booshy blessings (aka we’re being thankful today, dammit)

(Just a little heads-up: You *might* want to consider getting dressed and stocking up with rations that will last at least a week before reading. I wanted to warn you before your old auntie finds you half naked, passed out from a leg cramp or severe hunger pangs. You’re welcome.)

A year ago, I would have never imagined I would have a blog. A blog? What the hell? I didn’t even understand what it was nor did I have plans to have one. Even in the early months of booshy, I had no idea I would develop a circle of friends, readers, stalkers and the like that extend to the far reaches of the globe. I was happy with a single comment. Today? Well…let me say I will always, always be thankful for your comments. They keep me more than motivated. They keep booshy alive.

Now, a special request.  I mean, I rarely ask for anything…(let’s not finish that sentence…we’ll just let it hang out there…)

But, please read everyone’s list of thankfulness. Not because you physically cannot move after that last piece of pie or because you have nothing better to do because first, some who sent in their thankfulness don’t even CELEBRATE Thanksgiving, so taking time to read is probably the right thing to do – especially if you celebrate – cause everyone’s supposed to be all nice and warm and fuzzy (and stuffed)  today.

And secondly (and only slightly more important) it is a humbling experience that may bring you to your knees. It will make you want to reach out and hug your significant other and your children – the two- or four-legged kind…make you want to do something to have your world be a better place…today, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, you will feel like the luckiest person on the planet because you will realize you have a lot to be thankful for each and every day.

Plus…you aren’t just reading some blog.

You are all connected. You’re all part of this…of booshy.  We are becoming a family – a family that I am personally proud of and feel a great deal of responsibility for – as should you – because without you, this family would not be complete.

Are we growing? Of course. That’s what happens with families. And we accept the crazy aunt and the sometimes-present cousins.

But regardless, always remember today. Remember why you’re here.

To everyone who participated in booshy blessings:

I am utterly blown away at the amount of perseverance, determination and sheer grit you each posses. When so many would have laid down their armor and simply said, “I quit,” you kept at it. You continued to fight and you clawed your way to the top. You’ve overcome so much and yet, you are still thankful.

I am humbled.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving, everyone.

P.S. the order is your hyperlinked blog followed by the state or country where you live (if I could find it on your blog) and finally, your list of thankfulness. This: *********  is the little handy separator so everyone has their own space. You’re welcome.

P.P.S: And if I got something wrong or you’ve since decided to move and are no longer in the location listed…today is not the day to yell at me. *That* day is tomorrow.

Monica from Dirty Hooker (New York)

Things I am thankful for:

1. My fiancé. We got engaged during the summer of this year. We’d been talking about getting married for several months, but we decided to make it official when my mother was given three months to live. We knew my mother wouldn’t live to see the wedding, but we wanted her to know we were going to be married, and the look of joy on her face was so, so worth it. My fiancé is my rock, and I would be insane now without him. He gives me hope when things suck and adds to my joy when they don’t. And he makes awesome omelets.

2. Getting the chance to be with my mother when she died. My mother adopted me out of foster care when I was 3, and she has been my biggest supporter all the years of my life. She died of colon cancer Aug. 9, 2009, a day shy of her 76th birthday. She suffered more in the last two months of her life than anyone should suffer. I suffered more in the last two months of her life than I ever want to suffer again.

My estranged brother came back to town to threaten my fiancé and steal $2000, jewelry and treasured family items from my parents. I had problems with my sister that are best left unsaid. I took care of mom, cleaning an open intestinal wound that was constantly draining pus and feces; managing her finances; keeping her clean with the help of a home aid while working full-time; managing hospice care; and assuring her she was loved and her life had been worthwhile. My father has dementia, and he needed care, too. By the time we got to Aug. 9, I was drained and wanted to crawl into a hole. But when the time came, it was just me, Mom and my fiancé in a room at the hospital. She’d been unresponsive for a few days, so there was nothing left to say. I told her to go, that we would be OK. I knew I wouldn’t be OK for a while, but I didn’t want her to stick around a second longer in the pain she was in. And, selfishly, I needed her to go. I’d been grieving her loss for two months, since the diagnosis, in addition to dealing with my siblings, and I wanted to move on with my life.

I loved her so much that the smell of her old nightgowns makes me cry, as does typing this now, but I am so grateful for those last few hours at her bedside, with just her, me and my amazing fiancé. It was like the universe knew I needed that.

3. Snickers bars. I love them so much.  Not fried, though. That’s gross.


Frank from Just Another Writer (New York)

First off, I’m thankful for the usual. Family. Friends. My health, sanity (what’s left of it), etc…but more than anything, I’m thankful for humanity. Humanity in every sense of the word. The existence of mankind, that one undeniable link that we all have to each other. That thing that motivates us to contact people you don’t really know (yet), and tell them what you’re thankful for.

And thank YOU, booshy, for making me think about this. I do it far less often than I should.


Daphne from Daphne and Donald

I’m thankful for my husband. I would not be the person I am today without him in my life. He pushes me to be the best I can be. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes. He is my soul mate and my best friend. I am unhappy when he is not around. He loves all of me, even when I am neurotic or sad or when I fail. He picks me up. He is my sunshine.

I am also thankful for all of the blogs that I read and for all of my readers. I have had so much fun getting to know all of you in the past few months, and best of all, in getting to know myself so much better.


