that’s why I’m an ass man

Kellan has absolutely, 100% figured out where his food source comes from. Just the other night while we were eating dinner, I had Kellan sitting in my lap and then, mid-conversation, he turns his head into my boob, opens his mouth and looks up at me like, “Hello? I know it’s here! PRODUCE, WOMAN! PRODUCE!”

The excitement that ensues when he knows the food train is coming is kind of over the top funny. He starts kicking his legs and bouncing and shouting “nee! nee! nee!”

And if I hesitate for one millisecond?

Immediate protesting in the form of crying, screaming various sounds that basically sound like he’s giving me the what for and thrashing about.

The other day while we were sitting on the bed with Kellan and he was getting all riled up at the idea of THE BOOBIE COMING OUT.

That’s when Tim was all, “Kellan, I just want you to know that she has a face, too.”

I was like, “What? Seriously?! He’s THREE MONTHS OLD.”

Tim: “Why do you think you women always say my face is UP HERE?”

Me: “Yah…but…he’s THREE MONTHS OLD.”

Tim: “This is where the fascination starts, you know.”

Me: “What? Nooo…..Wait. YOU aren’t fascinated with boobs…but then again, you were formula fed, right? So I guess that makes sense….in whatever kind of twisted logic we’re trying to build, here.”

Tim: “It makes perfect sense. That’s why I’m an ass man.”



3 Responses to “that’s why I’m an ass man”

  1. 1 Cindy May 30, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    ROFLMAO! It DOES make perfect sense, knowing Tim. But then, so’s his dad. 😉

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