how tim picks a restaurant

Tim and I TRY to expand our knowledge of Atlanta…though we struggle mightily because we HATE traffic and both get people-claustrophobic after we’re stuck in a noisy, rambunctious crowd for longer than a few hours.

So, one way we try to branch out is by visiting a restaurant we’ve never been to during Restaurant Week.  Over the past few years, however, we got complacent and went to our favorite, Dailey’s, over and over.  We discovered this little paradise during our first experience with Restaurant Week and then went back for Valentine’s Day…Restaurant Week the next year…and Valentine’s Day again… 

We’re hooked.  They have an amazing pepper-crusted swordfish and the most INCREDIBLE dessert bar where you drool on the sneeze guard whilst trying to select an over-sized dessert to be delivered to your table.

However, we found that not only is Dailey’s NOT on the list of participating restaurants this year, it WENT OUT OF BUSINESS, which threw a little giant wrinkle in our plans.  All thanks to the economy-that’s-in-the-toilet.

So we had to spend an entire evening trying to decide what to replace our beloved Dailey’s with…reading over “Special Restaurant  Week” menu after menu.

Me, after twenty frustrating minutes combing through appetizers and small plates and second courses: “How about you just pick somewhere, and I’ll look at the menu.”

He rattles off the names of a few places and I start reading through the online menus.

Me: “Umm.. you do realize that the every single place you picked either has squid or raw oysters or something that includes goat cheese, right?  Has something about your palate changed that you’ve neglected to share?”

Tim: “I’m just picking based on dessert.”

Oh. Right. My bad. 

I forgot I married a chocoholic where there is no forethought as to the REST of the meal.

We’ll start with cake, move onto the pie and finish off with chocolate, thanks.

3 Responses to “how tim picks a restaurant”

  1. 1 lifestartsnow August 4, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    oh snap, out of business? maybe you should have gone there more often…

    aside from dessert, what else do you like? are you more into seafood or meat? that might help you to pick (or ask others for advice).

    the only places i know in atlanta are hard rock cafe, hooters, and an asian place that you can find anywhere 😦 yeah, i admit, i was there for only a few days


    • 2 Jessica August 5, 2009 at 5:28 am

      lifestartsnow: Yes – like – blackened windows and gutted building. And definitely more seafood…I’m not a big meat person…AT ALL. I just don’t like it. My problem is – I’m happy with a salad ANYWHERE…but somehow it makes me picky because not just anywhere HAS a salad I’ll eat….

      I think a few days in Atlanta is PLENTY. Then, you pretty much run out of things to do….

  2. 3 habanerogal November 18, 2009 at 10:18 am

    If we had a restaurant with a dessert bar like that my husband would have taken up residence and would STILL be there. Chocolate is his life

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