improvement is the goal…not the reality

Tim and I are slow runners.

We know that.  We’re ok with that.

But we still like races.

For the past two years we’ve run in a local Turkey Trot – an early morning,  3.1 mile run through the woods in FREEZING COLD November weather.

Last year, it was in the TEENS.  And for Georgia – that’s cold.

As you finish, you are handed a card to write down your name, age and time.  There’s a big clock at the finish, so as long as you’re paying attention, you know how long it took to get from point A to point B (Tim is usually the one paying attention…I’m just there to finish).

The first year, we stuck around for the awards.  The race takes place on an old campus and the awards are presented in an old-wooden-floor-low-hanging-beams-with-red-four-square-balls-wedged-in-the-rafters type of gymnasium.  The gym is where the everyone goes to get out of the cold and indulge in the post-race snacks, use the two, single bathrooms and wait to see if they won an award.

Because with ten thousand awards and two hundred people, there’s a high likelihood you’re going home with something

They’ve created awards for most family members, longest participation streak, best turkey gobble…best turkey costume…cutest kid…youngest runner…oldest runner….most feathers coming out of their ass…(so I’m exaggerating…but only on that last one)…plus all the age group awards.

First, second AND third place are announced AND receive a trophy. 


The first year we ran, I won first place in my age group.

I was shocked.  I looked at Tim like, “they must be kidding, right?” 

I have NEVER WON ANYTHING in running.


So the next year… of COURSE there was SOME pressure…

But, how to do TOP FIRST PLACE?

You don’t. 

You allow some chubby girl with serious fist pumping action get ahead of you and wind up with third place instead so there is something to shoot for the next year.

2007 vs 2008

They didn’t even put the year ornament on the dinky little third place one.



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