the belated date night

I’d just like everyone to know that I spent six hours cleaning and organizing (mostly the cabinets) our entire downstairs yesterday and plan on cleaning the upstairs today.

I have no idea what that even says, really. Six hours

And cleaning a house? Way more difficult than my old apartment days. I could knock out an apartment in a few hours but a house?

It’s a multi-day process.

Maybe it’s early nesting or maybe I’m just crazy, I have no idea, but I decided yesterday that I couldn’t go another second without having a house that sparkles from the inside.

I mean, I need a clean more than the gym – and that’s saying something. So, project clean-the-house-before-Thanksgiving will continue today…hopefully I’ll have enough energy to also wash the dogs…their “smell” is almost more than I can handle. They’re not even super dirty. They just don’t smell freshly bathed.

Apparently that’s all my nose wants.


Anyhow, that is not at all what I was going to write about today. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Date night!!!!

I felt like Tim and I actually accomplished something monumental because we went to see a movie on its opening weekend (Twilight: Breaking Dawn)

(It was eh. I think the first few were better, personally)

I legit don’t think we’ve managed to do that – see a movie the weekend it comes out – since we saw the Polar Express on our first dateΒ seven years ago. I have a thing with going to the movies. I don’t like to…at all, really. I never seem to get comfortable and I always end up next to a person who eats popcorn like they’re at a trough and then someone is inevitably kicking my seat…that, for me, is definitely not worth paying for.

However, in the spirit of first dates, I sucked it up and off we went.

We ended up making an impromptu stop at King Soopers (the grocery store…basically a Kroger…with a crazy ass name) where I grabbed a box of single serving Cheezits (they’re like my new obsession) to eat during the movie. Tim and I hadn’t had anything since breakfast and the pregnant woman was starving by the 1:40pm movie time. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of popcorn. I am not sure why or what it is about it but I really don’t like plain popcorn.

Now...bring me this…the Chicago Mix…and I’m your BFF forever and ever and ever amen.

So, the movie theater was one we had never gone to before and ended up an older theater version (as in: no stadium seating) in a dilapidated mall that was mostly empty, save a few larger department stores and a GNC (I have no idea). The seats were about six inches from the floor and by the end of it all, my back ached to the point I kept moving around every few minutes to try to find a comfortable position.

I didn’t.


I still enjoyed myself, mostly because no one wanted to see Twilight in the dilapidated movie theater, so it wasn’t super crowded. Yay!

Tim and I spent a few minutes after the movie driving over to and then walking around main street in Longmont. There are a lot of small(er) towns around the outskirts of Denver and they all have adorable little main street areas with one-off stores and a homey-type atmosphere. We didn’t have time to see much before we had to head over to the restaurant for dinner, but we did visit this awesome bulk market store with barrels of items like granola, nuts, spices, etc you scoop out of the barrels and purchase…you guessed it! In bulk!

This little market had real ginger snaps.

I l-o-v-e ginger snaps.

Obviously, we left with a bag of those.

The guy at the checkout counter looked at the bag, then at me, then at Tim and was all, “So, is this a craving?”


(even though it’s fairly obvious these days, I still get a kick out of it)

After that, Tim and I headed over to the restaurant for our “early bird, blue hair” dinner.

Turns out, when Tim made the reservations, 4:30 was the only time available, as the rest of the evening was booked, so technically, it wasn’t our fault, though I was perfectly happy with an early evening.

Besides, it starts getting dark at 4:30, so you can always just pretend it’s really later than it is. The restaurant we decided to try, Sugarbeet, was participating in an event like Restaurant Week, but for Boulder County, where people can come in and try a pre fixe menu. I guess it’s supposed to make the patrons want to venture out of their typical eating places and try others. That’s not why we were there, obviously, but leave it to us to have our date during the weekend of this event without us even knowing.

And by the way? If you ever happen to be in Longmont, I totally recommend you go to Sugarbeet. The meal was fan-freaking-tastic. I mean, even the butter tasted like they had just milked a cow out back.

It was so good, we barely managed to get a picture of our cheese plate…

…and me, enjoying it.

(and yes, both are grainy thanks to low lighting and iphonography)

At some point during the meal, I was all, “You know…we’re not going to be able to just up and do this like we can now…once the sprout comes.”

Tim was like, “I know.”

Funny how those kinds of things hit you…

As for the rest of our meal, I had a mixed salad with beets, whole toasted filberts, carrots and the like and Tim had lobster bisque (And wine. Not fair! Granted, I told him I wouldn’t mind if he ordered himself a glass). We both decided on the special of the night: filet stuffed with dungeness crab that came with mashed parsnips and asparagus.

I was needing meat like crazy. I guess I was low on iron.

I’ve never been as much of a meat and milk person as I am now, with the sprout. I can seriously put down a half gallon of milk in two days.

Anyhow, I had to get my steak well done, obviously, though they never seem to get it right the first time…I know. Filet is never supposed to be well done…but I have no choice at the moment and cannot afford have my steak mooing (not that I like it that rare, anyway).