Leese from Living Me 101

I’m thankful that I have a kitten that acts just like a puppy. Yes, I’m thankful that she does a fantastic job at catching mice but the fact that she acts like a puppy more than a kitten rocks. She’s light enough that I don’t mind having to hold her all night and because she has those cat reflexes, she’s able to jump out-of-the-way when either Tim or I roll over in bed ( she has to sleep between us) .. plus she’s black so I’m thankful that all her hair doesn’t show on my wardrobe!!

I’m thankful that Ernie, The Terrorist Puppy is an obnoxious black whole of love who thinks he’s just a boy without opposable thumbs. He really comes in handy when the whole freakin’ maternal thing sets off the biological clock on the womb that went out of business. Not so thankful that he has an insatiable need to rape my pillows or fight with the kitten at night for the primo spot on the bed but when I need that obnoxious black of love? HE’S RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE!!! OMG.. HE’S RIGHT THERE!!

I’m thankful that I wasn’t born in New Jersey. I don’t know why. I just am.

I’m thankful that Tim (mine.. not yours) really is an incredible guy. Well.. maybe not “incredible” but he’s the complete opposite of my schizo-psycho-bi polar ex husband. And I am deeply thankful for that. He’s a douchbag sometimes.. and sometimes I really, really, REALLY just want to throw something hard at his head but really, I never laughed so much in a relationship and never have to worry about the things I worried about before. I would, however, be MORE thankful for him if he didn’t shove his dirty underwear under the bed but y’know.. it’s a trade-off I guess!

I’m thankful for my crazy, wacky, family who I know I can count on for anything. Except my mom. I’m thankful that she’s still alive but I’m not thankful that I can count on her for being negative and pessimistic. She, of course, SWEARS that it’s only because I’m her daughter and she wants the best for me but I think she really wants me to move in with her so she’ll have company when watching her soap operas!

I’m thankful that my brother’s brain operation was a success and even though he still has his memory and whatever, just visiting him in the hospital and saying very loudly and very slowly “.. HELLO. DO YOU REMEMBER ME? I’M MARIA, YOUR COUSIN” and have him get that confused look in his face was priceless. My sister-in-law didn’t appreciate it though.. nor did she appreciate the rainbow-colored afro that I bought him to wear because they shaved his head but I’m thankful that they know me well enough to know that it was all in good fun and she’ll get over it.

I’m thankful that the word “fuck” has now been so indoctrinated in our vernacular that no one bats an eye anymore when I say it. Because, y’know, I say it a lot.

*** do you need more? ***

Anyway.. and LASTLY I promise.. I’m incredibly thankful for all the people I’ve come to know through my blog. I never really anticipated people reading it AND liking it enough to include me on their blogroll or even comment for Christ sakes..I’m also thankful that these people care enough to encourage when I need it.. make me laugh when I need it.. give me a virtual slap upside the head when I need it.. and all the things that my friends in “real” life do.


Violet from Violet’s World (California)

I am a recently divorced single mom.  If you asked me what I saw myself doing five years ago, marriage and children, would not have been in the picture.  I was determined to make my career and education my number one and only priority before thinking of being in a relationship and having children.  My mother had 7 kids and separated 3 times.  I did not want to put any future children through the same crap I went through.

Today, I am single, raising an almost 3-year-old on one income.  I am also raising my youngest brother.  He is 16 years old.  I somehow made it out of my mother’s web of abuse and control.  My brother reached out for help and since I am able to help him, I am.  I have been in therapy for more than a year now.  I started therapy to help me with the destructive relationship I was in with my ex husband.  I am still in therapy because of all the mommy issues I have and because I somehow, keep finding myself in destructive relationships with men.

I am thankful for the many things I have been blessed with even though, most of the time, I feel as if I don’t deserve them.  I am thankful for my education, my dream career of helping others in need, the privilege of being a mother, the ability to afford my own two bedroom apartment, my almost-paid-off car, and every day that I wake up to see my son’s amazing eyes and beautiful smile.  My son is the biggest blessing that I did not know I wanted. Because of him, I have the strength to wake up each day and make it a good day.  Because of him, I have become a better person.  Because of him, I have hope for the future.


Jenera from Jenera Healy (Idaho)

I am thankful for my kids.  There are so many women who can’t have kids or lose their kids to death that I am thankful for them even when they are both screaming for no reason and making my house look like it exploded.

I am thankful for my husband who has a great job and works his ass off to give us what we need (and sometimes want).  I am thankful for his understanding that I need to go back to school for me and that photography IS that important to me.

I am thankful for my handful of really great friends that are supportive whether they live a world away or just around the block.

Lastly, I am thankful that even though I am fat I am still alive and kicking.


Casey from The Baker Bee (Florida)

I am thankful for my wonderful Hubby and for the 10 week old baby growing in my belly. Of course, by Thanksgiving, the tadpole will be 12 weeks… at which point I will be thankful to be through my first trimester!


Mark from The Screenplay (Kansas)

I’m thankful for my family and friends. Especially thankful for each day I get to spend with my son who is very sick and has been hospitalized for 6 months. If I could give just one piece of advice to all your readers it would be, hug your kids and tell them you love them enough times so that they believe you. We don’t know how many more Holidays we have together as a family but we will make every day a holiday of some sort.


