something tells me…she’s breaking the personal space rule.

I was going through pictures this morning…and when I came across our trip to Wyoming, I was reminded of how stupid Tim and I were stupid in Yellowstone

We fully admit that.  We were lucky we weren’t eaten.

But we weren’t THIS STUPID.

I mean…he’s half the size of an SUV.  I’d like to think that putting a little distance between yourself and something THAT LARGE would be human nature.  You know, how cavemen survived.  There was a reason they used horses and spears when it came to conquering bison…doing it ON FOOT tended to have a not-so-nice result.  Bison aren’t dumb – they’ve been around the block a time or two…I mean, there’s already one sneaking up behind her a few cars back…and she is none the wiser.

bison lady


We at least kept a CAR between us and the wild animals who hadn’t EATEN IN TWO MONTHS.

Granted, I have no way to actually prove this…for all I know, Tim could have been standing on the hood of our rental car to capture this…


4 Responses to “something tells me…she’s breaking the personal space rule.”

  1. 1 mrssoup August 24, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Oh dear…..that’s horrible.

    Reminds me of our trip to Yellowstone YEARS ago though….we were stopped by a ginormous herd of the lovely creatures one of which decided to come look at our truck.

    My mom ROLLS DOWN HER WINDOW to take the photo.

    The worst part? We have 3 Buffalo ranches in the immediate area at home. So it’s not even like we’ve never seen them.

    *shakes her head*

  2. 3 Hokie Deb August 24, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    –>We didn’t see that when we were in Jackson Hole but did get a little too close to the wild elk while in a sleigh of all things. Thankfully, some animals are smarter….

    • 4 Jessica August 25, 2009 at 8:08 am

      Deb: were you in the elk reserve in the sleigh?? That looked like such a fun thing to do…but they had already been let out to migrate to the parks when we got there…

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