dear alegre


I know.  We should have spelled it AlegrA so the vet techs didn’t mispronounce your name EVERY TIME they see you.  I’m sure you’ve heard your name butchered in ways we cannot even imagine.  Had we kept the name the Humane Society gave you, you would have been set.

But we didn’t much care for “Snow White” and as your parents who adopted you, we had the final say.

The fight for the ottoman is over.  It’s yours. You win. But we get to keep the bed.  You can yell at everyone else to stay away from your “spots” but you already know that Gracie will come up anyway and Maddie will continue to harass you because she thinks it’s a game while you think it’s just flat out annoying.  But don’t think we didn’t see you playfully swipe at her tail like you would a big feather.  You cannot hide the fact that deep under that facade, you’re a big softy.

Yes, we said it.  Big Bad Ms. Alegre.  A softy.  And that’s ok.  Don’t be ashamed.  We won’t tell anyone.

And embrace your inner goofball.  It really is completely acceptable to pounce on something or sneak behind the plants or roll around on your back or carry toys out in the open when it is possible for us to WATCH you.  You don’t have to always be Miss. Prim and Proper.  Go ahead- let your hair down.

You helped fill a huge hole in our lives and you know it.  We can say without a doubt that we were meant to have you and someone or something told you to turn your back and act bratty and fling litter in the faces of every single person who stopped by to look at you in Petsmart except us.  When we saw you, you were sitting front and center in the awful cage they had you in, staring intently at us like, “I AM THE ONE.  TAKE ME HOME.”

And we did.  And you got to be the only child for a time and relish in all of the attention and the toys…

And then came Gracie and Chloe.  You begrudgingly adjusted.  Introduce Maddie…and you freaked out like, “WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT AND WHY DOES IT CHASE ME? I DO NOT APPROVE. TAKE IT AWAY.”

Over time, you set the boundaries and adjusted to her, too. 

You’re still the “Mama” and the one we put in charge when we leave.

But, come on, just admit that you love them all now.  That you ENJOY the company and ENJOY being the boss.

You can only hide it for so long.  Eventually you’ll have to come clean.

Alegre & Gracie

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