Brooke from Shutterboo (Kentucky)

I’m thankful for many things: my health, my family, my husband, the fact that I didn’t get laid off and still have a job.  But the one thing I’m always thankful for (and make a point to say so as often as possible) are my friends.  Friends are the family you get to choose.  The people who hang out with you because they want to, not because their related to you.  The people who keep coming ’round even after you got drunk and possibly ran around the house naked.  The people who still look you in the eye even though they’ve seen you without your makeup.  The people…  you get the picture.  I love my friends and I would be a big ball of gobbledygoo without them.  I’ve got some of the best pals in the world – many of which have put with me for years I can no longer count on two hands.  They make me laugh, they make me cry, they dance with me, they watch sappy movies with me, they make fun of me, they meet me out for dinner… love them.  I never take my friends for granted – because I might want to borrow Melanie’s sexy momma shoes one day.


Franzi from Life Starts Now (Germany)

On Thanksgiving, many say they are thankful for their family and loved ones, the friends in their lives. I am too. and at the same time I shamefully admit that I am often enough bickering with my sister, arguing with my mom, and generally annoyed at “stuff” they did. I don’t call my friends as often as I feel like I should. Sometimes I feel like I am living my live and they live theirs and we once were connected but somehow time took its toll. 

Despite having trouble showing my thankfulness, I still am glad that they all are in my life.

My life and that of my family has had its ups and downs. personal loss and challenges, opportunities and turns of history crossed our paths. But it was my time in Africa that made me realize how important it is to have a family and friends. They will be there for you, support you when times are rough, be happy with you and share your sorrow.

Money, wealth, fame and titles all only go skin deep. We all should be reminded of that every once in a while and be thankful of the people we have in our lives. Honest thankfulness!


Laura from Cameron Crazy (Illinois)

This year I am thankful for many things, but the two things I am most thankful for are my husband and son. My entire life revolves around them. Everything I currently do is all for them. All of the cleaning, all of the cooking, all of the documenting our lives via scrapbooks and my blog is for them. Without them in my life, I would be empty.

I am endlessly thankful for my husband who goes to work every day and provides this life I love so very much. Being able to stay at home with Cameron is something I never pictured myself doing, and yet here I am having the time of my life (most days). Cameron is the most wonderful little person I ever met. It is so fun to watch him grow and learn new things. I feel so blessed to be his mother.

I am also thankful for our family. We would have never survived this year without their help and support. We owe them more than we will ever be able to repay, both emotionally and financially. I wish everyone was as blessed as we are, surrounded by such a loving family.

And that is what I am thankful for. 🙂


LB from Wait, She Said What? (New England)

You want to know what I’m thankful for? YOUR BLOG! How’s that? I’m serious. I read your blog every single time you post which amazingly is every single day! As soon as I see it in my little update list I basically always read yours first just because I know it will be a great read. Something about your writing voice makes even the most basic line funny. That’s a talent! Your blog is also one of the few that I (somewhat) consistently leave a comment on. Basically it’s you and The Bloggess. So THAT should tell you something!


Bethany from WW College Girl

Why I’m thankful!

I’m thankful for my family.  My mom is one of my best friends.  I can always count on my brother and sister-in-law for being there for me.  

My niece, she is the most perfect little girl in the world.  Even on the worst day, I can hop on Skype and see her cute little face and she will cheer me right up!

School.  I am finally halfway finished with getting my Bachelors.  It takes up most of my time, but I love it, and really I should considering I am an idiot and going to law school.

My car.  It’s completely paid for, and I love it!

My couch.  It has seen me through some loooong nights.  It is so comfy.

I’m thankful that I don’t have a “normal” family.  How boring would that be?!  My family has drama, fights, and at the end of the day we all love each other.


Liz from Liz Biz (Ireland)

Let’s see … reasons to be thankful:

  • there a bottles of prosecco that are waiting for me to drink them
  • chocolate
  • being healthy
  • having family and friends who love me … and I adore them
  • being 50 and relatively sane
  • that my Mum and Dad and all my siblings are still alive
  • my mad dog Coco makes me smile all the time
  • that I live in Ireland … specifically in Ballinamore which is a small town with great people and beautiful landscape and lakes
  • that I don’t live in a country that treats women like property and gives them no legal rights
  • that we have the technology to write blogs
  • that i realised I’m the one with the power to choose how I react to everything in my life
  • that the recession happened and nearly killed my consultancy and sent me into genteel poverty … otherwise I wouldn’t have had the time to build Life Dreaming and SKIL2 and do heaps of charity and pro bono work
  • that we’re all different
  • that i still choose to stay alive and get out of bed in the morning


Maureen from A chronicle of my world travels (New Mexico)

You know, sometimes, life can get me down. I look at other people’s lives, and I won’t lie, sometimes I get a little jealous.  I start feeling all grumpy and bad about myself thinking I chose the wrong path, or if I could just have done that “one thing” differently everything would be better.  But then I get to thinking, okay, maybe it could have been different, but so what?  I am definitely a believer in fate,and I truly do think that things happen for a reason.  And in all honesty, my life is actually pretty darn awesome. 

