if he’s part of this family…

I’ve read and been told to expect that first time mom’s usually have their babies late.

As in after 40 weeks.

As in past due.

As in not exactly my ideal scenario.

If the sprout is part of this family, then he should already know that we don’t DO late.

We’re always early.

For us, being on time IS LATE.

I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up in thinking he will come early…so I’m trying not to. I think I already mentioned that Tim is convinced – convinced – that the sprout will come on February 9th. There is a full moon that day so….maybe?

Apparently there is some truth to the full moon theory. Something about its effect on water and how we’re mostly made up of water and if we’re pregnant and somewhat ready to have a baby the full moon can tip the balance in the baby birthing favor…the whole thing is really too complicated for my brain to ponder at the moment. But it goes something like that.

(He was also convinced that the sprout was a girl, so…)


I’m officially 37 weeks today.


37 weeks means full term which means I should really get off my duff and to make sure everything is ready for his arrival. We’re mostly there, really. There are just a few “minor” details – like a completed birth plan – that need to be finished.

Let’s be honest, the kid has a bed to sleep in and diaper rash cream so, really, we’re set.

Also? 37 weeks means that the sprout is free to make his appearance ANY. DAY. NOW.

(Did you hear that, o’ child of mine?)

I actually have an OB appointment today…and that’s probably where I am right. this. second.

Exciting, no?

Maybe they’ll tell me something promising? Fingers crossed!

Afterwards, on our way back home (so Tim can drop me off) we also have to stop by his work to get all of these biometric things done (read: draw blood) for our health insurance. Tim’s company does the benefit thing where you can earn money towards your insurance costs if your health meets certain criteria, like your cholesterol and blood pressure and weight….


(ha…punny. It’s the little things, people)

Can we just stop there, on the weight part?

I really think there should be some kind of special BMI formula for pregnant women because COME ON!

It’s not my fault that now is when the biometrics have to be recorded and seriously? Hello? FULL TERM BABY. IN MY STOMACH.

I should get a pass on the BMI is all I’m saying.

If you don’t pass everything in the biometric screening you don’t earn all of the money and instead have to do a special program during the year to earn your dough, like a step program where you have to wear a pedometer and record a certain number of steps every day (like I’ll have time for that) or participate in Weight Watchers (is there a prize for dropping 20 pounds in 2 weeks?)…I’d rather just pass everything from the beginning, earn all my money and be done with it.

Sans baby?

Flying colors. That’s how I’d pass.

With baby?

Praying to pass everything.

Again, fingers crossed.


8 Responses to “if he’s part of this family…”

  1. 1 Casey January 26, 2012 at 9:03 am

    I made a birth plan. And then never once looked at it.

  2. 3 maureen January 26, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Maybe there’s a special pregnancy version of BMI? I mean, seriously, there has to be…

  3. 5 Mrs Loquacious January 26, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    We’re trying to switch private health insurance and I *hated* having to write down my current (and hopefully temporary) weight.

    My kid is due tomorrow, which means she’ll be late. 😦 I hate late.

  4. 7 Sam Hall January 26, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    I hate that BMI gets so much emphasis when it is such a flawed metric. My BMI puts me in the overweight category, but I am fit, healthy and active, and just aced my company medical.

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