.

There is no green monster. No envy. No jealousy. No anger or suspicion or false accusations.


Maybe there *used to* be…but no more.

I’ve grown out of that and Tim and I have grown so close that even the thought of something happening is so foreign and unrealistic that it never even crosses my mind.

Even if he does a double take (because yes, dear, it happens).

Even if I *know* he thinks someone else is smokin’ hot but won’t say it out loud. He did when we were dating…oh boy…did he when we were dating…We’d be watching TV and all of a sudden he’d be all, “She’s HOT!”

I’d roll my eyes like, “Really? REALLY??”

Now I know he thinks that…but only in his brain. The words never make it out of his mouth.

It’s not that I don’t care….that sounds heartless.

But I don’t care.

Except maybe for the women’s soccer team Dutch Field Hockey team (you learn something new every day…wow)…yah…don’t even try to hide it, honey.


6 Responses to “do your thang”

  1. 1 Mrs Loquacious July 31, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    You are my sister from a different mother. Seriously. Those could have been *my* words. LOL! Hubbs used to get girls who’d ask for rides home from work, then turn on the waterworks about some issue in their lives that they wanted his shoulder to cry on…and this, while we were dating/engaged!! He also had ex’es who wanted to hang out with *just him* to have coffee or see his grandparents or parents; one ex actually mentioned this to his granny ON OUR WEDDING DAY. Really? Even Granny was not impressed (and it takes a lot to tick her off).

    But the green-eyed monster has retreated, for the most part. Hibernation. It’s still there, but just not prominently, and only for *big* issues. Hubbs is loyal to a fault, and also a guilt-ridden liar type, so he doesn’t lie. 🙂 Plus he knows better than to jeopardize the awesome that is his loquacious family, for some trashy homewrecker ho. It just ain’t gonna happen (praise God).

  2. 2 littlemissobsessivesanatomy July 31, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    Just voted for Kellan…go kellan 🙂

  3. 4 sarah August 1, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    Security does wonders for a relationship x)

  4. 6 Cindy August 16, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Ok, this comment is so late in coming. I thought it was kinda clever and funny when I thought of it, and corny too, but now I think it’s probably just corny. Anyway, since I mentioned to you before that I had a comment, I’ll post it anyway, then go hide my head. What you said about numerous women interested in Tim over the years, it made me think of the line in Top Gun said by Meg Ryan’s character (I’m horrible at remembering names!): “There are hearts breaking wide open all over the world tonight. Unless you are a fool, that boy is off the market.” I suspect that may have been true in your situation, but you know what? He’s off the market. No question. 🙂

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