I have a great job.  Sure, there are days when I sit in my cubicle and think this is the absolute most boring thing I could be doing with my time right now, but on the other hand, I am so lucky to have it.  There are so many people without jobs or with crappy dead-end jobs for so many different reasons.  But here I am, fresh out of school with an advanced degree landing a job that doesn’t require me to stock shelves, or clean toilets, or ask people if they want fries with that.  Not only do I get to run around in the woods of beautiful New Mexico for half the year, I also get hooked up with some pretty neat stuff.  In the past year and a half I’ve been at my job, I’ve been sent to numerous places around the state and the country for trainings and meetings where I was able to experience different places and meet a lot of new people while learning something new about science and my career.  I’ve been really fortunate that I’ve been able to do this because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to travel the way I do.  I am also really thankful for my job because I was recently given a promotion.  This came as a bit of a shock to me, as in, how in the world did I ever manage to pull THAT off, but I did somehow, and I am grateful for that.

I have a fantastic boyfriend.  For a long time (aka my whole life) I didn’t have one at all.  But actually, now that I look back on it, I’m thankful that I didn’t.  I’m glad I got to experience life on my own before there was someone else in it.  I think it has not only made me a better girlfriend but also gave me a better idea of what I want in a relationship and in life.  Yeah, he sometimes does things to get on my nerves and sometimes he nags me about my driving or the fact that I didn’t wash my hands after going out in the world and touching things with germs on them.  But he only does those things because he cares and doesn’t want to see me get hurt or sick.  He’s helpful and considerate and so happy to have me in his life.  I feel the same way.

I have a wonderful family.  Now that I moved across the country, I don’t see them all that much anymore.  But I usually hear from at least one family member through a weekly phone call.  I’m really looking forward to seeing them all over Christmas, especially my extended family, who I was lucky to be able to spend all major holidays and birthdays and sometimes just random days when I was growing up.  I have a pretty small extended family all together, but we are all very close and enjoy spending time together. 

And that’s about it.  I hope it isn’t too long.


Mary from Unmitigated – life without filters

When I taught, we made students write a piece about Thanksgiving that was a little unconventional. They had to think of three things they were thankful for, but each had to start with the phrase, “I don’t usually say I am thankful for…” We wanted them to really think about it. I decided to apply this to Jessica’s request on Booshy that we share what we are thankful for.

I don’t usually say I’m thankful for being able to cook, but I am. Cooking has never been high on my list of things I want to do, but I am gaining an appreciation for it, the more I practice. I can’t believe how much money it saves and weight-gain it prevents!

I don’t usually say I’m thankful for back pain, but I am. Of all the things that could go wrong, all the terrible tragedies in the world, if back pain is the worst burden I have to carry, I’ll take it.

I don’t usually say I’m thankful for my blog buddies, but I am. How else would I have gotten to meet Jessica, half my age and hundreds of miles away?


Mindy from The Suburban Life

I am thankful that I have love and can recognize being loved.  I am thankful that my family is happy and healthy and I am especially thankful that we all have appreciation for the hand that we have been dealt.  I am thankful that I have two children with personalities capable of keeping me on my toes while reiterating the value of family.  I am thankful that I have a husband and partner in life who values the same thing.  I. Am. Thankful.


Theresa from The Professional Mother

There are some things (that really aren’t things at all) that I am so grateful for that when I contemplate their absence, a lump of tears forms in my throat and a weight of unbelievable fear of loss constricts my chest.  I have no greater reason for thanks than the fact that I have been blessed with love, including that of my outrageously funny husband, my three truly adorable (and I’m not exaggerating) children, my parents and siblings, my friends, my job, our home, our health, our safety (and the men and women who risk their lives to secure it), and our joy.  These are Heaven-sent and fill my life.  However, there are a multitude of seemingly inconsequential things that fill the crannies of my days, and therefore prove that nothing is inconsequential, and I am therefore thankful for these as well:

  • my own pillow
  • 400-count sheets
  • a good song on the radio
  • a book’s happy ending
  • panties that don’t wedge
  • finding money in my pocket
  • the perfect pair of jeans
  • waking up and realizing I have at least one more hour of sleep
  • a good hair day
  • capturing unabashed happiness on film
  • saying goodbye
  • catching up with good friends
  • a cup of coffee and a slice of dessert
  • anyone who sends me flowers
  • curling up in a comfortable blanket
  • hugs that last too long
  • people who have actually already done the work out videos that I bought and are evidence that I could look good too if I would actually do the program (consequently, I also secretly hate these people)
  • feeling confident simply based on the clothes I’m wearing
  • scratching an itch
  • baby feet
  • anyone who remembers my birthday
  • people who can’t remember how old I am on my birthday
  • eating an outstanding meal
  • long talks with my sisters
  • knowing that anything is possible
  • friends who will do anything to help me out
  • the saints who coach my kids’ sports teams (beyond heroic!)
  • dentists (a love/hate relationship)
  • hangover remedies
  • the pop of excitement I feel immediately following the pop of a champagne bottle
  • a pen that writes well
  • library books and school books
  • teeny tiny toilets that are made for kids
  • shoes
  • the Postal Service
  • tampons (Yes, really. And all of you should be grateful too.)
  • ocean waves
  • Blogs that allow me to keep up with my friends and make new friends
  • and each person who actually took the time to read this. I am grateful for you too.


Sam from Off-Black (New Zealand)

-I’m thankful that I am alive (kinda important that one)

-I’m thankful I wasn’t killed in a gnarly Evel Knievel style car crash in the 1990’s

-I’m thankful that I have excellent people for friends and family

-I’m thankful that I found a beautiful and intelligent woman willing to put up with all my BS and marry me.

