dear kellan – month 4

Wow, boo bear! You’re already four months old!

I really have no idea how it happened so fast…I was just looking back at the pictures we took during your first week home – you look like a completely different baby! You started out really long and very skinny and now you’re still really long but our Mr. Chunkalicious! You’ve got rolls on top of rolls!

Don’t worry. They’re cute rolls.

Super cute rolls.

Not only have you grown into a behemoth child (the pediatrician said you were the size of a six month old!!) (and I say that in the most loving way possible), you’re also discovering the great big world around you, including studying your hands, sucking on your hands, chewing them, clasping them together and putting them in the air over your head and just staring at them in complete awe.

We also had our first “destroy the food” experience (5/20). I was eating a cranberry muffin your daddy made for breakfast and, apparently, you didn’t want to be left out of the action and dove right in – literally. You put your tiny fingers into the bowl and started squishing it and delighting in the fact that it crumbled in your hands. Before I let you go mad on the muffin you were fussy…obviously because there was something awesome in front of you and we weren’t sharing.

My bad. Noted.

You and I also spent our first week – a whole week! – alone while daddy was traveling for work. Don’t worry – we kept busy every day! We had our first (and so far only) restaurant experience with Annie and Charlie (5/21). You did really well in your car seat for a bit and then wanted to sit on my lap while I tried (unsuccessfully) to eat my salad and then we had to visit the restroom for a diaper change. The echoing in the restroom startled you, but you got the hang of it after a while and watched me struggle with the changing pad/wipes/clean diaper/dirty diaper/hold the baby so he doesn’t fall/pick up the baby/put everything away/etc (someone really should make changing table things more accessible).

After the diaper change came the restaurant meltdown – full on screaming all, “I WANT TO LEAVE. NOW.” Believe me, buddy, I wanted to leave, too, except our server lady person was either hard of hearing or ignoring the hysterical baby at one of her tables because it took her FOR-EVER to bring us our check.

I just sat there and tried to bounce you…rock you…tell you it was ok while Charlie and Annie were in the background all, “It’s ok, Kellan!”

I’m pretty sure that’s why we haven’t been back to a restaurant. I told your daddy that story and I think I scared him.

In other You Are Developing SO FAST news: You have now decided that being held over the shoulder is way cool and is your preference. No more of this cradle hold business – you need to be able to see what’s going on! You have figured out how to roll from your tummy to your back – though you only do it sometimes and other times I think it probably happens on accident and then other times you get tired of holding your head up and just slowly lower it to the ground. If your daddy and I are watching you when this happens, we’re always like, “Aww….” because it kind of like you’re thinking, “I’m…(head drop)…..(head drop)….(head drop)…..tired.” I’m sure by next month you’ll be rolling all over the place, though!

You are also starting to blow raspberries (first time 5/23)! It is so cute, though kind of random, since getting your lips and tongue and air from your throat to all work at the same time is kind of challenging. You figured out how to stick from a cup – an adult type cup – just by watching daddy and me at dinner! One might you pulled daddy’s water-glass from him with both hands and put it right up to your mouth like you had been doing it for your entire life! It was fascinating, to say the least. You’ll be eating and drinking big boy food before we know it! You’re already interested and watch us eat all the time. I decided to give you a banana to see what you would do with it and it went straight to your mouth so you could suck on it. When the flavor hit your tongue your eyes got wide like, “Whoaa…what is THIS?!”

SO fun!

You’ve also started semi-laughing (5/22) and giggling (5/23). The laugh kind of sounds kind of like, “ah HUH!” You’re also learning how to play games with me, which results in you laughing. One morning (6/1) I was laying next to you on floor doing crunches (hey, mommy needs to get in shape!) and you started a game where you’d turn your head and look at me, I’d say “boo!” and then you’d laugh, look away and do it all over again. We were both laughing by the end of it all. Your very own little game you created all by yourself!!

The best news? You graduated from sleeping in your swaddle to a sleep sack! You fought it every night and I was really starting to dislike putting you in it, especially because you started using your arms more and would look at us all confused when we strapped them into the swaddle like, “Where are my arms going??” Honestly, I was fretting over doing this, since you would startle yourself at night and wake up over and over again but the graduation happened mostly because you got too big for the swaddle before we had time to find a bigger one. We decided instead to see how you did in sleep sack. I know. We basically cut you off cold turkey but it was mostly successful the first go and you’ve gotten better every night since!

And bonus! You actually know what the sleep sack “means” because we decided to start a bedtime routine with you, too. So, anywhere from 6:00 to 6:30 each night, we take a bath (as in mommy gets into the tub with you and you like to float around on your back while daddy washes you) and then daddy dries you off, puts baby lotion on you and then you get into our sleep sack.

Then? Then have food train time. We started rocking you to sleep after that but you would cry SO MUCH and for SO LONG…it didn’t seem worth the battle. You started falling asleep during the food train step in the process and we kind of just said, “Eh.” You’ll fall asleep without nursing at some point in your life, I’m pretty certain, and right now it is so much more peaceful than hearing you scream for hours, fighting sleep and wanting the food train.

