dear kellan – month 2

It’s two days before your official two month “birth” day and I’ve gotta tell you something, Mister, you have been the most pleasant, adorable baby today. Your daddy is working late, entertaining someone who flew in yesterday and so it’s just been you and me tonight…the late night hours where you’re usually awake and screaming for an hour or two…but not tonight.*

*and then it took an hour and a half to put you to bed. Way to keep me on my toes, little one. Way to keep me on my toes.

Tonight you’ve been talking to me like never before and tonight we took a bath and you only cried a little – nothing like you normally do. You cried more after the bath, getting dressed for bed, than you did during it. I told you we were going “back to the womb” during the bath. I have no idea if that made a difference but…that’s what we did.

We also took our firsts mommy and me outing today. We went to Babies R Us to exchange a few 0-3 month outfits to 3-6 month ones. You’re getting so big that I want you to be able to wear them for the summer instead of just through the spring. We also went to the grocery store for a few things. You did great! You cried a bit when we first started and while we were getting back into the car at Babies R Us, but that was it! You were wide-eyed at Babies R Us…fascinated with everything you could see. I had you in your car seat inside of the large part of the shopping cart, so there was lots for you to see!

It makes me sad that we had such a good day today because tomorrow we are off to the doctor to get your two month check up and shots. I’m pretty sure the shots will hurt me more than you. Don’t worry – plenty of cuddles will be coming your way!

Update on that whole doctor thing: It was awful. Your daddy held your arms while two nurses gave you three shots, two in one leg and one in the other. You screamed – rightly so – and then once daddy put you in my arms after the nurses left, I cried. It was terrible seeing you in pain – especially pain you didn’t even know was coming. Those screams are going to haunt me forever. I don’t think seeing you in pain will ever get easier. My stomach is still in knots…so maybe we should talk about something else…

You’ve grown so much in a month. It is really hard for me to believe how fast you’re growing up! You are no longer my teeny tiny baby. Your legs are SO strong you almost rocket off my lap while I’m holding you. Your neck is getting stronger, too, even though you still despise tummy time.

You are also becoming more talkative. Sometimes, after you finish nursing, you’ll lay on your back on my brest friend, the nursing pillow, and turn your head from side to side, smiling and talking to me, Aunt Fanny and the stuffed animals sitting on the headboard of the bed.

You still love your Aunt Fanny and light fixtures in general but now you seem like you’re more interested in our faces and watching every little thing we do, from eating to yawning to putting my hand through my hair. You smile at the yawns and when we take a bite of something and say, “mmmmmmmm!!! Yum yum yum!”

Just so you know – stuffed animals on the headboard would have never been tolerated before…you have daddy and me breaking all kinds of rules.

You are also becoming so much more coordinated. You grab and bat at Mr. Elephant, your most favorite toy, and can hold onto a rattle if we put it in your hands. And I have no idea what kind of coordination this requires but you have become the next Houdini with your swaddle. I’ll wake up in the middle of night and you’ll have somehow wriggled your arms free. I guess that’s ok, though, because there is a beautiful side effect. Now that you’ve been using your hands more to discover things, when I’m putting you back to sleep, you’ll reach up and grab one of my fingers while I’m doing the heartbeat pat on your chest as if to check and make sure I’m still there. That one act alone makes me smile inside and out, even at 3am.

Remember how I said you were getting so big? I had to pack away your newborn clothes the other day. It’s a good thing we didn’t buy much in that size…but it’s a bit sad to see you unable to fit into clothes that used to be big on you. Even your 0-3 month clothes are getting a little tight in length. You’re still tiny when it comes to width, my skinny little boy!

And about those hands? You suck on them…chew on them…use them to pull up your shirt…sometimes you pull it up high enough to lick it…or you hold onto your diaper. They’re amazing, versatile little appendages, aren’t they?

I’m not sure if this next part is a phase or a sign of things to come but you are nothing like the other babies I hear about. Not only do you refuse to sit in your swing or bouncer for more than five minutes – just enough time for mommy to grab something to eat or let the dogs out – you also don’t sleep in (I think you’ve slept until 8:30am twice in your entire life…but I’m a morning person, too, so I totally understand) and there are many days where you absolutely will not let me put you down. This goes on all day…and mommy gets nothing accomplished. However, I know they’ll come a time I’ll wish you’d want me to hold you just a little bit longer, so I’m cherishing the days where that’s all you want from me. Snuggles and love.

And then there are days when you are especially cranky. Actually, the crankiness ramps up just in time for your daddy to get home from work, so all he sees is your pouty face instead of the one that is smiling and happy.

On days like that, you wear your daddy out.

Some days, you wear me out, too. One day was particularly challenging and I started crying right along with you. It was late in the afternoon and I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to put you to sleep for a nap. You were really, really fussy. Then, you looked up at me (you were laying on my brest friend), saw me crying and all of a sudden, you stopped, moved your pacifier out of your mouth with your tongue and started talking to me like, “What’s wrong, mommy? It’s ok. I love you.”

You melted me right then and there.

Also, the good news regarding wearing your daddy out is that you will turn your head and look right at him when he comes home. He’ll take you and hold you and then you’ll start crying…but at least you know who he is.

You also turn your head and follow us around a room or sometimes you’ll look toward a sound. You know, when you were born, you couldn’t really hear anything because your head was so swollen, so you’ve come a long way.

Another thing you picked up on pretty quickly is the camera…and iPhone…and iPad. You know you’re getting your picture taken or having video recorded…and you’ll stare right at the camera or phone and clam right up. We’re having to be super discreet about it, now, so we can catch you being super cute on camera.

And a few weeks ago, mommy got sick…but only for a day. Mommy rarely gets sick but this time she needed daddy to come home from work to take care of you. And he did… all afternoon so mommy could rest. By the evening, I was feeling better and took over baby duties. Then, during one of our middle of night feedings and diaper change, as we laid back down to go to sleep, you looked up at me and gave me the biggest, most heart melting smile as if to say,”Hi, momma! I missed you!”

Can you possibly get any cuter??

I know the answer is yes and I cannot even fathom what this next month will bring. I can’t wait to experience it with you, as the joy you get out of life brings me more happiness than you’ll ever know.

I love you, boo-boo bear,



3 Responses to “dear kellan – month 2”

  1. 1 Casey April 19, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    So sweet… I remember those days! I remember weeks 6-8 being the toughest. Eli cried a lot during those weeks, but then he settled down into this super mellow baby that rarely cried. You’re almost there 🙂

  2. 3 Brandy April 20, 2012 at 12:03 am

    Happy two months Kellan. It sounds like you’re doing well and have really great parents.

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