-I’m thankful that she has provided me with a beautiful and incredibly cool daughter that I am amazed I can call my own.

-I am thankful for the surgical procedure that was invented in the 1940’s that means my daughter got to live for longer than a few days after birth.

-I’m thankful that fatherhood has turned out to be far easier and more rewarding than I could have imagined.

-I’m thankful I live in New Zealand, and for the identity that nationality provides me, plus its nice and pretty. My only gripe is that we’re annoyingly far away from everyone else though. Makes travel expensive and planning intensive.

-I’m thankful I live in a liberal western democracy, which is a pretty sweet ride compared to a lot of other places in the world.

-I’m thankful that I have hot and cold running water when I need it, don’t have to worry about food, don’t have to worry about shelter, don’t have to be a refugee from anything.

-I’m thankful my parents raised me to recognise what was really important and what wasn’t worth worrying about.

-I’m thankful my parents encouraged me to read books and ask questions and find out about things for my self.

-I’m thankful that I play sports and have hobbies and stuff that means I don’t spend all my free time worrying about whats on TV. Or watching TV. Or talking about what was watched on TV last night.

-I’m thankful I have a job that keeps a roof over my head and pays for my weekends and holidays.

-Im thankful that I have skills and am not completely useless in a practical sense

-I’m thankful that I have pretty good hand/eye coordination, exceptional distance vision, and excellent night vision

-I’m thankful that even though I am 33 and an asthmatic, my latest lung function test says I have the lungs of a 19-year-old

-I’m thankful that I enjoy sports

-I’m thankful that I have a demonstrated ability to stay calm and pragmatic in times of crisis or danger (I used to work in an occasionally risky job), and do what needs to be done.

-I’m thankful for my memory, since it is usually pretty sharp

-I’m thankful for music.

-I’m thankful that Pearl Jam decided to tour here after an 11 year absence and I am going to see them at the end of the week

-I’m thankful I have never had to attend the funeral of an inner circle close friend. I still have all of the crew I started with. and those who have joined as time goes by

-I’m thankful for the entertaining native birds that live in my backyard

-I’m thankful for the view of the hills and harbour from my lounge.

-I’m thankful for spectacular sunsets, and for the interesting weather you sometimes get as a consequence of living on an island in a big ocean

-I’m thankful that nowhere in New Zealand are you more than 80 miles from the sea.

-I’m thankful for the internet and the blogosphere for providing the means to do things like this and interact with people all over the world.

-I’m thankful for all the things I have that others don’t


Paula from Queen of the Dogs (Florida)

1.  I’m thankful for my kid.  (duh)  She’s what keeps me going.  Whats kept me going when I couldnt keep going on my own in the past.  She was the reason I fought the dark evil in my mind.  I know you’ve heard this before from every mother out there, but I’m one lucky mother.  Good kid, very little hassle.  I like that.  And its a good thing, cause if she was a pain in the ass growing up I’d have dropped her ass off at the local foster kids home and been done with it.  Wow, that was harsh, but probably true.  Good thing she was good huh?

2. I’m thankful for my family.  Well, most of the time.  Actually they’re good peeps and I love them all.  In fact I’d kill for anyone of them.  All I know is if they weren’t around a couple of times when Lauren (my kid) was younger we’d have been on the street.  They saved my ass more than once.  For that I owe them all sponge baths and spoon feedings if they should end up in the nursing home before me.  YES, I’ve already promised my parents I would take care of them till the end.  I’m nice like that and DON’T forget when nice things have been done for me.

3. I’m thankful for my dogs.  What can I say??  There is NOTHING like coming home from a shitty day at work, wanting to stab someone, anyone in the eye and seeing their cute faces with tails a waggin.  NEVER fails.  The tails are always waggin and they love me no matter what.  

4.  I’m thankful for South Florida drivers that don’t run my ass over on a daily basis because they actually LOOKED where they were going and paid attention to me.  I ride a Vespa 150cc scooter to work everyday and some days I’m very afraid.  

5. I’m thankful for my kid.  Yeah, I know I already said I was thankful for her, but this is MY thankful stuff and I AM Thankful for her even more than I said before.   I’m thankful she is smart, brave, beautiful (I’d love her if she was ugly, but she aint so I don’t have to worry about that) and grew up to be a fine young woman.   I’m thankful she chose to admit to me that college was just not right for her and the Military probably was.  I’m thankful that she sticks up for me and has loved me no matter what since she was a baby.  She was never embarrassed by me even in front of her friends.  She taught the other kids that its ok to “like” and “love” your parent at home and in public even if it’s not cool.  You all should be so lucky.  Just sayin.  

6. I’m thankful for my friends.  In person and the on the net.  Good peeps that love me (most of them do) and put up with my wackiness.  Thank you.  I heart you all too.


Em from Wide Open Squint

I’m thankful …

For the roof over my head,
For the blankets on my bed.

For the boy who wakes me up,
And puts coffee in my cup.

For the pup who pees on his own leg,
And for the fact he rarely begs.

For my family I neglected for 10 stupid years,
I’m so glad they’re in my life despite the many tears.

For my friends I have had since nursery school,
For still being tight although they realize I’m not cool.

For the weeds growing in my yard,
Which remind me when I’m not working hard.

