dear kellan month 5

I’m not entirely sure what happened (probably everything to do with you and your temperament) but you have turned into the happiest, absolutely most pleasant baby. Had anyone asked me five months ago what you would be like today, there is no way I would have been able to describe Y.O.U. You’re really starting to come into your own…trying new things and getting stronger by the minute! It all started a few days after you turned four months old…you found your feet…and I when I say you found your feet, you FOUND THEM.

As in: Mom…I have no idea why I didn’t see these before but WOW. They. Are. Awesome.

Your foot infatuation started on the changing table that is attached to the pack n’ play. We are still using that as our primary (read: only) place where we change your diaper, situated so conveniently (read: not really) at the foot of the bed in our bedroom. You’ve almost gotten to be as long as the table itself and I’m sure there is a weight limit we are currently testing but I digress. Apparently, it had you at just the right angle for you to reach down and grab your toes. Now, when we ask you to “lift up” while we change your diaper, you grab your toes and HEAVE HO!

It has made that part of the process so much easier…and other parts…like the part where you peed in your own face because of the new “angle,” not so fun.

I think the development has really started kicking into high gear, because you’ve been doing all kinds of things, like learning how to blow raspberries and then copying me when I do it. It was so cute to watch you do them and then, when you weren’t, try repeatedly to do them and because of the effort, your lips would get dry and then they wouldn’t come out the right way and you’d get a confused look on your face like, “Why isn’t this working??” I say “was” because you started doing the raspberries at the beginning of this month and then…stopped. Completely stopped, save a random one here or there. I’m not sure if you decided you mastered that skill and want to move on or if you forgot about them or…what.

You also “sat” up by yourself (6/24) for the first time, though I put you in that position after daddy showed you how to do it the day before. So, technically, you aren’t able to put yourself into a sitting position on your own but if you are placed in one, you’ll hang out that way for a few seconds before you topple over. It was pretty amazing how quickly you figured out how to balance, though, since the first time your daddy put you in a sitting position you didn’t even attempt to stay that way and then the next day, wa-la!

Another thing? Well, a few things, all pertaining to nursing. First, what is with sucking your thumb and the boob at same time (6/24)? I’m not even sure how that works but it is your new favorite thing, apparently. That and assuming the typical nursing position: laying flat on your back with legs up on my thigh like an ottoman. And lastly? I’m really glad the front, elastic part of my nursing tank is such a fun toy but pulling it to its limits and then letting go, a loud, audible SNAP! following, isn’t exactly bedtime friendly. Mostly because it makes me start laughing because it tickles me to no end that THAT is what you have decided to do to mellow out and calm down. I know it could be so much worse…like pinching me…so I’m not complaining…I’m just saying. It’s funny. And my laughing distracts you….and then you’ll look up at me like, “Hi mom! What’s so funny?”….SNAP!

I write this next part with hesitation because the NIGHT before you turned five months…all hell broke loose with sleeping. Somewhere in the middle of the past month, you started sleeping longer stretches again at night – from 2 to 3 and sometimes even 4 hours…at once! THANK YOU!!!….except now you’re back to waking every 90 minutes.

And mommy is not very happy about that. Well, I’m not unhappy, per se, but I am TIRED. And I can only imagine that you are, too….

Another big moment this month? We had our first dinner out as family of three (6/28!). We ended up at Marcos pizza, mostly because we were out shopping for stuff for our trip to Atlanta and you fell asleep while daddy was carrying you so we decided to take advantage, since it was dinnertime and we were hungry. We had already ordered a pizza to go, but we instead sat down and ate it out the box in the restaurant. You stayed asleep the whole time which was crazy because it was so loud!

A few days after our restaurant outing, we were off to the airport to fly to Atlanta to visit mommy’s family, some of daddy’s old work friends and run the Peachtree Road Race! Mommy and daddy were both nervous about your first trip on a plane – but you did awesome! The only time you cried was near the end of the flight when we realized your diaper weighed about 50 pounds. We didn’t have time to change it when we got to the gate at the airport because we managed to time the whole trip juuuust right – so right that the minute we got to the gate, it was time to board the plane!

While we were in Atlanta, you had many, many other firsts, like the first time you were watched by someone else – your Mimi – while mommy and daddy ran the Peachtree. I had a hard time leaving you, since it was my first time ever leaving you with someone other than daddy, but according to your Mimi, you did pretty well, even though you did cry. It’s ok, though. It is hard to be left somewhere new with someone new…so it was completely understandable as to why you’d be upset. The whole trip challenged you in so many new ways, since your semi-schedule was thrown out the window and you were sleeping in a hotel, being held by lots of people – especially the Friday before we left. Mimi threw a party for you and LOTS of different people held you. Your favorite person was my friend, Whitney. She held you for a long, long time and you even went to sleep! We called her the baby whisperer because you were the calmest and most content in her arms. You did have a few meltdowns, one in particular when we were driving from the hotel to Mimi’s house. You had had enough of the car and were over tired and wanted to be anywhere BUT in the car seat.

You screamed the whole way to Mimi’s house and had me almost on the verge of tears…it was really hard to leave you there…in your car seat…but we made it through. It was probably harder on me than it was on you, truthfully.