Our server was really good about it, though, and I have no idea how they cooked my filet to a perfect well-done-ness without making it taste like charcoal.

Also? I need a recipe for mashed parsnips because OMG. A million times better than potatoes.

We ended our first date replication night with yet another trip to King Soopers (it’s like the place has a magnetic pull on me) to pick up dessert. It was only 6:30ish and we figured we could mostly digest our meal and then enjoy a cozy evening with dessert at home.

So we did.

And it was absolutely lovely.


16 Responses to “the belated date night”

  1. 1 hellesbelles86 November 22, 2011 at 9:47 am

    I’ve been following along quietly watching all the baby stuff, but as of yesterday when I found out I was pregnant, I need to go back now and reread it all through new eyes. Thank you for sharing!

  2. 4 Shannon November 22, 2011 at 9:53 am

    We tried, not so long ago, to do dinner AND a movie in the evening on a Saturday. We realized we were falling asleep at dinner and there was no way a 9pm movie was going to happen. I would have preferred the early supper:)
    Not even pregnant here and put down milk and cow like it is my job. Although I like mine medium well which around here means medium so it’s all good.
    Sounds like a well needed date night though.

    • 5 Jessica November 22, 2011 at 1:41 pm

      Definitely a needed date night – that is for absolute certain. And I think I’m just going to have to admit my “late night” days are looooong gone. πŸ™‚

  3. 6 JessSutera November 22, 2011 at 11:43 am

    AW! i love your date night!! Literally drooling over that cheese plate AND the thought of cheeze-its. OMG I cannot have those in my house or I WILL EAT THE WHOLE BOX. Good call on the single serve box haha.

    ALSO – you look great in that pic!!

    • 7 Jessica November 22, 2011 at 1:42 pm

      Thank you!

      The cheese plate was SO. GOOD. We actually went out and found one of the cheeses we liked a lot and bought it – THAT GOOD.

      Cheezits are so dangerous! Who invented those, anyway?…..

  4. 8 Angelia Sims November 22, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Oh! πŸ™‚ What a sweet (early) date. You will stay have dates after sprout. Tim will just have carry him in the carrier. πŸ™‚

    I want to see you LOOK pregnant! Another pic, wearing a maternity top, and laying your hand flat at the bottom. So I can see the bump in all its glory. Pretty please? For sprout’s sake?

    • 9 Jessica November 22, 2011 at 1:43 pm

      The bump picture…totally belated. We meant to do one this weekend and it never happened…but we’re doing one this week…then?

      You’ll get the super preggo! (well, for me, anyway) πŸ™‚

  5. 10 jobo November 22, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    Aw, you look gorgeous, dear! I love your date night, dinner looks amazing. that cheese plate…mmmm I want to eat the entire thing!

  6. 12 lifestartsnow November 22, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    ok, really, i feel like i need to redeem myself for the popcorn thing. i actually was at the store (thanks to your suggestion) but the line was SO LONG, like they were giving out free stuff. but NO. they just sold popcorn for a riddiculous price. plus the popcorn didn’t look at al like popcorn…

    in germany we have a saying: was der bauer nicht kennt isst er nicht (what the farmer doesn’t know is not being eaten) – fits to a t πŸ˜‰

  7. 14 ruggedgrace November 22, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    It’s BECAUSE of your inspiration that I nominated you today on my blog πŸ™‚

    Thanks for being one of my favorites!

  8. 16 KB November 24, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Fellow popcorn no-liker here. What kind of reaction do you get when you tell people you don’t like it? I get surprisingly strong ones… Lol. It’s not like I’m out to make a big statement about it, but if it comes up in conversation, people are all like, “What do you mean you don’t like POPCORN!?!?” “Umm, I just don’t like it…” (inside voice: but why do you care?). “What are you, UN-AMERICAN???” (no offense to your non-American readers). “Umm…huh? Well, (tiny voice) I do kinda like caramel corn…” Geez people, not everyone likes the same things. Haha

    Anyway, date night looks awesome. Tell my brother thanks cause now I’m getting to hear “Why can’t you be like that?” on a regular basis now.

    As for the end of the road for your spontaneous ability to have these kinds of nights, true, but if you set yourself up for a slight paradigm shift, you’ll be amazed at the still grown up things you can do with a baby. When they’re brand new, it’s super easy. You put them in the carrier and set them on the booth next to you or in one of those slingy things restaurants often have (good barometer of kid friendliness btw). They sleep, you get to eat like 2 peaceful grown ups, and everyone walking by oohs and ahhs your baby. Unless, of course your baby isn’t cute and then you get comments like, “oh look at the cute little…outfit…” Don’t think you’ll have to watch out for that cause we already know little man has great genes…just sayin’…

    Anyway, it’s when they get a little more mobile that things get trickier and by then you’ll be pros at the bringing the little one to grown up places. Ask Tim about our childhood experiences in that department. It was fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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