For all the changes in my life I’ve made,
That never would the pain I trade.

For future blessings I know will be,
A source of joy or pain for me.

For knowing I’m loved both far & near,
And allowing me access to those so dear.

For this year’s feast which will not be,
Gross cranberry sauce & dry turkey!

Gobble Gobble!


1.  My Mr. =  He drives me insane, it’s true.  But he does the little things that make him mine.  Like when he comes out with something sweetly unexpected.  Oh he does something so little and goofy that makes me laugh like nothing else.  He makes up songs about our pets and sings them to me.  I’ve never known love and happiness like I have with him.  He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.
2. My animals – Morgan, Wilma, Romeo, Sophie and Henry – They bring me unmatched joy and humor.  I can’t imagine life without them.  God’s only mistake was making our pets’ lifespans shorter than ours.
3.  My family – Their love and support is unfailing.
4.  My job – I hate it, but I have it.  So many don’t.  I ache for those people and make me value what I have in my job.  My suckiest day still earns me a paycheck. 
5.  My faith – Kind of weird to be thankful for something I alone am in control of whether I possess it or not, but there have been some real tests of faith the last few years and with God in control I’ve always known that somehow, even in the darkest of times that things would be “ok”.  I’m so very thankful for my faith and to God for his enduring mercy and steadfastness.  God is good. 
I am thankful for my amazing family. I have a beautiful smunny (smart
and funny) daughter, cuddly loving son, and a wonderful understanding

Pending the induction on Tuesday/Wednesday, my sister will have a
brand new son in time for thanksgiving. And I am thankful to be
allowed to be part of bringing him into the world.

I am thankful that in these trying times I have a job to complain
about. Maybe if I say that enough I will start to believe it.

And finally I am thankful to have bloggy friends that I can read about
what is going on in their lives to get me out of my head and remind me
of all the other things that should be on my thankful list.

I am thankful for hope. It sustains me – and all of us – when times are tough, or maybe when times have only been tough. Whether it manifests itself as a dream of “tomorrow” or as an iron-will to make a change for the better, hope is the ultimate motivator and the ultimate manifestation of the optimistic philosophy that in the end, when all is said and done – the glass will at least be marginally more full than it is empty. The world abounds with badness in all shapes and forms. Sometimes there is no good visible. The assertion that it exists, even when invisible, is hope. I am thankful for hope.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Angelia from You Think You Can Blog (Texas)
I am thankful for Jason, Sydney, my Mom, and my sister. (random order, the listing does not indicate more love for one or the other-RANDOM people!)

I am thankful for cold nights, and a warm comforter. (dang thyroid I am HOT all the time-  my room is a morgue in winter – serious!)

I am thankful for sunsets. (I’d be thankful for sunrises too but I rarely see those- zzzzz)

I am thankful for children, especially babies and puppies, so I can go AWWWW. (my day is not complete without an Awww- peedee’s page is good for that)

I am thankful for you, and the laughter you bring to my heart. You have a way of saying stuff that just makes me chort (is a word), and see stuff a whole different way. (wow)

I am definitely thankful for the blogging community and the chance to meet so many interesting, unique folks that love to write and connect like me.

SO THANK YOU! Thanks to ALL of you, in there (when you don’t take your meds). Thank you to whoever is reading this right now. Babs? Jessica? Booshy?

Peggy from Serendipity Smiles (New Hampshire)

I am thankful for:

The love of my life, Richard. 

Edgar, the Wonder Dog


Leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce

God…without Him, the impossible remains impossible

My health

straight teeth

the wisdom of yoga

the power of Thai Kickboxing


and Tigger, too



and Blogs

White Sandy Beaches

hot baths and deep tissue massages

Manicures and pedicures

Warm Apple Pie with ice cream


Four brothers

Two sisters

Assorted nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles

My husband’s ex family in-law

My drama free remarried life

My cancer free body

My interest free credit card

My freedom

Mammograms and Early Detection

On this Thanksgiving, not only do I celebrate all that I’m thankful for, but I celebrate my life.  Today, I am forty-six.  Today, I celebrate another birthday thanks to EARLY DETECTION.   Happy Birthday To Me!!


Bev from Confuzzledom (Germany)

What I am thankful for…
1) My job (maybe I should whisper that one considering I’m still in the probation period until the end of February? Wouldn’t want Fate getting any ideas…)
2) That my boyfriend’s family actually seem to like me.
3) That my family actually like my boyfriend (not so impressed by the constant requests to make my Grandma a Great Grandma though).

4) That my boyfriend is actually still around after 5 and a half looong years. Admittedly we don’t actually live together or anything, but at least we’re in the same country now. Baby steps.

5) Chocolate. I am very, very thankful that there is chocolate in the world. And cake. And cookies. Not that I’m addicted or anything. (And I swear I’m not fat, although I probably should be…)


Shannon from Loved You More

In no particular order
I am thankful for my wonderful, sweet daughter.  I should say her first. Her goofy ass keeps me going. I am thankful for uniformed men, like cops, they are beautiful to look at.  Yoga, since I don’t get any these days. (I think that was a double negative there.) Champagne.  My support system of friends, without them I wouldn’t have made it very far through the Bill thing.  (I suddenly feel like I’m accepting an EMMY) Our soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday and their families.(This is getting random) The beauty of the mountains and the good sense to appreciate them every time I see them.  (I’m still thinking of my lack of sex.) To all my blog friends who have been awesome support, commenting and reading.