We made it back home without incident, save your up-the-back diaper explosion on the plane on the way home. That one took two people, a new outfit and lots of wipes in a tiny airplane bathroom. The explosions didn’t end there, nooooo….you also had another incredible blow out during library story time that had me running you to the bathroom to change your entire outfit and then you had one that defied gravity, shooting out horizontally from your diaper and all over me and the bed. My first reaction was, apparently, the wrong one because the shocked look on my face scared you and you started crying. I had to let you know that you were ok and that the “situation” was ok. We were sitting in the poopy position at the time…so you had a front and center view of my face. Needless to say, we haven’t been doing much poopy position time anymore and I think it is time to graduate from size three diapers to size four.

This month hasn’t been without incident, though. Just the other day you were practicing your newfound AMAZING! skill of moving a toy up and down, up and down, swooping it past your head each time, and sure enough, bonked your head on one of the upward swoops.

You looked at me, shocked and wide eyed, trying to figure out if that kind of incident meant you were supposed to burst into tears. It’s what you wanted to do, for sure, as you started whimpering and crying. Then, a little voice in the back of my head (that sounded an awful lot like your Mimi) said that instead of swooping you up and holding you – which is all I wanted to do – I should smile and tell you that you were ok, that you just bonked your head.

The little voice was right. You got over it immediately and started smiling again and went on with playing.

I know I need to save the swooping and coddling for times when you really *are* hurt – like the day before you turned five months old. You were practicing sitting and I wasn’t quick enough to catch you…down you went, smack! The back of your head connected square with the floor. Begin hysterical screaming…and the fastest I think I have ever picked you up.

I felt awful.

You were ok, though…but I still felt like a terrible mommy…

So let us move onto something entirely more interesting and fun, like how you LOOOOOOVE laying on the bed while mommy or daddy put our hands on either side of you and bounce you up and down while also saying “heeee heeeeee hooooo!!” alternating our head close and far away from face.

You laugh every time.

You are also starting to pick up on facial expressions and tonality. Like, if your daddy or I yell at the dogs…err…speak strongly…to the dogs, your eyes go wide and you look around like, “Who’s in trouble?”

(because obviously it isn’t you)

And…I’m actually kind of sad about this…but your sounds have slowly been changing to include more “Ahhs!” and less “Uhn-ghee, Uhn-gee! Uhn-gee!”

I loved those uhn-gees.

It’s ok. I know you’re growing up and learning to expand your vocabulary. But the uhn-gees were just so darn cute! I think we may have them on video somewhere…I hope we do, anyway. I remember when you just started talking and I’d jump with excitement any time you’d randomly make a noise…and now…you are more and more of a chatter box. I’m sure I’ve said this before…but it just amazes me at how much you grow and change every day.

You also seem to be more empathetic or aware or something…now. When we carry you around, you will stroke our shoulders – or kind of “hit” them, though it’s not really “hitting,” when you’re excited about something – and when you are in the midst of falling asleep, you will put your arm on my arm or chest or anywhere you can grab as if to say, “Ok…good. You’re still here.” It is such a loving, gentle touch. It makes me smile, even when I’m exhausted.

And another thing I don’t quite understand is what your daddy and I call your “Three cheers for all! / Way to go!” hand motions. You clasp both hands together in front of your chest and then move them up and down, chest to chin, chest to chin, over and over again.

We wound down the month with your first ever legitimate temper tantrum (7/9)…over a water glass. We have it on video because it was too funny to not record. During dinner, you’ve decided that mommy’s or daddy’s water glass is YOUR glass and want to drink out of it any time we take a sip. So, this one particular night, any time I would take it away you’d scream in protest. Those screams were only quelled when the glass was back in your mouth.

Oy vey.

I cannot even imagine what your strong little personality has in store for us in the coming months.

For the record, both your daddy and I were cracking up at your mini-fit.

And we all had to endure a non-fun activity on Friday the 13th, which was the day you had your “penis appointment.” Also known as the day the Pediatrician snipped off a bit of skin that was left after a semi-botched plastibell. The good news? You weren’t really that upset about the needle or the snipping.

The bad news?

You were livid over being held down. LIVID.

Everyone was just like, “Wow…I mean…really? Wow.”

You really dislike being confined. I can’t really blame you. Your daddy and I don’t really care for it, either, so you’re in good company.

You got a cute little tweety bird band aid, though, so who can really be upset after that (Definitely documented that. You’re welcome).

In a small attempt to do something fun that weekend, we took you to a local park that had a splash pad for little kids and babies. I guess we timed it wrong because you really weren’t very happy there, but the whole thing is on video for you to see, hopefully one day when you LOVE the water and can laugh about how much you complained at the small fountains at the splash pad.

So, another month down…and I cannot believe how much you have grown (almost TWENTY POUNDS, buddy. Holy giant baby) and changed. The one thing I am trying – more than anything – to get as much as I possibly can and remember…as in I am burning the image into my brain…is the look you give me, all the time, every single day, no matter what time it is. It is a look of pure, unadulterated, all encompassing love.

It melts my heart. It makes everything better. It is the most rewarding look in the whole entire universe.

I know that look will fade with time. I know you will always love me but I also know that THAT LOOK will not last forever.

And that makes me want to cherish it, every day, every moment.

You are full of so much joy, so much life, so much excitement about everything around you…it makes every day such a wonderful blessing.

I love you so much little boo bear.



1 Response to “dear kellan month 5”

  1. 1 Julia July 23, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    hahhahahaha!!! peed on himself!!! ahhahahahahaha! i laughed out loud at my desk, once again everyone thinks I’m a little insane. I almost always end up either crying or laughing out loud reading your blog….

    I’m so glad we got to see you guys and meet Kellan! You guys made a great little guy!

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