sporadic drinking does nothing

You know when you’re in that half awake state and you know you should try to wake up but you REALLY don’t want to and then you start having dreams about waking up?

I hate that.

Also, confession: I should probably let you know I have an unnatural obsession with the Tour de France. I don’t even completely understand it all but I’ll have it playing in the background ALL DAY LONG.

And I’m anxiously counting down the days until the Olympics (!!!!!!!).

Whew. I feel better.

So. How’s life in your neck of the woods?

It’s the same ol’ same ol’ here. Poo. Spit up in increasingly curdling amounts. Diapers. More poo…actually, no. That’s not true. Kellan used to poo ALL THE TIME. Five to eight times a day. He’s down to only a few a day, now. I guess that’s normal? He’s eating fine, so…what do I know that Dr. Google can’t freak me out about?

We have yet to fall into any kind of routine except that within 1.5 to 2 hours, it’s nap time!

I’ll have you know it is *really* hard to plan around that kind of schedule. We have to get out the door the second Kellan wakes up.

We tried a little splash pad thing at a local park over the weekend. Unfortunately, we were on the downward slope of happy time, so we didn’t last very long. I guess I slathered on all that sunscreen (on me) for nothing. Sunscreen always makes me feel sticky and gross, so if I’m gonna put it on, I’d prefer it be worth my while.

I’d say the same thing about sleep…as in why fall asleep now when he’s going to wake up at any minute?…but sometimes I can’t help myself and I fall asleep anyway, only to be jolted awake ten minutes later, a little boy expecting me to be on my A game when my eyes are still trying to focus (the worst).

I’ve started sporadically drinking coffee again.

Sporadic may soon turn into a direct line.


2 Responses to “sporadic drinking does nothing”

  1. 1 http://lifestartsnow.wordpress.com July 18, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    THE OLYMPICS!!!!! i love it! in fact, i was super close to becoming a volunteer for the athens games but i couldn’t find a place to stay (nothing was organized from the greek side for international volunteers) so i couldn’t go be cause i just couldn’t afford it…..sniff….

    i am looking forward to the opening ceremony. i have a feeling this will be the only thing i see since from july 30 onward i’ll be busy catching up on my long-distance relationship that has by then turned into a surprise-we-now-live-together relationship. yikes!

  2. 2 Casey July 19, 2012 at 8:42 am

    This is random, but have you ever tried the spray sunscreen?? I use Coppertone Sport & love it… doesn’t make me feel icky. For Eli, I use Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids… you can spray it on even when their skin is wet. I know Kellan’s not big enough for that yet, but you know, for later 🙂

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