The World According to Law Girl (Ohio)

This year has been rough on most of us – jobs lost, living on unemployment, trying to make ends meet.  But the beauty of this year is that you can’t possibly question what you have to be thankful for.  This recession has taught us to go back to the simpler things in life.  So, here is what I’m thankful for:
1.  I have more food in my fridge and 2 freezers than I know what to do with. 
2.  My pantry is full.
3.  My car runs and is safe for me to use.  On top of that, I love that car.
4.  I have the love of the most wonderful man I’ve ever known.
5.  I have lots of books to read.
6.  I can see beautifully since my eye surgery.
7.  I am learning to appreciate my body and use it as it was intended.
8.  I am thankful that I have all of my limbs and they all work.
9.  I am pretty darn happy with my life.

Kind of anonymous? Thankfulness by: drabhlas

1.  I am not dead.

2.  I have no debilitating, fatal, or horrifically embarrassing diseases that I know of.

3.  I have never spontaneously combusted.

4.  John Travolta as Edna Turnblad.  Have seen Hairspray at least forty-something times and that bastard still makes me giggle like I’m high as an entire music festival in a rocketship. 

5.  That WHOLE MOVIE, actually.  Is fucking.  Awesome.

6.  Musicals in general.

7.  Movies in general, except horror movies which make me doubt the continuing nature of Number One.

8.  Singing in the car.

9.  My dog, playing with my dog, and also when I dance like I’m a palsied old ex-krumpmaster meth fiend with Parkinson’s and my dog jumps on my face and pretends to bite my arm and tries to get all krumped out with me.

10.  When a horse bites my coat and shakes my arm around.

11.  Sucralose.

12.  My favorite comic strips: Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Wondermark, Dr. McNinja, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

13.  Christopher Moore.

14.  Walter Moers.

15.  Nailing every single word of rap song.

16.  Memorizing a foreign word or phrase.

17.  Despite the fact that almost no one in our family really likes or has anything in common with anyone else, we are all there for each other.

18.  Almost getting seriously injured, but then not.

19.  Food that is delicious.

20.  People that get you.

21.  People that give compliments and say how important you are to them.

22.  Eddie Izzard.

23.  Modern hygiene.

24.  Of all the people I’ve met in my life, very few were unkind.  The vast majority of people I’ve met were decent, nice people, even if I didn’t have anything in common with them.

25.  The reason most news is bad is that goodness is so common we often find it boring.  Bad things are exotic.

26.  Animals, history, philosophy, danger, evil, good, science, religion, and everything else that makes life interesting.

27.  The natural laws that allow the world to function.

28.  Color.

29.  Music.

30.  Creativity.

31.  Airplanes.

32.  Vaccines.

33.  Some idiot several thousand years ago decided to ride a horse.

34.  Amusement parks.

35.  Heat.

36.  Every time I ever had car trouble, someone stopped to help me.

37.  Ibuprofen.

38.  I have never seen anything die.

39.  I like my job.

40.  All the people who made it possible for me to be where I am.


I’m Not Rosie/submom from Secret Inner Life

Every Thanksgiving since 2002, I know what to be thankful for…

I had deep vein thrombosis when I was five months pregnant with my youngest. I limped for two weeks without realizing that, Hey, it is more than a muscle strain since it is not getting any better after so many days. Oh, and look! Your left leg is swollen and purple and you cry when you move. Is that normal? Oh, by the way, you are pregnant. Perhaps you should go have a doctor check it out just in case? You dumbass!?!

When I did see my Obgyn for my regular monthly check-up, one look, and she sent me to the emergency room. When there, I was whisked away to the ICU and promptly had an umbrella filter inserted to prevent any clog from going into my lungs. X-ray was involved. Blood thinner medications. Lovenox shots. I cried every day.

“What an idiot?! Now I am endangering my baby by being such an idiot!” I could not have been more upset at myself.

We were so relieved and grateful when he was born. Perfectly healthy. A beautiful baby boy.

My Thanksgiving Baby

He is the child that keeps me on my toes.

He is the child that asked me, “Is it hard to take care of us?”

He is the child that sidled up to me while I was doing the dishes, patted my hand, and asked, “Did YOU yourself have any dinner yet?” while his father and older brother were wrestling on the floor.

He is the child that is sensitive enough to suggest, “Don’t call me Mr. Monk!”

He is the child that dances the interpretive dance while the Casio plays Canon in D.

He is the child that speaks with a British accent after watching too many episodes of Charlie and Lola and Kipper.

He is the child that wears a fedora and tips his head at the ladies.

He is the child that is already really worried about what he is going to be when he grows up.

He is the child with an old, old soul.

He is the child that says, “I am different. Deal with it!”

He is the child that makes me question myself all the time whether I am good enough as a person.

He is the child that makes me wonder whether all the love you could give is still not enough to love your children with.

4th birthday

He turned 7 today.

Happy Birthday, G.K.!


Dusty at mistallyou

cause i owed the apology. I take EVERYTHING the wrong way (a lot of things)

but the dstupid things i say seem to be a lot closer to insults than all the funny posts you guys send out.

Hopefully some of you laugh at my tantrums. I’m hoping that’s why you seem so tolerant.

