graduation party

My mom threw a graduation party for my brother, Jeff, yesterday.  He finished his art degree this year.  After year three of college with no diploma to show for it, everyone started asking him: when are you going to finish?/are you almost done?/how much longer will this degree TAKE?

And Jeff would then say to me, “WHY did you have to finish in three years?!  Now they have an unrealistic expectation.  Thanks, sister.” 

I guess I just got impulsive.  I don’t know.  Sorry, brother.

We call each other that – the ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ thing – it’s never ‘Jessica’ or ‘Jeff.’  Not sure when it started…but it stuck.

So the party.  We took Maddie – who my mom ADORES but some attendants are always less than thrilled to see her.

My mom says she’s part of the family, so she goes and everybody WILL LOVE HER AND TELL HER SHE IS THE BEST. DOG. EVER.

There were lots of people at the party from my past as a child…and it is always a little strange to see everyone again…especially the parents of my friends.  They never change very drastically…while the “kids” change every day until they are set into what they wanted to do when they grew up.

Most of us haven’t gotten there yet…

This time, though…I felt really out of place… like I had been on some distant planet for a few years and just came back to a world stranger than this one.

Maybe it was the bangs.

At one point during the “hi, how are you’s?” and “we’re doing fines” I finally connected a last name of a couple to an old acquaintance I had in school.  I heard my mom say “The Beine’s are here!”  And I’m all…BEINE’S?  As in the Beine I KNEW in grade school?  You are FRIENDS with her PARENTS?  When did THIS happen?

Apparently it happened all the way back when I was in grade school.  Somehow I missed that.

Mrs. Beine, my mom and I talked for a few minutes about the old days…more specifically about a sleepover party that happened in like…fifth grade.  The second it came up, I threw my hands up in the air like, “I DID NOTHING!”

You see…what happened was…Party Thrower decided that skinny dipping would be a REALLY fun idea at 1:00am.  So did everyone else except me and another girl who had already fallen asleep.  Her vote apparently didn’t count because I wasn’t allowed to raise her hand for her.  So I sat and watched the chaos that went along with the skinny dipping experience.  For some reason there was this mad rush of girls in and out of the kitchen, filling buckets of water and then racing back outside.  I have no idea why…the pool was full already…

Well, as enevitable things like this tend to happen, Party Throwers Mom wakes up to all of the commotion and has one of those self-dialogues a mom tends to have when trying to sleepily put the pieces together, for she knows something is out of place but hasn’t quite put her finger on it…

It went a little something like this:

Party Throws Mom, as she is racing downstairs to the back yard in her nightgown: “WHAT IS ALL OF THIS NOISE ABOUT?….thump, thump thump down the stairs…

….”WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?”…rounding the corner in to the kitchen…

…”WHY IS THERE WATER ALL OVER THE FLOOR??…WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!?”….turns around and looks at me with dagger eyes, for innocent little me had come out of hiding to see what was going on…then turns toward the noise in the back yard…

…”WHAT ARE YOU GIRLS DOING OUTSIDE?!?!”….opens the back door…


Let’s just say Party Thrower didn’t have anymore parties for awhile.

But when that story came up yesterday, my mom was telling us how she had to console Party Throwers Mom…because she couldn’t understand WHY they would go skinny dipping.  My mom tried to tell her kids sometimes do stuff like that.  And Party Throwers Mom was all, “but YOUR daughter didn’t DO it.”  My mom had no rebuttal for that and good thing this was a phone conversation because the look on my moms face when Party Throwers Mom was all, “my daughter needs to hang around YOUR daughter” would have said more than words required.

Maybe I didn’t do it because I had no boobs…not even the START of boobs…I have no idea.  But I was quick to tell Mrs. Beine that HER daughter was absolutely in the mix with the skinny dipping.  Absolutely she participated.

Mrs. Beine just looked at me like, “Thanks for the reminder.  I know.  So sorry she didn’t have as much SELF RESTRAINT as YOU.”

Probably should have just stayed mute on this one…really can’t make a bad memory better.

And that’s how it went.  All afternoon.

When we left…my car had an almost flat tire with a screw in it.  So at 7:30pm I’m frantically calling places to see if they can help us because what wouldn’t make a more perfect ending to the evening than us with NO CASH and as we drive up to the only gas station with a free air machine we see a single, hand-written sign plastered on the front of the machine saying  “out of order.”

Thanks, Pep Boys for staying open until 8:00pm AND being about five miles away AND fixing my tire while Tim, Maddie and I baked outside in 95 degree weather, watching the sun set and a grown man race his remote controlled car in the parking lot.

I even took a picture in the parking lot of Pep Boys to commemorate the experience.

Pep Boys Sunset


3 Responses to “graduation party”

  1. 1 Shannon June 28, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    I was usually that kid too. Apparently I had that voice in my head and oh…no boobs either to be doing such things. Actually I probably was the first kid asleep while all this was happening. But somehow I was declared the horrible kid for other kids to hang out with. Total opposite. How that happened I don’t know. Still waiting on the boobs by the way…

    • 2 Jessica June 29, 2009 at 4:54 am

      I’ve given up on the boobs and resigned myself to the fact that they just aren’t coming… I’m with you on the “voice” except I’m not sure if mine was more of the “THAT ACT ALONE WILL RUIN YOU. JUST SAY NO. IT IS BETTER THIS WAY. TRUST ME.”

  2. 3 heartshapedlies June 29, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    That picture is prettyyy. ❤

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