the before and after project

I got a wild hair today that said YOU MUST ORGANIZE.

I have no idea why.  Tim and I were talking last night about all the things we needed to do to the house before we try to sell it.  Maybe that’s where the nagging came from.

However, selling requires a valid reason to move to another location…like a job…hence the non-action.

I decided this morning I was tired of ten things falling out of the cabinets and closets and pantries when all I wanted was ONE THING.

Those rarely seen places had been neglected FAR TOO LONG.

So I went on a eight hour rampage and lulled and coaxed and screamed and cursed all the bottles and expired medicines and disgusting unidentifiable things. 

Until I felt better.

Here are the before: the-next-item-that-falls-out-on-its-own-accord-will-be-immediately-hurled-through-the-window-and-then-run-over-by-my-car

and the after: things-are-back-to-calm results.

The pictures are in a before-after sequence.  So the first one is the BEFORE and the second one is the AFTER.  The third, fifth, seventh, etc pictures START A NEW before-and-after duo.

Got it?

guest bath left - before

guest bath left - after

guest bath right - before

guest bath right after

closet - before

closet after

cabinet - beforecabinet - after

kitchen cabinet - before

kitchen cabinet - after

main bath left - before

main bath left - after

main bath right - before

main bath right - after

pantry - before

pantry - after

I did find that we have AN ENTIRE POPULATION OF TEA.  We’ve got Sleepy Time and Herbal and Peppermint and Raspberry and Cleansing…Calming…Chocolate something or other…Earl Grey…Green…Cold Relief…you name it, we’ve got it.

And we aren’t even tea drinkers.


4 Responses to “the before and after project”

  1. 1 Shannon July 2, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    It is amazing how things collect in the rarely seen places. I did the exact same thing this winter to every closet. It is amazing what came out and how much space we found moving it all. Who really needs the baseball hat from college that was a mirage of colors it was faded so bad? and old cordless phones?? trash!

  2. 3 bolognaball July 3, 2009 at 10:22 am

    Curse the clutter 🙂 My girlfriend is a pack rat and I am of the ‘throw everything out’ variety…makes for interesting spring cleaning…

    • 4 Jessica July 3, 2009 at 12:32 pm

      Yes…my husband and I have to “meet in the middle”…since I moved into his house when we started dating…so a lot of the stuff I want to remove has no sentimental value to me but it does to him…

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