I’m grateful for your tloerance

And thank you again. I’m just hanging out short term until I get a chance to break tree’s nose.

But then he does kind things. Welcomes a neighbor after I spewed

angry comments all over his house.

I’m thankful for Trees stories and his kindness

I’m thankful for pretty much everyone with a female looking avatar. Cause I’m always going off about little bullshit things I never got over. It happens when i read words in posts that she always used to use (and, the , in, or )

Thankful that i realize it’s the past. This far down the road the problems are me and my unhealthy habits of revisiting.

Thankful for (right now at least) revisiting the good things

I’m thankful for all you folks being honest when you say “dude reality is behind you, you’re staring at the side of a building”

Thankful that i saw good today. Cause i’m causing other calm seas to be turbulent. Those tickets called disturbing the peace. I thankful you haven’t handed all those out just yet. (I think i saw somewhere 13 or 19 counts of somethin or another, might have all been unauthorized travel)

Do you remember the comments screaming out some backwards meaning of topics during discussions at TIBU.

I miss that place (usually when I say you remind me of someone, I mean a writer at that site)

I thankful that my stresses are just those (it’s always sumthin) type crap cause I live in the land of Good N Plenty.

Costco selling movie theater sized boxes of Mike and Ike’s

Most of all I’m thankful for family and friends. I love them, even when I say mean things, even when my 10 year old daughter (who I promised could have soul control of the menu for tomorrow) sent me to the store. I’m not going to say but i was definitely not buying any of the normals.  The check out girls expression was confusion with a dash of disgust, turned to smile when she saw it was me “should have known, only you dustin, can’t believe you were raised Mormon”

as she turns away I catch a glimpse of the huge grin she tried to hold in til she turned away.

she knows I can’t stand being called dustin

 Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night


And I (I being Jessica, aka booshy) am thankful for everyone who participated and for everyone who took the time to read these lists that were put together from people literally all over the globe.

That’s way more than just *kind of* awesome.

It’s incredible.

And you all have been indoctrinated and are now part of the tradition.

Don’t you feel special?

(the correct answer is yes)

20 Responses to “booshy blessings (aka we’re being thankful today, dammit)”

  1. 1 Jaime November 26, 2009 at 10:56 am

    Oh! Em’s poem is fantastic, and I’m Not Rosie’s story is probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. ❤

  2. 2 Breeza November 26, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    Awesome! I’m sorry I didn’t do this now (yes I know!), but it was wonderful reading everyone else’s stories/lists. It really does make me appreciate things like working limbs, shelter and my car!

  3. 3 All things nice.. November 26, 2009 at 1:04 pm


    Lovely post, really emjoyable to read 🙂

    All things nice…

  4. 4 shutterboo November 26, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    A wonderful gesture. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. 5 Peedee November 26, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Wow. Totally worth the 25 minutes I just spent reading all of those. Your all very special and I was humbled, I laughed and got teary eyed over what was written. Thank you for sharing. Happy Thanksgving to all you innaugural posters (and those that wished you had). =). Thanks for the oppotunity Jessica. Muah.

  6. 6 Angelia Sims November 26, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Awh!! That was some kind of special. What touching beautiful stories. This meant a lot reading this today. I am thinking of you all and wishing you a bright day or night. 🙂

  7. 7 ToadMama November 26, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Better late than pregnant, right?

    I am thankful for all of you folks who took the time to listen to booshy and share the things for which you are thankful. I really, really enjoyed reading them. And, sometime when I am not perched on the edge of catatonia from over-indulging to the max, I’ll visit your blogs/send you an e-mail, whatever.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

  8. 8 mark price November 26, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Jessica after reading all these I think you are right…we ARE awesome! You included! What a cool new tradition. I fear there may be hundreds more getting involved next year.(may want to start in July)
    PS how did turkey trot #2 go? Did you win some pottery?

  9. 9 crazy in the making November 26, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    Jessica, thank you very much for opening your blog to our lists of thankfulness. You and every one who participated or read all the way down are amazing!

    This was the perfect way to end my thanksgiving!

  10. 10 A Vapid Blonde November 26, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    What a really beautiful thing. Also? I hate you all because now…I am crying and I look like the local crack whore with my makeup streaming down my face.

    Seriously, so many uplifting and inspirational words. I am never going to complain about anything ever again.

  11. 11 submom November 26, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Jessica, thank you. Thank you for bringing Thanksgiving back to us. Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. 12 Daphne November 27, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Jessica, thank you for posting all of these. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. 13 writesforallmommies November 27, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    The power of the blog is a beautiful thing. It connects us to the world in a way that is new and exciting. I am thankful you commented on my own blog (especially since you aren’t directly related to me!) and am thankful to have connected to yours. I enjoyed your Thanksgiving challenge. Hope your blessings continue!

  14. 14 lifestartsnow November 27, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    it took me several sessions to read this all but thank you jessica for having this idea! i feel like i know a lot more about the booshy-community now 🙂

    happy thanksgiving ya’ll


  15. 15 Shannon November 28, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Thanks for doing this Jessica. And to everyone who wrote in, thank you for sharing!

  16. 16 bevchen November 29, 2009 at 4:56 am

    Believe it or not, I actually read this whole thing. Some great stuff there (and I now realise I’m not thank ful for nearly enough…). Thanks for doing this Jessica 🙂

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