elk and pregnancy brain = ….

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been mostly leaving the blog/twitter/internet overload world during the weekends. I decided to dedicate that time to the last few months that it will JUST be Tim and me.

The totally awesome twosome.

Instead of the internet.

Basically? I love you guys but…I love me more.

No offense…or something.

Also? Our weekends have been chock full. Not necessarily of fun stuff…but of stuff. Some that needs to be done…some that we just feel like doing.

Like this past Saturday when we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see and hear the elk bugling and doing their mating…stuff.

Think dating.

Not like…the dirty deed.

I’ve never actually heard an elk bugle before. It sounds a lot like that part in The Polar Express when the train has to stop for the heard of caribou and then the engineer gets his long red beard yanked by the conductor and the sound of the bugling sounds like the caribou respond to his howling.

Except in real life it’s a lot nicer sounding. And super high pitched.

The elk were everywhere. Tim and I lucked out in the few places we went to try and see them…each time we ended up being in the right place at the right time.

After Tim had taken a few pictures of this guy:

“This guy” decided to walk right by our car to get to some place else and Tim was all, “Get in the car!”

So I did.

Whew, right? The elk was taller than our car!

Then he was all, “Umm…also? I don’t exactly want to get impaled by an elk so, um, how about you UNLOCK THE DOOR so I can get in, too. That’d be super great.”


But, seriously, the elk basically brushed right against our bumper and then started hanging out with two other young male elk in a small field right behind our car.


Duh. Then I had to pee. Obviously.

As I was squatting in the bathroom in the picnic area we were in, I hear this bugling that sounded like it reverberated off the walls of my stall. Like the elk was sitting right outside, waiting for me. I came out, my bladder feeling much relief, and see Tim, standing in the road watching the tree line to our right.

Again, we hear this massive, loud sound coming from the trees. And out of nowhere, a female elk pops out, jumps a nearby wooden fence, trots through a stream, runs across the road right in front of Tim and I and into a field, running off to who knows where.

About a minute later, the biggest elk I have ever seen – one that puts the size of the one that basically brushed against our car to shame – came crashing out of the trees, chasing after his “woman.”

(Those people on the path in the background? Certifiably crazy. And that might give you some scale to how big this elk really was)

The younger male elk pretty much stepped back and were all, “Go get her, boss.” And moved out of his way like, “I’m not messing with that.”

Then, probably to gain back some of their manly machoness, since they chickened out with the big elk, they started sparring with each other.

I thought the bugling sounded awesome…hearing antlers clacking against one another?

Insane. In an incredible kind of way.

All of this action within twenty feet of where we were standing.

Timing. Was. Impeccable.

After our elk watching, we stayed in the park for a few more hours, driving the why-do-they-not-put-up-guard-rails?! Trail Ridge Road that goes through the park and into Grand Lake, Colorado, stopping here and there to explore a bit.

I may have failed to mention that we spent some time walking around (and making heart shadows) two miles in the air.

FYI? That’s high.

And not much grows at that altitude.

Also? The air?

Not exactly plentiful.

Our last stop of the day was a quaint little spot off the road for a picnic lunch we brought. Our original plan was to find a picnic table but somehow Tim and I decided to visit the park on National Public Lands Day…when all of the national parks are free. And that means all of the picnic tables were full.

Enter Plan B: Eat in the forest.

First? I had no idea that kind of day even existed. Second? It totally confused Tim and me. When we pulled up to the park entrance and stopped at the station where we usually have to show our annual pass, the ranger was all, “It’s National Public Lands Day! The park is free!”

Tim tries to hand him our annual pass.

“No…free. The park is free!”

Finally, it clicks with Tim and he takes a map and some other handout thing while I’m in the passenger’s seat, bouncing up and down, flashing our car tag that shows we have an annual pass and again, the ranger is all, “FREE! FREE! THE PARK IS FREE!”

Wait. Free? What? Wait…you don’t need to see…Oh. FREE! Right. Got it…

Tim drove off and was all, “Were you waving that thing in the air at him?”

Me: “Yes?”

Tim: “I mean, it took me a minute, too but, he did say the park was free like, twice, before he looked over at you, waving that pass like you had some kind of problem.”

Me: “I did. It’s called pregnancy brain. AKA slow to compute.”


5 Responses to “elk and pregnancy brain = ….”

  1. 1 Shannon September 27, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    I’m so jealous! I wish we lived there! It is so nice to have so many places to visit on the weekends and good for you two to take advantage.

  2. 3 We're Jumpin' September 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    WTG on taking time you yall 😀 Loved the photos. Yall were like super close!!

  3. 5 Andrea September 28, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Rutting! Another CO blog I read had an article about the Elk rutting. It’s kinda cool to see.

    Oh hiking, soon I’ll be able to do that too. le sigh

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