It is kind of awesome that you are now better able to help mommy and daddy figure out what you want. You have very obvious “I’m tired” cues – namely the way you violently rub your eyes and nose with your hands. Once that starts, it’s nap time, buddy.

Oddly enough, nap time and sitting in your car seat in the car has gotten so much better after we de-bink-a-fied. One morning on a three-mile run with mommy and daddy, you were very unhappy and crying and screaming and wanting OUT if the car seat/stroller. Unfortunately, we weren’t close to home (though we ran really, really fast…you crying is a great motivator!) and kept trying to our your binkie back in your mouth…and you’d vehemently spit it out and cry harder and louder.

That was our cue that you were pretty much done with it. The next day I took you to Target without it. You cried a lot on the way there…then for a few minutes on the way home and then that was it. No more crying in the car! You even fall asleep faster in the car without it. It’s like the binkie was more frustrating for you than it was soothing and you decided you were done.

Works for us!

You have no idea how happy this made me! I thought we would be fighting the binkie war until you were old enough to go to kindergarten! Instead, it was a fairly uneventful separation that you decided to do all on your own!

Anyhow, enough on the binkie – more on you! You’ve also started making new noises like EH EH EH. They’re kind of demanding sounding. As is the lower toned, lips pursed Mmm Mmm Mmm sound. That one basically means you want to be removed from whatever situation you are in – pronto – unless we are out in public somewhere. Then you do your “polite cry” as I call it. It is a muuuuchhhh quieter, cuter, whimpering type cry that is like you’re saying, “I’m trying really hard to be on my best manners but I need to leave. I’m tired/crabby/overstimulated/DONE. And by the way? I need to leave NOW.”

The crazy part? Once you know we are leaving (getting into your car seat and into the car), you calm down all, “Yessss. This is exactly what I wanted.”

I’m getting to know this polite cry well, as we have been busy little bees this month! Along with various playdates and walks, we also go to the library every Wednesday from 10:15 – 10:45 for Twinkle Babies story time at the library. We sing songs and read stories and by the end of the thirty minutes you are overstimulated and ready to GO. I think you have fun while we’re there, though, watching the other babies and mommies. You’re the youngest one there, so there is so much to see and learn!

And with the learning comes the dreaded sleep regression (June 7, 8…..FOREVER!). You decided to wake up every 90 minutes almost on the button and will only nurse back to sleep. Nothing else worked and mommy has been a walking basket case ever since. It isn’t easy to only get 90 or less minutes of sleep at one stretch, night after night. I’ll be SO HAPPY when you decide to start sleeping longer. I’d take two hours at this point…

But then you do these adorable things like stroke and “pet” my chest when you are nursing. And inevitably, you will fall asleep right against me on your side, your arm covering your face and the arm/face combo propped against my boob. I am pretty sure you do these things because you need the physical contact and closeness, but it’s cute nonetheless.

However, the absolute best in the whole wide world is when you will look up at me when breastfeeding and give me this giant, ear-to-ear grin, full of pure love and adoration. Every time you do it, I feel like you’re thinking, “Hi mommy! I love you!”

Heart. Melt.

I love you, little (getting SO much bigger) boo bear!


PS: More firsts this month!

Watermelon! Not eating…only feeling (kind of blurry but you get the idea).

Activity Center (Still a little small for it…you were pretty much like,”Mom…my feet don’t touch the ground…I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing, here…)

Spoon (You weren’t quite sure what to do with it)!

16 Weeks Old (and yes…your hands are ALWAYS in your mouth!)

Toes in the grass!


8 Responses to “dear kellan – month 4”

  1. 1 Renee Hicks June 25, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Awwww. What a great post! He is growing up way too fast….as are the twins!

  2. 3 jobo June 25, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Oh my Gosh, I cannot get over the cuteness level…those eyes are just gorgeous, and the toes in the grass? BEST picture ever. Frame that one up!! I love all the things you celebrate in these recaps, and wow, a whole week alone, you deserve a medal, a bottle (or case!) of wine, and a massage 🙂

  3. 5 rjlouise June 25, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    He has such a mobile little face! It’s wonderful, and I’m sure you enjoy each expression. I get a kick out of it, for sure.

  4. 7 hellesbelles86 June 25, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    What a cutie!! Seriously sweet stories that will be great to embarrass him with during the teenage years and then for him to love when he’s grown (which I won’t talk about anymore because I’m just barely coping with how fast time is flying and my little one still isn’t here quite yet). Love the toes and grass shot and the eyes in the spoon picture- so sweet!

  5. 8 Angelia Sims June 26, 2012 at 10:43 am

    That spoon face! HILARIOUS! My gosh, he really is growing. 🙂 Four months was one of my favorite ages. Their laughing at EVERYTHING was a great source of joy and entertainment. So fun. He is as stinkin’ cute as ever!

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