frames, sprinklers and kibble

Let me preface this by saying: I had no idea it took so long to HANG PICTURES.



And we started THIS MORNING.

Anyhow…about yesterday…that has now flowed over into today…

We’re very particular when it comes to food and treats  for Maddie and the Girls.  We do research…we make sure it’s made in the USA – down to the last bit of packaging.

So, last week when we ran out of the Girls most-favorite-I-refuse-to-eat-anything-else food…we tried to give them some we keep “in reserve.”

Yeah…didn’t go over so well.  Gracie resorted to eating Maddie’s food and Alegre and Chloe went on a hunger strike.

The food we buy for them isn’t availble ANYWHERE near us…because we live out in The Sticks where everything closes at five and “organic” and “natural” have yet to catch on.

So on our trek up to “The City” yesterday for teeth whitening and Tim’s hair cut, we stopped and purchased some of their beloved food, along with another, low calorie kind to mix in…because they go through a ten pound bag that should last a month in like, a week, gorging themselves.

And we just cannot justify WEEKLY trips to fulfill their gluttonous needs.

Also on our Saturday list to visit was Pottery Barn.  A place I am only allowed into when heavily supervised on special occasions without a credit card.  My willpower is so weak that Tim throws away the catalogues that come in the mail before I have a chance to thumb through their glorious pages and tell him that I must have the matching throw pillows and wicker baskets and glass candle jars and a new desk with the matching chair and picture frames – or my life will not be complete.

And he wouldn’t want that, would he?

Hence his throwing away of the catalogues.

But yesterday…yesterday WE WENT TO POTTERY BARN.


And bought picture frames.

Lots and lots of frames.

To hang here

upstairs wall after

and here

 down stairs wall - after


letter thing

My day Saturday was complete.

We made Maddie’s day when we came home yesterday and tested out the sprinkler system.  maddie sprinkler

Which was a good thing –  because today she’s been on house arrest while we were busy measuring and hanging and printing.

Actually, Tim – Mr. Engineer – does all the measuring (as shown below by all the straight lines and numbers…and stuff I wouldn’t be able to do even with a paint-by-number kind of thing).  My measuring involves…well, guessing and eye balling and saying, “Yea, I think that looks just about right.”  That’s measuring – to she-who-holds-the-Psychology-Degree.

tim drawing

And, if you’re wondering, the pictures are mostly all Tim’s from various trips.  I’ve told him he should sell them.  The guy at Office Depot told us that if we “accidently” left them there, he would have sold them…

The pair of pictures above our dresser are 1: a pier on Tybee Island and 2: a metal fish sculpture on a stairwell inside the Louvre courtyard.

The yellow and white flowers in the letter box are from our Hawaii trip.  The pink flower is from the back yard of Tim’s parent’s house.

The large grouping…wow this may be slightly challenging…try to follow along if you so choose…

The large center picture is delicate arch in Arches National Park and the orangish horizontal picture below it is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.  The purple “ball” to the left of the Paris Arc are flowers in London.  The picture above the purple flowers are an antique architectural drawing of the London Bridge.  The black and white picture above the bridge is Maddie in the snow (the ONLY shot taken by me).  The picture above Maddie is also from Arches National Park and the small black and white next to that are the Grand Tetons.  The picture to the right of the Tetons is a photograph we purchased on Maui and the small picture directly below is from Zion National Park.  The last, small square picture below that is original art by Tim’s mom.

So – Tim took ALL of the pictures except….four.

I’ll post them all…bigger…later this week if anyone *really* wants to see them.


7 Responses to “frames, sprinklers and kibble”

  1. 1 Shannon July 27, 2009 at 9:03 am

    I sooooo love Pottery Barn in a big way. I can not contain myself in that store but Dust has always done a good job of luring me over to Target where they usually have the same thing but cheaper. Love the frames and pics!

    • 2 Jessica July 27, 2009 at 3:04 pm

      Tim sometimes has to pry my fingers from the Pottery Barn doorframe to get me out….or bribe me with something more enticing for that particular moment. I’m like a little kid wanting a candy bar when it comes to these things…sad, but true.

  2. 3 fracas July 27, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Love your taste in dark wood for the new dresser. Somehow, it always looks better. Those that don’t agree just don’t know how to make it work! 😉

    • 4 Jessica July 27, 2009 at 3:02 pm

      Thanks! My favorite is dark wood with white…pure white. I don’t know why. It just strikes a chord with me.

      You know, the second I finished reading your comment, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Tim is going to read this and say, ‘I HELPED PICK IT OUT, TOO!'” So, I’m documenting this for the moment when he reads your comment…I’ll already be one step ahead of him…and I think that’s funny.

  3. 5 becky July 28, 2009 at 8:28 am

    Looks great though! And I love his design for the hap-hazard pictures. 🙂 Can he come to my house?

  1. 1 really? it’s not wood? « booshy Trackback on August 15, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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