the best app. ever.

Tim: “I just found the BEST APP EVER!”

You see, we finally got our iPhones.  And there are like ten billion apps.  I have yet to figure out how to reserve a time slot of three gazillion hours to actually FIND the one’s you want…well from what I can tell it takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort to say the least.  So much so that there is an app to help you FIND other APPS.  Exactly.

Me: “What did you find, now?”


Me, waiting for the part that makes it the “best”: …..

Tim: “You can include the brand of the item AND A PICTURE!”

Now…he’s on to something.  Grocery Gadget, it’s called.

This is the app to solve all marital woes revolving around the aggravation of the grocery store.  Because as we all know…even though WE (the wives) buy the SAME BRAND, SAME BOX, SAME EVERYTHING EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK. Without FAIL…when you send your husband off to maneuver the grocery store aisles on his own, he will inevitably come home with the ONE KIND you have blacklisted and refuse to purchase.  He looks at you all, “I DID IT!” and you look at him like, “DID WHAT?  Bought the wrong thing?  And I’m supposed to congratulate you and reinforce this?”  And the fight ensues.

But with the app…He’ll have a VISUAL CUE…and we all know how they are with the visuals…and the name of the item and a description…IN PRINT to arm himself with.

Its’ a win-win.

Ladies: He will never get it wrong again.

Guys: You will never have to stare at row after row after row of tampons trying to decide if she said “Super” or “Plus” or something about deodorant or non-scented or the pink box only if it is the variety pack and if not then the green box and to remember to get another box…something about “Sport” because it made you think of football when she said it….

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